Lewis Ritson returned to winning ways in style as he defeated Christian Uruzquieta at Probellum Unstoppable on Saturday.

Probellum’s inaugural show in the UK was held in association with Phil Jeffries at the Rainton Arena in Sunderland, and featured a number of extremely entertaining battles.

Along with Ritson’s victory, there were wins for the likes of Thomas Patrick Ward, Ricky Burns, Mark Dickinson and more, on an evening which also saw Probellum unveil two new signings, undefeated British super-welterweight champion Troy Williamson, and five-time amateur national champion Ben Rees. Please find the full list of results and quotes below.


Lewis Ritson claimed a fantastic stoppage victory on his return to the ring as he came out on top against Christian Uruzquieta.

Ritson (22-2, 12 knockouts) shone from start to finish in the fight, with the big moment coming in round nine, where a fantastic flurry of punches sent Uruzquieta tumbling to the floor.

The Mexican managed to get up and see out the round, but with more punishment potentially looming, the corner decided to pull their man out, giving Ritson a great win inside the distance.

“I tried to add little things in the gym that I’ve been working on, and we were working well off the jab,” said Ritson“I tried fighting when I didn’t need to, but we got the win and I want the big names now.

“I was fully focused and broke him down after four or so rounds, so I’m happy with the performance. I’ve added a few more strings to the bow, and with Probellum we’re going to be a big force up here for the next few years. I’m ready to rock and roll.”

THOMAS PATRICK WARD def. LEONARDO PADILLA via UD after 10 rounds (100-90, 100-90, 98-92)

Thomas Patrick Ward put in yet another vintage performance as he dominated proceedings against Leonardo Padilla.

Ward (31-0-1, 4 knockouts) was a level above Padilla, constantly beating his opponent to the key shots and doing damage with his quick attacks.

There was only one outcome when the final bell tolled, with Ward getting his hand raised and moving one step closer to another world title shot.

RICKY BURNS def. EMILIANO DOMINGUEZ RODRIGUEZ via UD after 10 rounds (100-91, 99-91, 98-92)

Ricky Burns marked his long-awaited return with a win as he overcame Emiliano Dominguez Rodriguez by unanimous decision.

it was the first time Burns (44-8-1, 16 knockouts) was back in action since October 2019, and the three-weight world champion received a tremendous reception from the fans in attendance.

It was a vintage performance from the Scotsman, once again showing the wide array of tools he has at his disposal, with the three judges eventually scoring it 100-91, 99-91 and 98-92 in his favour as he returned to winning ways.

MARK DICKINSON def. MICHAL GAZDIK 60-54 on PTS after 6 rounds

Mark Dickinson displayed his superb boxing ability as he gained six valuable rounds with a points win over Michal Gazdik.

Dickinson (2-0, 1 knockout) made an instant impact in the paid ranks with a 30 second knockout win during his debut in October, but he showed his other skills on this occasion, getting behind the jab and utilising all of his assets in the performance against Gazdik.

It was a one-sided effort from the talented prospect, with the referee scoring every round to Dickinson as he successfully triumphed.

“I didn’t go in there looking for the stoppage. I was in there with a light-heavyweight purposely to get the rounds,” said Dickinson. “I know I need those rounds to push me further in my career. It’s six rounds in the bag and then 2022 will be a big year.

“I had to mix up the power in the shots, and use my skill and my boxing brain. I know I’ve got one of the best brains in the sport, and I controlled every minute of every round of that fight.”

JOSEPH LAWS def. SEAMUS DEVLIN 60-55 on points after 6 rounds

The always-exciting Joseph Laws closed the show in his usual entertaining way as he beat Seamus Devlin.

There had already been a lot of drama outside of the ring for Laws (12-1, 5 knockouts), after his original opponent pulled out of the fight on weigh-in day, with Devlin stepping in on 24 hours’ notice.

Laws dictated proceedings, and the referee scored it 60-55 in favour of the Benwell Bomber as he made it two wins in a month.

“After the pandemic I had a bad year, and now I want to show people I’m a 12 round fighter. I’m not just a party trick,” said Laws. “I felt as the rounds went on I got better. Round six was probably my best round.

“Seamus is as tough as they come but I feel like I was working my way into the fight more. I want learning fights and I want to show I can do the rounds. I feel I’ve come on a lot and I need to give my coaches a big thank you.”


MARK MCKEOWN def. URIEL LOPEZ 59-56 on PTS after 6 rounds

Mark McKeown and Uriel Lopez were involved in a sensational back and forth battle, with McKeown coming out on top.

McKeown (5-0, 2 knockouts) started the fight extremely quickly, pushing the pace from the very first bell, but Lopez gave as good as he got, coming back with success of his own.

It was Scottish star McKeown who got the better of the exchanges, but it remained a toe to toe war throughout, with the fans in attendance on their feet at the end of the contest to applaud both men, as McKeown claimed the great victory.

“That’s the kind of fight I’ve been wanting. I loved every second of it,” said McKeown. At times I took too long to get behind my jab and I could have made it easier for myself, but I was landing good shots and so was he.

“My coach will tell you that I love a fight, but when it gets tough I bite down on my gumshield. I’m born like this, it’s something inside of me, you don’t need to look for it. I just dig in and get it done.”

ADAM COPE def. RUSTEM FATKHULLIN 40-35 on PTS after 4 rounds

Adam Cope continued his resurgence as he dropped Rustem Fatkhullin on his way to a comfortable points victory.

Cope (3-0) was competing for the second time in a month, having not boxed since 2017 before that, but he looked as fresh as ever, utilising his skills well and dropping Fatkhullin with a beautiful body shot in round two.

The Russian got to his feet and managed to see out the remainder of the fight, but there was only one winner, with Cope getting his hand raised and claiming the 40-35 points verdict.

“He knows how to survive. It was good to box a bit better, and I’ll always try and be better each fight,” said Cope. “I’ll look back at the fight and see what I’ve done, and then improve again.

“I was looking for the body shots in the fight, and I was trying to switch my feet and come through the middle. He was a tricky customer, and I know when I get to super-featherweight they won’t be able to take my shots.

“My support is always the loudest, it doesn’t matter where you put them. They didn’t disappoint, and thanks to everyone for coming so close to Christmas, it really means a lot to me.”


Ewan MacKenzie had a short night’s work as his fight with Qasim Hussain came to an early end after Hussain cited a shoulder injury at the end of round one.

It was all Mackenzie (3-0, 1 knockout) in the opening round, landing a number of good shots, but as Hussain went back into his corner at the end of the round, it soon became clear the action wouldn’t continue.

He told the referee he had suffered a shoulder injury, meaning that Mackenzie earned the stoppage win and extended his unbeaten record.

“It’s a bit frustrating. I was trying to break him down, but he says he’s got a shoulder injury,” said Mackenzie. “I was trying to work through a tight guard, but I need something back so I can set up the shot.

“I want a big year next year so I can stay active. I’ve been active over the last few months with some back to back camps, and I want it to pay off. I’ll be straight back in training, and it’s full steam ahead.”


Alex Farrell kicked off the show in style as he won an entertaining battle against experienced Ivica Gogosevic.

Farrell (6-0, 3 knockouts) was on the front foot from the offset, landing huge shot after huge shot, with Gogosevic eventually hitting the canvas in round two.

The Croatian got back to his feet, but another massive shot soon followed that knocked him down again, with the referee waving it off to earn Farrell the win.

“It’s more difficult when they’re a rough fighter, sometimes it’s easier to box a technical boxer than a rough guy, so I had to stay composed and see my openings,” said Farrell. “I take every fight as a learning curve and I want to learn in every fight.

“Everybody wants to be world champion, but for me I don’t care how long it will take or what it will take. I have to go through a lot to be a world champion. Thanks to all of the people in Greece, and all of the people in the UK for supporting me.”

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6 x 2 mins International Lightweight contest

(Wigan, England)                        (Panevezys, Lithuania)

followed by

6 x 3 mins International Cruiserweight contest
(Manchester, England)                   (Warsaw, Poland)

followed by

8 x 2 mins International Super-Lightweight contest
(Derby, England)           (Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina)

followed by


4 x 3 mins International Cruiserweight contest
(Hamilton, New Zealand) (Argenteuil, France)

followed by

8 x 3 mins International Heavyweight contest
ALEN BABIC 216lbs v DAVID SPILMONT 252lbs       
(Zagreb, Croatia)          (Saint-Michel, France)

followed by

12 x 3 mins IBO Super-Middleweight World Title 
(Esmeraldas, Ecuador)            (New Malden, England)

 followed by

12 x 3 mins IBF Super-Featherweight World Title Eliminator
ZELFA BARRETT 129.8lbs v BRUNO TARIMO 128.8lbs       
(Manchester, England)           (Southport, Australia)

 followed by

12 x 3 mins vacant European Super-Middleweight Title
JACK CULLEN 167.8lbs v KEVIN LELESADJO 167.8lbs         
(Little Lever, England)        (Saint-Maur, France)
followed by
12 x 3 mins WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight Title
JOSEPH PARKER 251lbs v DEREK CHISORA 248.8lbs           
(Auckland, New Zealand)     (Finchley, England)
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Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:
“Thank you to everyone in attendance today here in Manchester ahead of a huge night of boxing this Saturday, live and exclusively on DAZN all around the world from the Manchester Arena.
“A huge crowd is expected as we wrap up what has been a sensational year against all odds. Tomorrow night we have our 43rd show of the year in Uzbekistan, Saturday night we have our 44th show of the year in Manchester and I think it’s one of the best shows we’ve put on so far this year.
“Of course, the main event a Heavyweight blockbuster, the rematch between Joseph Parker and Derek Chisora. One of four brilliant 50/50 championship fights on this card, littered with great young talent and fighters emerging on the World Championship stage.” 
David Higgins, Founder and Director of Duco Events:
“It’s a pandemic and a crazy world. The fact Matchroom are still making events happen is fantastic. It’s a risky business, I think sometimes in boxing it’s fashionable to hate successful people, but I think everyone in the sport should be grateful Matchroom are keeping these shows going and providing the opportunities.
“We’re grateful for sure, and to Derek Chisora for always bringing a fight. Someone asked me today saying he’s going to come swinging trying to take Joseph’s head off does that worry you. I said no it doesn’t I’m sure we’ve prepared for that, but I’ve seen Joseph sometimes at his best in those types of situations. I’m sure Joseph is going to be cool and stick to the plan but if Derek wants to swing Joseph is ready for that too.”
Joseph Parker:
“It’s great to be back in Manchester with the team. We’ve had a tremendous camp; this fight will be different from the first for sure.
“Not having a crowd made a big difference, I think Derek feeds off the crowd, I feed off of them too. A lot of fighters feed off the crowd and just having no noise and hearing specific voices it’s pretty weird.
“The World Title, my eyes are just purely on this weekend and Derek Chisora. I want to probably knock him out between round six and ten.”
Andy Lee, trainer of Joseph Parker:
“I know how much Chisora would have improved with Dave because when I won the World Title, in my corner assisting Adam Booth was Dave Coldwell – I know all about him. I know how he will help Chisora improve.
“After the first fight when the bell rang, I thought they were going to give the decision to Derek Chisora, I said it to him in the ring. We got the decision and when I watched it back, I thought Joe won the fight. We won’t be negative, Joe’s going to be a lot more positive, he’ll stand a lot more, fight a lot more and be more consistent with his attack. It should make for an excellent fight.
“If anything, the crowd in there will be a benefit to Chisora more than Parker because he’ll feed of that and the energy, he’s a big favourite. He’s now the hero, people love him and his fight style, he’s given us great fights over the years. We’re here to do business, when Joseph gets in the ring, he’ll be different in terms of the spite he has, mentally and physically.” 
Derek Chisora:
Chose not to speak.
Dave Coldwell, trainer of Derek Chisora:        
“I think as a fighter gets more experience under their belt, they get wiser and realise certain mistakes that they made earlier on in their career they can’t afford to make as they go on. They just learn and get smarter.
“Derek when he linked up with David Haye, changed the way he lived nutrition-wise, looking after his body and keeping it maintained even between fights. Even though he’s getting older, that takes it’s time to really bed in and with consistency you get better results in how you perform.
“Right now, Derek is performing really well, I’m happy with the work he’s done in the gym, his commitment, his sparring sessions have been great. He’s in a good place and you’ll see on Saturday.
“I don’t expect it to go the distance. I think Parker’s link up with Andy Lee, he’s a very smart man when it comes to boxing, he’s worked with two of the best in business and to sprinkle a bit of Andy Lee’s knowledge in there you’re going to get results. I’m expecting a better, more aggressive and positive Joseph Parker, but in the same vein I’m seeing a better Derek Chisora.
“People have underestimated what a difference having a crowd makes to these guys, Derek loves the crowds singing his name and getting behind him. Certain fighters it doesn’t affect, your cool calculated boxing skillsters who’ll think their way through everything. Fighters like Derek and Joseph, they get that vibe, and it adds an extra few per cent. When you’re talking about performance levels in these kinds of fights, those little per cents add up.”
Jack Cullen:
“I’ve sold near enough 1,000 tickets, and I’ve promised everyone I’m winning the European Title, that’s my early Christmas present. I’m taking it with both hands and I’m going for it, I’ve had the European Title in my head for a long while and come 18th December it’ll be a victory and a dream come true.
“You win a European Title and you’re right up there in all the rankings, anything can happen after this. I’ve just got to get past Sadjo on the 18thand we’re ready for next year.
“I’ve just got to stick to my game plan, if I stick to it then it should be a good night for me.” 
Kevin Lele Sadjo:
“I did accept the challenge very quickly and thanks for the invitation. I am in form, my camp has had me training ready for a fight, when the opportunity arises to feature on a Chisora card it’s something you can’t miss. Without even watching Jack Cullen we were ready to sign up quickly and I’m hoping to return to France with the European Title.
“It’s funny you should choose the word war; the war is not in the crowd but in the ring. The war is where I position myself as a boxer, it’s not just the crowd for Jack Cullen, my crowd is watching me at home on DAZN. I think it’s going to be a superb encounter and the war is all about heart and I’ve brought my heart.” 
Zelfa Barrett:
“Bruno Tarimo, I’ve studied him, watched him, I know he’s a solid fighter. He throws the kitchen sink and has a bit of brains about him, but this is my World Title fight. I’m not thinking about anything else, he’s my target and I respect him and the struggles he’s had. This is boxing, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you’ve done, it’s all about what happens in the ring. I’m excited and more than ready for this.
“I’m doing this for my mum, it’s been a hard year but tough times, tough people. This is boxing and I can express how I feel in the ring, come Saturday night I’ll be victorious.”  
Bruno Tarimo:
“Firstly, I want to thank God for bringing me here safe, this is my first time in Manchester for a big show. Thanks to Matchroom for bringing me onto the show, I appreciate it. Thanks for the support of my team in Australia and Tanzania – for my country.
“I come from nothing, I can fight Super-Bantam but I have opportunity in Australia, it helps me but it doesn’t have the small weight. I have to take the big fight with big people to be World Champion and help my family.
“Zelfa Barrett is a good fighter, he’s smart and my team and I back in Australia were watching him. Every fighter is different, all the fighters in Australia know and support me, it’s going to be a good show on Saturday night.” 
Lerrone Richards:
“This is a world level fight, a real-world level fight, a fight that I relish, and I know I can win – win in great fashion.
“The winner of this fight, which will be me, can push on to world level. I’m excited about this fight, it’s an opportunity for me to showcase my skills at the higher level and shut the doubters up. Once I win this fight, the future is bright.” 
David Nyika:
“I feel very lucky to be here, thank you for having me on the card. I have the opportunity now to let people know who David Nyika is, I’m here to stay in the UK and ready to make my mark. I feel totally blessed to be part of such a big camp.
“I didn’t come away with a gold medal, so I technically didn’t achieve my ultimate dream of getting a gold. Onwards and upwards, this is an opportunity for me to make a living and continue down a path that I’ve dreamed of as a kid.” 
Sandy Ryan:
“We’re also looking to make a statement, my trainer Clifton Mitchell is holding me back a little bit, he wants me to start strong, sharp and box. When we see an opening, we’re going to take her out.
“Don’t worry, the knockout is going to happen, we’re going to show a little boxing first. It isn’t going eight rounds.” 
Jordan Thompson:
“It’s a pleasure to be back out, especially in my hometown, I’m looking to go out there and put on another explosive performance. Like I always say, artistic violence, that’s one thing you can expect with me.
“The Cruiserweight scene domestically is buzzing right now; I definitely see myself getting amongst that and coming out top of the crop. Like I said, I’ve got an amazing team in place, I’m looking forward to what next year brings. Definitely titles on the horizon no doubt about it.”
Cyrus Pattinson:
“I think activity is one of the most important things to be out on a regular basis. I know I’ve got a durable opponent for the weekend; he’s been with some of the domestic fighters I’ve been fighting for British and European Titles so I’m looking to make a statement on Saturday and do things other Welterweights haven’t been able to do.”  
Rhiannon Dixon:
“It was a bit frustrating hearing my opponent potentially pulled out again and all the mix up of this week. I’m just excited to get there on Saturday. I’m just looking to make my mark on 2022 and I just can’t wait for it.” 
Alen Babic:
“Two weeks ago, you [Eddie] slid into my DM’s and asked if I wanted to fight, I said yeah let’s go. People have routine victories, I have routine knockouts, I think Saturday is going to be another routine knockout. I’m going to operate like John Wick.
“I like this, I like this living. I give it all to boxing and for the next five to six years I just want to box – I don’t want to do anything else.
“Let’s go, like I said I have a brilliant team, we are going for the Bridgerweight Title. I’m really into it and let’s go, I’m going to give my whole life to it and I’m sure we’re going to get it.”
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The action-packed card is in association with promoter Phil Jeffries, and sees local hero Lewis Ritson meet Christian Uruzquieta, three-weight world champion Ricky Burns take on Emiliano Dominguez, unbeaten Thomas Patrick Ward face Leonardo Padilla, plus Mark Dickinson, Joe Laws, Joe Maphosa, Adam Cope, Mark McKeown, Alex Farrell, Jordan Flynn and Ewan Mackenzie are all in action.

It will be shown live on Free Sports, BoxNation and Premier Sports in the UK, on Fight Network in the USA and Canada, plus more networks worldwide. Here’s what all the boxers had to say at today’s final press conference:

Ritson: “It was a massive setback in my last fight. It wasn’t the best of performances, but I’ll make that right on Saturday. I’ll get a good win and then we’ll get people talking about me again and the dream can stay alive.

“A lot of the fighters in the North East have fought at the Rainton Arena in their careers, and we’ll get plenty of fans in there and create plenty of noise. It’s going to be a good night.

“I’ll wait and see what Uruzquieta comes with and brings. We know he can box and fight a bit, but we’ve got a plan for what to do on the night.

“I’ve heard what Probellum’s next plan is, so I need to make sure I can get through Saturday and then get people talking about me again.”

Uruzquieta: “I’m very happy to be here. I want to thank God, Probellum and Miura Boxing. I’m happy to come back to Europe and this will be a fight that I will win.

“I’m a Mexican warrior, and I don’t know if I will win by points or knockout, but it will be a great fight and I will definitely win.”

Ward: “My opponent is a good fighter, and I’m looking forward to Saturday. I’ve been knocking on the door for a world title for a long time. I was one of the best super-bantamweights, but my shot never come, now I’m pushing on at featherweight.

“There are a lot of good guys there who I’d love to fight. Both me and my opponent on Saturday are ranked high with the WBA, and this is a fight that will push us closer to a shot at that title. Leo Santa Cruz still holds the Super title, and then you have Leigh Wood and Michael Conlan fighting next year too.

“There’s Emanuel Navarrete who I was chasing down at super-bantamweight and not many wanted to fight him. It seems to be the same for him at featherweight, but that’s a fight that I still want. I’ve got to get through Saturday and then we’ll see where I go.

“At super-bantamweight it was getting too hard to make the weight, and my best performances wouldn’t have come from me at that weight. It was time to move up, and now this is a really good division to be in.

“I want titles, so whoever has them is who I want to fight. Just send the contract over. I’ll travel to you and you can choose where you want to fight and you can pick what gloves, it doesn’t make a difference for me.

“You can expect a good performance from me on Saturday. The fans are the real winners, as Probellum are putting on this great show. Look at the talent you’ve got here, so thanks to them for this event.”

Padilla: “First of all I want to thank God. This is a fight that can lead to something big for me, and this is a great chance for me to be on the big stage, so it’s good for my career. I’ve got a good team with me, and I’m here to win. I’ve fought better rivals than Ward, and soon you’ll be hearing ‘and the new’ after this fight.”

Burns: “I’m looking forward to being back. I never say no to any opponent, and whatever names they give to me that’s who I’ll get in there with. This is my first fight back in two years, and in that two years there have been a lot of fights spoken about and a few dates that have fallen through.

“I’ve teamed up with new trainers and I’m training alongside Mark McKeown now, so I’m excited to put on a good show. After each fight I’m straight back in the gym, as boxing is one of those sports where if you don’t enjoy it, it’s too hard.

“I always drag myself out of bed at 6:30am to do the track work, and if I wasn’t good enough I’d be the first one who knows it’s time to call it a day. I was in a bad place after the Lee Selby fight, it was close but I thought I’d done enough to win.

“In the build up everybody just kept going on about my age and when I would retire. I was thinking ‘you do know I’m fighting on Saturday don’t you?’ It felt like I was being forced out, but thanks to Probellum for making this happen, and we’ll get down to business on Saturday.

Dickinson: “I want to start off by saying a big thank you to Probellum for this opportunity so quickly after my debut. My debut wasn’t broadcast on TV, so this time it’s going to be good to be shown properly as a fight in front of my home fans.”

Laws: “After the loss against Rylan Charlton, I went back to the drawing board and straight back into the gym and asked myself a lot of questions.

“I’m enjoying the ride and I’m training hard, and I hope that on Saturday I can perform exactly like I have been doing in the gym.”

McKeown“I can’t wait to get in there on Saturday and showcase what I’ve got. Big thanks to Probellum for giving me the opportunity to be on a card as big as this, and I won’t disappoint.”

Promoter Phil Jeffies: “It’s great that Probellum is coming to the North East, especially with the likes of Lewis and Tommy. This show will be a sellout, and it will be rocking inside the Rainton Arena.

“The fans in the North East know how to make an atmosphere, and it will be great to have them all in here. I’m chuffed to be working with Probellum. They know how to treat the boxers, and we’re going to push boxing in the North East.”

For images, please view HERE. 

For live news and updates, be sure to follow Probellum on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

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Del Boy questions Parker’s decision to take rematch 
Derek Chisora has promised to exact revenge on Joseph Parker when they rematch for the WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight Title at the AO Arena in Manchester this Saturday December 18, live worldwide on DAZN (with the exception of New Zealand and Samoa).

Chisora (32-11, 23 KOs) was left angered by what he felt was more rough treatment by boxing judges following his split decision points loss to former WBO World Champion Parker earlier this year – the eleventh loss of his illustrious 43-fight career in boxing’s glamour division. 

The 37-year-old knocked Parker down inside 10 seconds of their first meeting and applied plenty of pressure and punishing body shots during a busy first half of the fight, but it wasn’t enough as the New Zealand star responded well in the second half of the fight, sealing a close win with two cards of 116-111 and 115-113.

Fed up go being on the wrong end of what he believes to be harsh decisions against him, ‘WAR’ Chisora insists he will take this weekend’s highly anticipated clash out of the judges’ hands by delivering an emphatic knockout win to end the year with a bang. 

“I don’t think that they wanted to give me the rematch really,” said Chisora. “And if I was him, I wouldn’t take the rematch, I would have moved on – but I was 100 per cent sure that I wanted the fight. Different judges score fights in different ways. What are we scoring now? For the pressure fighter and making the fight happen? Because if I don’t go forward, we can just stand there and look at each other. 

“I caught him off-balance maybe because it wasn’t a powerful knockdown and when he got up he was fine. He’s got good hands. You can tell he’s bulked up a bit, he’s packed more strength on since the first fight so you can see he’s coming with more power punches.

“If you look at his record from when he won the WBO title, he boxed Andy Ruiz in his hometown and he didn’t KO him, he played it safe, he defended it here against Hughie Fury and played it safe and then he boxed AJ and he froze and played it safe. So, you can tell a fighter, the guys that really want to fight, he might tell himself he wants to fight but really and truly, he doesn’t want to be there.

“It’s been two years since I’ve boxed in front of a crowd, it’s going to be amazing, and I hope I don’t freeze! I enjoy it, how could you not? I think if you sell thousands of tickets, you enjoy it. AJ, Canelo, Dillian, me – we all sell out arenas and we love it. You know people are coming to watch you fight and you want to give them a good night. It’s a show, you must give them a show from the walkout to the last bell.

“I don’t cry over spilt milk, I never have. I don’t moan, I move on. Everyone’s plan is to take it out of the judges’ hands, I am just going to go in and put on a great fight. I love Manchester – Manchester always comes out. I’m bringing the pain; it’s going to be sick. I just want to give the fans what they want, and they want to see war. Joseph is going to try to ride the storm early, and come on in the second half, but there is nowhere to hide.”

Parker vs. Chisora 2 tops a huge night of action in Manchester, ‘Little Lever’s Meat Cleaver’ Jack Cullen (20-2-1, 9 KOs) returns to the scene of his Fight of the Year contender with Felix Cash back in 2019 as he clashes with Kevin Lele Sadjo (16-0, 14 KOs) for the vacant EBU European Super-Middleweight crown following his win over Avni Yildirim in July, Manchester Super-Featherweight contender Zelfa Barrett (26-1, 16 KOs) hopes to make it three wins from three fights in 2021 as he meets Australia’s Bruno ‘The Terminator’ Tarimo (26-2-2, 5 KOs) in an Eliminator for the IBF World Title, undefeated New Malden Super-Middleweight talent Lerrone Richards (15-0, 3 KOs) looks to build on his impressive EBU European Title win against Giovanni De Carolis in May when he takes on unbeaten IBO 168lbs World Champion Carlos Gongora (20-0, 15 KOs), Croatian Heavyweight knockout artist Alen ‘The Savage’ Babic (9-0, 9 KOs) looks to make it ten knockouts from ten fights, New Zealand Cruiserweight David Nyika (1-0, 1 KO) fights in the UK for the first time against Anthony Carpin (5-6-2, 2 KOs), Derby Super-Lightweight prospect Sandy Ryan (2-0, 1 KO) is out to impress against Maria Soledad Caprialo (7-13-4) after her vicious body shot knockout win over Aleksandra Vujovic in Italy, unbeaten Cruiserweight Jordan ‘Troublesome’ Thompson (11-0, 9 KOs) meets Clement Oppenot (5-1, 3 KOs) over six rounds, former Team GB standout Cyrus Pattinson (2-0, 1 KO) takes on Evgenii Vazem (9-21, 4 KOs) over six rounds at Welterweight and Anthony Crolla-trained Lightweight Rhiannon Dixon (3-0) fights Paola Pamela Benavidez (8-5-3) over six rounds.

Limited remaining tickets are available to purchase via StubHub (www.stubhub.co.uk)
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Kiwi star vows to beat Chisora more convincingly in huge rematch
Joseph Parker says his “career is on the line” when he meets British veteran Derek Chisora for a second time at the AO Arena in Manchester this Saturday December 18, live worldwide on DAZN (with the exception of New Zealand and Samoa).

The New Zealand star (29-2, 21 KOs) overcame a first-round knockdown to edge past former World Title challenger Chisora last time out at the same venue back in May via a hard-fought split decision in his first fight with former WBO Middleweight king Andy Lee. 

Ranked at No.2 in the world with the WBO, former World Champion Parker heads into this weekend’s huge rematch knowing that a loss to Chisora would prove to be disastrous in his pursuit of becoming a two-time Heavyweight ruler. 

“The first fight wasn’t the longest camp together with Andy, we were just getting to know each other and getting ready for the fight,” said Parker. “A longer camp is more beneficial as I am understanding more what Andy is trying to teach me. We’ve worked so hard every day and I think that it’s really going to show on the night.

“Andy and I have been working on a lot of things in camp and the goal is to go in there and look better, and win but win well. I can say that I am going to be more dominant, more aggressive, and that sort of stuff, but I just want to go out there and fight and I will let my actions do the talking for me. 

“I want the best Derek Chisora. I got a hard pressure fighter in the first fight with Derek and I think that he’ll be looking to make little adjustments to improve, so I am looking forward to what he’s going to bring. As long as I do what I can do it’s not going to go the distance, but I know he feels the same way. There’s no issues for me in the build up with a great camp and injury free.

“I like Derek and respect him, but this is not the time to be friends before the fight. I need to take care of business because my career is on the line here. He’s achieved a lot and I respect him, but that can wait until after the fight.

“I think the result was right. I did enough to win, it wasn’t the most dominant or best performance, it was a close fight but I believe I won it and it’s good to be able to run it back and to show the improvements I’ve made with Andy. It’s the first rematch of my career so I am excited for that and I just want to go out and fight hard, beat him up and put on a better performance and win in better fashion.”

Parker vs. Chisora 2 tops a huge night of action in Manchester, ‘Little Lever’s Meat Cleaver’ Jack Cullen (20-2-1, 9 KOs) returns to the scene of his Fight of the Year contender with Felix Cash back in 2019 as he clashes with Kevin Lele Sadjo (16-0, 14 KOs) for the vacant EBU European Super-Middleweight crown following his win over Avni Yildirim in July, Manchester Super-Featherweight contender Zelfa Barrett (26-1, 16 KOs) hopes to make it three wins from three fights in 2021 as he meets Australia’s Bruno ‘The Terminator’ Tarimo (26-2-2, 5 KOs) in an Eliminator for the IBF World Title, undefeated New Malden Super-Middleweight talent Lerrone Richards (15-0, 3 KOs) looks to build on his impressive EBU European Title win against Giovanni De Carolis in May when he takes on unbeaten IBO 168lbs World Champion Carlos Gongora (20-0, 15 KOs), Croatian Heavyweight knockout artist Alen ‘The Savage’ Babic (9-0, 9 KOs) looks to make it ten knockouts from ten fights, New Zealand Cruiserweight David Nyika (1-0, 1 KO) fights in the UK for the first time against Anthony Carpin (5-6-2, 2 KOs), Derby Super-Lightweight prospect Sandy Ryan (2-0, 1 KO) is out to impress against Maria Soledad Caprialo (7-13-4) after her vicious body shot knockout win over Aleksandra Vujovic in Italy, unbeaten Cruiserweight Jordan ‘Troublesome’ Thompson (11-0, 9 KOs) meets Clement Oppenot (5-1, 3 KOs) over six rounds, former Team GB standout Cyrus Pattinson (2-0, 1 KO) takes on Evgenii Vazem (9-21, 4 KOs) over six rounds at Welterweight and Anthony Crolla-trained Lightweight Rhiannon Dixon (3-0) fights Paola Pamela Benavidez (8-5-3) over six rounds.

Limited remaining tickets are available to purchase via StubHub (www.stubhub.co.uk)
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4 x 3 mins International Super-Bantamweight contest

JOE MCGRAIL 121lbs 4oz v FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ 117lbs 11oz   
(Liverpool, England)             (Alfacar, Spain)

followed by

6 x 3 mins International Super-Lightweight contest
(Gateshead, England)            (Ufa, Russia)

followed by

8 x 3 mins International Featherweight contest
(Chatteris, England)               (Cordoba, Argentina)

followed by

4 x 3 mins International Super-Welterweight contest
PADDY LACEY 11st 3lbs 2oz v VASIF MAMEDOV 11st 6lbs 5oz      
(Chester, England)                     (Perm, Russia)

followed by


10 x 3 mins vacant WBA International Middleweight Title
(Belfast, Northern Ireland)                (California, USA)

followed by

6 x 3 mins International Super-Bantamweight contest
PETER MCGRAIL 123lbs 4oz v ENGEL GOMEZ 124lbs 12oz                
(Liverpool, England)                  (Chinandega, Nicaragua)

followed by

10 x 3 mins vacant WBA Continental Super-Featherweight Title 
JOE CORDINA 129lbs 15oz v MIKO KHATCHATRYAN 129lbs 12oz          
(Cardiff, Wales)                        (Liege, Belgium)

 followed by

10 x 3 mins vacant WBA Continental Super-Lightweight Title
ROBBIE DAVIES JR 139lbs 2oz v HENRY LUNDY 141lbs 4oz             
(Liverpool, England)                      (Philadelphia, USA)

 followed by

10 x 2 mins Undisputed Lightweight World Titles
KATIE TAYLOR 134lbs 11oz v FIRUZ SHARIPOVA 143lbs 4oz              
(Bray, Ireland)                           (Taraz, Kazakhstan)
followed by
12 x 3 mins WBA Continental Welterweight Title
CONOR BENN 146lbs 8oz v CHRIS ALGIERI 146lbs             
(Brentwood, England)            (New York, USA)
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Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

“It’s a bit chilly here compared to Las Vegas, we’re on one hell of a run, of course in Madison Square Garden just a couple of weeks ago – we saw a fight of the year contender between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr. Last week we were at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for another great fight between Devin Haney and JoJo Diaz Jr.
“We’re in Liverpool for a tremendous fight card, a double header with Conor Benn and Katie Taylor. We’re expecting around 7,000 at the M&S Bank Arena, a great city and we can’t wait to be back on Saturday night.”

Conor Benn:
“I know Algieri’s a test, he’s a step up, he said I haven’t been tested but it’s getting a bit boring saying I haven’t been tested. Every fight moving forward for me is potentially going to be a test, Formella said exactly the same thing, so did Vargas. You don’t get ranked top five in the WBC, WBA, ranked in the IBF and WBO for nothing. I plan on passing these tests with flying colours and that’s exactly what I do.
“I know Algieri’s going to come in there to win, I’ll exploit his mistakes as well because I see holes in his armour. I’m just ready to fight man, I always get like this during fight week, get intense and animated – ready to go. I want to get in there Saturday night and iron someone out.
“Algieri is a better version of all my last opponents, and he beats everything they do in my opinion in terms of boxing IQ, cuteness, knowing his way around the ring. People say he can’t punch but anyone with 8oz gloves can punch. I’m well prepared, I’m not concerned about what he brings to the table because I know what I can do.
“Algieri is going to come, he’s going to throw and try to win, which him and his team believe he can. I’ll exploit holes in his armour, he’s up against a young lion, up against someone who’s on the come up. Every single camp I go in to I give it 100%, I level up every single time and can only beat who you put in front of me, and I will deal with them. Not only do I beat them, but I learn, school’s never out.
“I had to show a lot of grit and determination of overlooking an opponent early on in my career, I know now never to do that. When someone asks me about other fights, I don’t entertain the thought, at the end of the day none of them materialise if I don’t get through Algieri. Once I get through him, and I believe I will, then the doors can open.”

Chris Algieri:

“Training camp has gone great, I feel great and got in here early, we’ve all adjusted very well to the time zone. We’re happy to be here, I know a lot of European fighters are enamoured in fighting in the States, but a lot of us are enamoured about fighting here because of the fan base here in Europe and in the UK – the UK fans are some of the best in the world. The opportunity to be here and fight in front of those crowds is a big feather in the cap for me in my career.
“I’m excited for fight night, it’s going to be electric, I think we have the opportunity to put on a fantastic fight. You [Eddie] mentioned Lopez vs. Kambosos as potential fight of the year, I think this fight will potentially be a rival to that in terms of a style match-up and what I bring to the table. I think this is going to be a fantastic fight and everybody should tune in.
“I’ve been around this game a long time and I’ve been in with the elite of the elite, I’ve been on both sides of the table. At the end of the day, skills pay the bills and experience kills, so we’re coming in here with our experience, our skills, and we’re going to utilise that plan to find a victory.
“I’m in fantastic shape, fight week is a lot longer when you don’t have to worry about the weight. I’m just raring to go, I just can’t wait for fight night, I still feel like it’s far away. The weight has been a bit of a blessing.”

Katie Taylor:

“I’m very aware of the challenge on Saturday night, I haven’t overlooked Sharipova at all, I know what she brings, and I’m prepared for whatever comes my way Saturday night. I’m also aware that there’s so many big fights out there for me, the bigger names that could possibly happen next year, so I’ve got to get through Saturday night first and focus on the bigger fights ahead.
“You’ve seen so many upsets so far this year in the boxing world when people have maybe gone into the ring underprepared or overlooking certain opponents. I know that obviously can’t happen, I’ve made that mistake before as an amateur fighter where I have overlooked opponents – being beaten and learning the hard way. I’m 100% prepared and focused coming into the fight, I’m ready to put on a big performance.
“I can’t wait, this is such an amazing card with so many packed fights, it’s going to be an amazing atmosphere and an amazing night – full of so many Irish people travelling over for the fight. It’s going to be a loud arena so I can’t wait to get in there and perform.”

Firuza Sharipova:

“I feel very confident and welcomed here in this city, I have a great respect for Katie Taylor. She’s been my idol all the time but I’m coming here to win.
“I was preparing well, thanks to my team for their support and I’m ready for the fight on Saturday night.”

Robbie Davies Jr:

“It’s a great fight for me to come back to definitely, Hank’s been in with some of the top names in the division. In Liverpool fighting is embedded in us so I won’t be shying away from anything he brings to the table. I’ve been working hard in the gym and I’m ready to go on Saturday night.
“There’s definitely a big team bonding in the gym, Shane has had a lot of belief in me since I started, picking out a few things we need to change. Each step forward now we’ll showcase a little bit more of what we’re working on in the gym with Shane – Saturday night is going to be the start of it, and we’ll push on for a big 2022.
“This is a must win for me, the Lewis Ritson defeat didn’t go my way, it was a bit disappointing. When I fought the Mexican kid, everyone watching seen what went on, but I’m a much better fighter since being with Shane. It’s given me a belief back in myself and I’ll show that Saturday night.”

Henry Lundy:

“We’ve been training hard, preparing for this fight, we’re ready to get this title.
“After that fight fell out, we went back home and stayed in the gym, stayed ready. We always stay ready to fight man, you show up and be prepared and ready to fight – that’s what we do.
“This is going to be a great fight; it’s going to be war. I will be victorious.”

Joe Cordina:

“I can never overlook anybody, I’ve got Miko on Saturday so he’s my focus at the minute. I’ve never been shy to make clear that being a World Champion is what I want and that’s where I want to be. First thing’s first, I’ve got Saturday to deal with.
“My performance wasn’t the best at Fight Camp, I felt comfortable and didn’t get out of second gear and I still got the win. I was out for eighteen months and when I got back in the gym I worked on a lot of things and took it into the fight. All I want to do this fight is building on my last camp, building on that performance, and getting a similar result.”

Miko Khatchatryan:

“This is a great opportunity for me, it’s a last-minute fight but I’m in great shape and ready to make a good fight on Saturday night.”

Peter McGrail:

“It’s good times, obviously fight number one was a belter, belter card in Liverpool. You’ve [Eddie] brought another belter card to Liverpool, got me and Joe on it, I’ve trained alongside French and Cordina, I know Robbie Davies, watching Benn and Taylor for years. Boxing on a card alongside these is a privilege and I’m looking forward to Saturday.
“The experience of the first fight will be with me for life, probably won’t get anything like that until I’m fighting for titles. It’s good to get that on my debut, I’ve got that under my belt, a good six rounds and the first of my professional career. I’m looking forward to performing on Saturday, keep the ball rolling and pushing on for a big 2022.” 

Caoimhin Agyarko:

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase myself on this platform and what an honour it is to fight on Katie Taylor and Conor Benn’s undercard. I’ve had the privilege of being in training camps with Katie so fighting on her card means so much to me. I’ve got 150 crazy Irish fans coming over for Saturday night so it’ll feel like, I can’t wait to get in there and put on an explosive performance.
“I want to be in the best fights possible and in the past, it has been hard to match me. I’ve got an unbeaten fighter in front of me on Saturday night, so I look forward to getting past that test, being in some fights next year and going back to Belfast and headlining a show there – putting my name in the Middleweight division.” 
Noe Larios Jr:

“I’m happy to be here, I feel blessed, I’m super stoked to have this opportunity. I’m just here to do my job on Saturday and get the job done. I’m happy to be part of this undercard.
“I think at some point there’s a time you have to fight the bigger guys and bigger opponents. This is that time and we’re ready for it on Saturday.” 

Paddy Lacey:

“I’m lucky to be here and to be in this situation. Five years ago, I was playing professional football looking upwards of getting to the Premier League and then some. If you’ve followed me recently, you’ll see what the story is and the what the journey has been.”
“I’ve got quite a big following, I think it’s relatable to loads of people in Liverpool, we’ve all made mistakes and I’m just trying to build myself back up – not in football anymore but in boxing. Hopefully the support continues, and I can climb up these rankings and do something in boxing.
“People used to snigger when I was boxing and playing football but in my 17 amateur fights I snoozed half of them – I was knocking out everybody in the amateurs. If people will comment and look down, they’ll find out when they fight me.”

Jordan Gill:

“I’m glad to be still fighting, thanks for having me on the card, I was absolutely gutted when Guerfi pulled out, I thought this was going to be the weekend I won that European Title and push on. This is boxing and these things happen, it’s been delayed, and I look forward to a good fight on Saturday.
“I was miserable for about an hour, horrible to be around and upset, but you have to get out of bed in the morning and push on. I’ve stayed in the gym all year, I feel like I’ve been mandatory for this title for ages so I’m looking forward to getting the win on Saturday night, looking good for the fans who have travelled and pushing on for the European Title. 
“It’s a great division and I’m glad to be a part of it, I feel like getting Saturday out of the way, win a European Title and my name’s well and truly in the mix. If I get a final eliminator or a defence of the title, maybe even a straight World Title shot next year, let’s go for it and push on – I want these big fights.” 
Calum French:

“I’ve been boxing in these sports halls, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, all over the world over the past five years, it’s going to be nice to come out and box in front of all my friends and family in a big stadium like the M&S Bank Arena.
“Hopefully I can take that amateur experience into the pro game, I had a few WSB fights for the five rounds distance so I can hopefully take that experience into the professional ranks and be Matchroom’s next star.” 

Joe McGrail:

 “It’s a brilliant card to be making my debut on, it’s special for me to be on the card with my brother Peter – I’m happy.
“My older brother, he’s like my best mate but I also look up to him. He’s a role model to me.”
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Weigh-In Results:

Lyndon Arthur – 174lb 10oz
Anthony Yarde – 173lb 12oz

Hamzah Sheeraz – 153lb
Bradley Skeete – 153lb 4oz

Sam Noakes – 134lb 4oz
Shaun Cooper – 133lb 14oz

Dennis McCann – 124lb 3oz
Juan Jurado – 123lb 4oz

George Fox – 276lb 12oz
Kamil Sokolowski – 231lb 10oz

Karol Itauma – 175lb 7oz
Tamas Laska – 175lb 6oz

Charles Frankham – 133lb 5oz
Constantin Radoi – 134lb 3oz

Masood Abdulah – 129lb 12oz
Paul Holt – 128lb 9oz

Umar Khan – 125lb 3oz
Luke Merrifield – 125lb

Sonny Liston Ali – 143lb 8oz
Lee Hallett – 141lb 10oz
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This is the road to becoming a two-time world champion says Charlie Edwards

Charlie Edwards believes that his new set-up will pave the way to becoming world champion once again as he prepares to face Jacob Barreto on Friday’s massive #MTKFightNight event.

Former world champion Edwards (16-1, 6 KOs) meets Barreto (13-3, 5 KOs) as part of a huge card at York Hall in London, which is headlined by an IBF featherweight title final eliminator between Isaac Lowe and Luis Alberto Lopez, and will be broadcast live in the US on ESPN+ in association with Top Rank, and worldwide on IFL TV.

It sees Edwards make his return for the first time in over a year, and after teaming up with new trainer Joe Gallagher at his gym in Bolton, the ex-WBC flyweight king feels he is better than ever.

Edwards said:“I was umming and ahhing about whether I would return or whether I wouldn’t. I had achieved my boyhood dream by becoming world champion, but as soon as I walked into the doors at Joe Gallagher’s gym, the whole buzz was back.

“It really brought me back to life and brought my motivation and hunger back. I’m firing on all cylinders again mentally, physically and emotionally, and now moving forward all that is on my mind is winning another world title.

“I’m looking forward to this next stage in my career. I’ve been training hard and grafting and living the life of an elite athlete. Eat, sleep, train, repeat. It’s been an amazing camp, and an even better camp than when I won the world title against Rosales.

“I’m on fire and sparring has gone great. I’ve been sparring Paul Butler, Kash Farooq, and even had some good super-lightweights in for sparring, so anything that Barreto has I’ll be better on the night.

“I’m coming back fresh with a new coach, a new team and a new set-up, and this really is the road to becoming a two-time world champion.”

Elsewhere on Friday’s card, Jordan Reynolds faces Blaise Paka Mukia, Elliot Whale takes on Miroslav Serban, Shiloh Defritas squares off with Dario Barrosa, Carl Fail meets Juan Carlos Clavero, Inder Bassi goes up against Vasif Mamedov, Nina Hughes enters the paid ranks for the first time against Claudia Ferenczi, and Arnold Obodai makes his professional debut.

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