Super-Middleweight unification clash on Cinco De Mayo weekend at AT&T Stadium
All remaining tickets go on general sale today for the blockbuster unification showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders on Saturday May 8 at AT&T stadium in Arlington, TX, live worldwide on DAZN, after the event broke’s pre-sale record.
Over 40,000 tickets were sold in the pre-sale period, smashing the previous record for the best performing pre-sale sales for the mobile ticket platform, and the scramble for the remaining tickets will begin at 10am CT today (11am ET) when the rest of the tickets are released on general sale.
Canelo fights at the home of the Dallas Cowboys for the second time in his career and returns to his traditional Cinco De Mayo weekend date after COVID robbed him of that in 2020.
The Mexican superstar is aiming to take a massive step to becoming the first 168lb undisputed champion from his homeland and the stakes couldn’t be higher, as if he hands Saunders a first career defeat and takes his WBO crown, just one piece of the puzzle will remain.
Saunders, who will be completing his training camp in Las Vegas, will be looking to stop the rot for British fighters facing Canelo and grab the biggest win of his career to date against the 30 year old – and promoter Eddie Hearn says the pre-sale success reflects the appetite for fight fans to see Canelo and Saunders tangle on Cinco De Mayo weekend.
“The pre-sale numbers were fantastic, and I am sure that on Cinco de Mayo weekend, we’re going to have a full house to watch this massive unification fight,” said Hearn.
“It’s great to be able to stage a fight of such huge global significance to the home of the Dallas Cowboys and fill that wonderful stadium with fans. We’re going to be putting on a night that those lucky enough to be in there will never forget.”
About AT&T Stadium:
AT&T Stadium is one of the largest, most technologically advanced entertainment venues in the world.  Designed by HKS and built by Manhattan Construction, the $1.2 billion stadium features two monumental arches, the world’s largest HDTV video board cluster, an expansive retractable roof and the largest retractable end zone doors in the world.  Features of the stadium include seating for 80,000 and expandability for up to 100,000, over 300 luxury suites, club seating on multiple levels and the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop, open to the public year-round.  The stadium is also home to a world-class collection of contemporary art, made up of over 50 pieces from an international array of curated artists displayed on the walls and in the grand public spaces of the venue.  In addition to being the Home of the Dallas Cowboys since opening in 2009, the stadium has hosted Super Bowl XLV, the 2010 NBA All Star Game, the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship Game and the annual Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic. The venue has also played host to high school and college football, concerts, championship fights, international soccer matches, and other special events.  For more information, go to
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10 x 3 mins Super-Featherweight contest
YOUSSEF KHOUMARI 9st 4lbs 0oz v KANE BAKER 9st 2lbs 8oz
(Wembley, England)                              (Birmingham, England)

followed by

18:00 LIVE ON SKY SPORTS BOX OFFICE & DAZN10 x 3 mins vacant IBO International Heavyweight Title
ERIK PFEIFER 17st 8lbs 2oz v NICK WEBB 18st 10lbs 0oz
(Germany)                                    (Surrey, England)

followed by

10 x 3 mins WBO Global Welterweight Title
CHRIS KONGO 10st 6lbs 12oz v MICHAEL MCKINSON 10st 6lbs 2oz
(Bermondsey, England)              (Portsmouth, England)

followed by4 x 3 mins International Lightweight contest
CAMPBELL HATTON 9st 10lbs 13oz v JESUS RUIZ 9st 10lbs 6oz
(Manchester, England)                            (Spain)

followed by12 x 3 mins vacant British Super-Welterweight Title 
TED CHEESEMAN 10st 13lbs 10oz v JAMES METCALF 10st 13lbs 13oz
(Bermondsey, England)                       (Liverpool, England)

followed by10 x 3 mins International Heavyweight contest
FABIO WARDLEY 16st 8lbs 6oz v ERIC MOLINA 17st 13lbs 5oz
(Ipswich, England)                         (USA)

followed by12 x 3 mins Interim WBC Heavyweight World Title
ALEXANDER POVETKIN 16st 4lbs 4oz v DILLIAN WHYTE 17st 9lbs 3oz                  
(Russia)                                                       (Brixton, England)
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Eddie Hearn:

“Good afternoon. Wow. How lucky are we to be here. Absolutely stunning scenery and stunning weather. We’re very grateful to everybody in Gibraltar. Three or four weeks ago I wondered if this could be done. They say it always seems impossible until it is done. Just a couple of days to go before a historic moment here in Gibraltar, the rematch for the WBC Interim Heavyweight World Title between Alexander Povetkin and Dillian Whyte, live and exclusive on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and DAZN around the world. We cannot wait to give you a night that you will not forget. It has been a tremendous experience so far and we’re looking forward to the next couple of days before the main event on Saturday night.”

Alexander Povetkin – Russia – 36-2-1, 25 KOs – fighting Dillian Whyte for the Interim WBC Heavyweight World Title:

“I’m very happy to be here, I’m relaxed, confident and the only thing on my mind right now is to go out on Saturday and show some good boxing.
“I’ve almost forgotten about the last fight because this is finished. I think that Dillian will be better in the second fight then the first. At the same time, I’ll try to be more careful, pay attention more to my defence.
“I don’t have this mindset that I’ll knock him out. It could go the distance; I’m not focusing on the knockout and I’m going to follow my plan.

Max Mikhaylov, World of Boxing:

“It’s a pleasure to be here, thank you to Matchroom it’s a pleasure to work with you. We never avoid anything, the same moment it was proposed we said yes. Alexander is not a boxing to avoid anyone.
“This is maybe one of the keys to success of Povetkin and the team, we’re relaxed. There’s no rush anywhere, we’re doing everything we’re comfortable with.” 

Dillian Whyte – Brixton, England – 27-2, 18 KOs – fighting Alexander Povetkin for the Interim WBC Heavyweight World Title:“The first fight was a good fight, we both fought well, I knocked him down a couple of times and he came back to win – he landed a good punch. I’m glad that he took the rematch, I’m glad we’re here again. We’re about to get it on again in two days, I want to say a massive thanks to the Gibraltan people and team who have made this happen.
“This is the most important fight of my career. Like I said this is boxing, I’ve been through ups and downs my whole life so I’m using to bouncing back, proving people wrong, showing people what I can when they’ve written me off.
“I’m good. People talking about the defeat, it’s nothing. I’m doing something, changing my life and I’m constantly improving. Povetkin’s a good fighter, top amateur, gold medallist, but I’m learning, improving and getting better every day. Saturday I’m going to leave it all on the line once again.
“The main thing is the win; I’m a competitor and I hate losing so I want to make it 1-1. I’ll get the win whatever, you’ve seen me adapt in different fight – getting off the floor and winning, out jabbed fighters that faster than me. My coaching team has worked hard on different plans and working different areas.”

Xavier Miller, trainer of Dillian Whyte:

“The first fight, that chapter has ended now, it’s done. We’re just looking forward to Saturday. We’ve worked hard, all credit to Dillian he got straight back to work after. It’s straight business on Saturday.
“The tone of the fight, the way the fight was it was only going one way. But this is Heavyweight boxing, we’d made no excuses but gotten straight back into camp. All we want to focus on now is Saturday, last fight is done. We have to win on Saturday and that’s what we’re going to do.” 

Fabio Wardley – Ipswich, England – 10-0, 9 KOs – fighting Eric Molina in a ten-round Heavyweight contest:

“I’ve come from the same breed, cut from the same cloth as Dillian. There are no easy fights, we take all opponents when they come and big chances and opportunities when they’re in front of us. This is one of those, not just for the fight but for the occasion as well. To be a part of an event like this is great, I’m looking forward to Saturday, putting on a fantastic performance and really showcasing some of my skills.
“The team and I are looking to do it all, we’re looking to do the big fights when they’re there in front of us and then come back around for some big level domestic dust ups when they’re there as well. We’re talking all the opportunities that are in front of us and relishing the moment. I’m fortunate to be part of events like this, I’m thankful and looking forward to a big fight on Saturday.” 

Eric Molina – USA – 27-6, 19 KOs – fighting Fabio Wardley in a ten-round Heavyweight contest: “Fabio’s young, a rising star in England. When I first got the call to be honest, I’d never heard of the guy. While looking into him it reminds me a lot of myself, coming in with one amateur fight and I was the same age as him when I got started. I’m hoping to come in Saturday and give him everything he’s got to learn.
“When Eddie Hearn calls with an opportunity I don’t give no excuses. Training camp was difficult, it was filled with a lot of adversity. It’s all mental, my team says it’s all mental, so we’ll be good to go Saturday.
“The only thing I’ve got going for myself in this fight is my experience. Coming into these fights as I can get older, they don’t get easier. There’s a new generation of Heavyweights coming up, Fabio is in the mix, this is a type of fight I need to see where I’m at. I need to see if I can mix it with these young lions, I’m looking forward to the test on Saturday.”

Ted Cheeseman – Bermondsey, England – 16-2-1, 9 KOs – fighting James Metcalf for the vacant British Super-Welterweight Title:

“It’s lovely to be part of a big event but it’s just business when you get there. It’s natural, I’ve done this time and time again but it’s just about getting into fight mode and doing the business Saturday night.
“I can box, and I can fight, after the first few rounds, you’ll see how the fight’s panning out and I’ll know then what I’ve got to do win the fight. Whether it’s come forward and march JJ down or box on the back foot, I know I’m capable of both. I’ve got plan A, B and C ready, but we’ll see what happens Saturday night.
“If the bookies were right every time, I’d be a millionaire. No disrespect to JJ, but this is his first time on a big event. He will be loving it but there will be a lot of nervous energy with it. I’ve done this time and time again, I’ve got the York Hall to O2 fights, for me this is natural – he’s never really done a big occasion and big opposition fight.
“For me I’ve had hard fights one after another. As much as people say it takes it out of you, I’ve never been smashed apart from when I fought Garcia, but my head wasn’t there. Since then, I’ve been improving loads, I’m still young and still feeling fresh and I feel after I got my win against Sam Eggington, I’m going to be ten times the fighter I was then coming from a win.
“I believe JJ is going into unknown territory and for me I know I can dig deep. We’re going to see if he will sink or swim on Saturday night.

James Metcalf – Liverpool, England – 21-0, 13 KOs – fighting Ted Cheeseman for the vacant British Super-Welterweight Title:

“I can box, and I can fight, I’m ready to do both.
“It’s a must win for me. I feel like I’ve been owed this chance for a while and now it’s come I’m going to take this with both hands.
“I’ve grew up watching my dad box, being proud of him, now it’s my turn to return the favour.
“I’m soaking up the experience, enjoying it. I’ve been on undercards with Tyson Fury and Josh Warrington, this is a lot better but I’m alright with it all.” 

Campbell Hatton – Manchester, England – making his professional debut in a four-round Lightweight contest with Jesus Ruiz:

“I’m really excited, the nerves are slowly starting to come in. People have been saying has all the media been getting a bit much, but it hasn’t. It’s doing me good because it’s a bit of a distraction from Saturday night to keep the nerves away.
“Just really excited, ready to go and been flying in the gym. I did my last punching session this morning, felt really sharp so I can’t wait to show everyone what I can do.
“The main bit of advice I’ve had from everybody is to stay calm. The number of eyes on me there will be nerves and I’ll be eager to please people. The main thing for me is to do myself justice.
“I want people to see the Campbell Hatton that’s in the gym, sparring, because when people see that it’s what impresses people. I do set a high pace, but I need to be calm and calculated about it.
“You always get people who have something to say, for me I just to go in there and do myself justice. If I’m the best Campbell Hatton I can be, I’ll be happy with that and it’ll be enough to impress the people who are behind me.
“With time I’ll be able to show people what I can do, staying calm is my main goal for this fight and doing myself justice.

Ricky Hatton, Dad and Manager of Campbell:

“I’m very proud and nervous. He’s had a fantastic build up, it adds a little bit of pressure but if I didn’t think he built to cope with the pressure I wouldn’t have allowed it to happen. He’s seen what I’ve done over the years, his brother, that’s what he wants.
“I did it, so he didn’t have to. He’s chosen to want to do it and I think he deserves a pat on the back for that. It’s one of the hardest games of all, I think he deserves credit for that alone and I’m very proud of everything and the attention he’s got this week.
“I’ve been saying to him [Campbell] all week do you want to get to where the top of the bill is, Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin, well let’s get used to it now. This is what it’s going to be like when you get there. This will stand him in good stead.
“This is his early days, it’s his professional debut, he wants to get off to a good start and impress. You’re going to get people saying it’s because of his Dad, he’s got to shut that out from his mind, do his own job and if he keeps relaxed and composed everybody will like what they see on Saturday.
“I want him to do himself justice, he’s worked so hard and come on so quickly in a short space of time. He’s only had 28 amateur fights and it’s his pro debut on such a big stage. I hope he does himself proud on Saturday, which he will do with all the hard work and adaptions he’s made to his game.” 

Chris Kongo – Bermondsey, England – 12-0, 7 KOs – defending his WBO Global Welterweight Title against Michael McKinson:

“When I came into the sport, this is the fight I want. I don’t want to fight journeyman or people I know I can knockout in a round. I want competitive fights. Before this I was calling Michael out for a long time, I’m just happy to be here and happy the fight is on.
“People avoid his style, and a lot of people don’t like to fight southpaws. I don’t mind, I always find a way to win regardless. He’s got a good record and he’s a good fighter, I want to beat the best and I’ve got the beat these guys.
“I’m just going to leave everything that I’m going to do and leave it until Saturday. Whatever he brings I’ll always be able to adapt, I’m ready for it.
“Confident, 100%, Chris Kongo knockout is coming this Saturday.” 

Michael McKinson – Portsmouth, England – 19-0, 2 KOs – challenging Chris Kongo for the WBO Global Welterweight Title:

 “I believe I’m the best welterweight in the UK, to prove that I’ve got to beat Chris Kongo on Saturday.
“This is to chase our dreams. There’s no one in the UK that has a style like mine, I’m a problem for absolutely everyone. I’m a smart fighter, whatever he wants to bring I can adapt – I’m very clever. It should be an exciting fight.
“I’m taking it all in, everything’s been amazing. Now I’ve got my opportunity, I need to win to stay on this. I’m excited, it’s been an amazing week.”
Erik Pfeifer – Germany – 7-0, 5 KOs – fighting Nick Webb for the IBO International Heavyweight Title:

“Training has been very good, I’m in great shape and I will show everyone the best of me Saturday night.
“Dillian is a very strong guy it was a very hard sparring session. I left feeling perfect and I’m here ready to fight.
“I think this is my chance, I will use it and show the world who I am and how well I can box.”

Nick Webb – Surrey, England – 16-2, 12 KOs – fighting Erik Pfeifer for the IBO International Heavyweight Title:

“It’s a great stage, thanks to Matchroom to getting me on there and I look forward to fighting Erik there on Saturday.
“He’s [Erik] a great challenge, a great name who was a really good amateur. This is a great place to showcase my skills and I can’t wait.
“This is a must win, there’s no other option – I’m winning and that’s that.” 

Youssef Khoumari – Wembley, England – 11-0-1, 4 KOs – fighting Kane Baker in a ten-round Super-Featherweight contest:

“I’m ready to go, I’d like to thank Dillian Whyte and Eddie Hearn for the opportunity. I’ve had a good, long camp, everything’s gone perfect and I’m looking forward to a smoky Saturday.
“A lot of guys turn pro looking to be a part of events like this. I’m so privileged to be a part of an event his big and I’m going to grab it with both hands-on Saturday night.
“Dillian likes to say maximum violence all the time so on Saturday they can expect maximum violence from me.
“It’s going to be a very fan friendly fight, both of our styles match. He likes to throw a lot of punches, I like to throw a lot of punches, we’re going to meet in the middle and it’s going to be a fantastic war for the fans. 

Kane Baker – Birmingham, England – 14-7 – fighting Youssef Khoumari in a ten-round Super-Featherweight contest:

“I’m feeling comfortable in these events 100%, but I’ll always be a boxing fan with a licence I can’t take that away. I can’t thank Matchroom enough for the year you’ve given me, I’m going to repay everybody on Saturday night with an explosive performance.
“Winner stays on, that’s given me a kick that I needed. Saturday I’ll win again, I just want to fight in your garden Eddie. I’m not worried about titles; I just want to win this Saturday and fight in your garden.

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to get the win Saturday night. I’m going to be in his face throwing punches all night.”
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‘The Body Snatcher’ ready for “must-win” Povetkin rematch
Dillian Whyte says his must-win rematch with Alexander Povetkin for the Interim WBC Heavyweight World Title at the Europa Point Sports Complex in Gibraltar on Saturday March 27, shown live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and on DAZN in all other markets excluding the UK and Ireland, is the biggest fight of his career to date. 

‘The Body Snatcher’ (27-2, 18 KOs) has a chance to exact revenge over Russia’s Povetkin (36-2-1, 25 KOs) following his shock defeat to the former World Champion in the final weekend of Matchroom Fight Camp in Essex last August. 

Brixton’s Whyte has been forced to wait patiently for his rematch with Povetkin, the two were set to meet in November but the Olympic Champion tested positive for coronavirus ahead of that date and it had to be postponed. 

Their second clash was then supposed to usher in the new year of boxing but, at the start of January, the sport was suspended amid the growing coronavirus cases in the UK, but the 32-year-old says the delays have given him more time to make the necessary adjustments in order to get the win this weekend. 

“This time I’ll beat him, and we’ll see what people are going to say.” said Whyte. “One, two or three losses means nothing to a Heavyweight nowadays. If you fight good fighters, the main thing is you can come back. This is a must-win fight for me, but I’m not a guy that worries about pressure. I just smile and take it in my stride. 

“I was a fighter a long time before I was a boxer. I’ve been knocking people out for a long time. I carry a lot of power in both hands. Povetkin is a very cagey guy and an experienced guy, a very patient guy. He’s a tough guy as well. Last time I didn’t land properly and he went down, but he showed resilience by getting up and then he stopped me. This time when I hit him he’ll stay down. 

“I’m a very adaptable kind of guy, I’ll do what I need to do to get the win. I don’t care if I’ve got to rough a guy up or outbox them. I’ll do whatever it takes for me to win. It’s the biggest fight of my career. I’m coming off a loss to the guy. The good thing is this is Heavyweight boxing. One fight changes everything.

“It’s a fight man. You don’t know how you’re going to feel on the day. You don’t know what’s going to happen and you don’t know how the other guy is going to come. As long as I’m able to adapt on the day, that’s all that matters.

“I don’t care if I have to throw two jabs and move or get in and throw power punches and rough him up. I’ll do whatever I have to do. I’m not worried about a career-best performance, I’m worried about getting the win. My mindset is I’ve got a job to do and I’ll do whatever I need to do to get it done.
“I’m still young and I’ve got loads of fights left in my career God willing. I can worry about looking good in another fight. This is about winning. When I touch him this time his whole body is going to vibrate, he’ll understand. I’m coming to do what I do best and that’s to inflict pain. If I’ve got to make it a dog fight then I’ll make it a dog fight. It will be a different story this time.”
Povetkin vs. Whyte 2 tops a huge night of action in Gibraltar, Bermondsey’s Ted Cheeseman (16-2-1, 9 KOs) meets Liverpool’s James Metcalf (21-0, 13 KOs) for the vacant British Super-Welterweight Title, Ipswich Heavyweight talent Fabio Wardley (10-0, 9 KOs) steps-up again against USA’s former World Title challenger Eric Molina (27-6, 19 KOs), Manchester Super-Featherweight Campbell Hatton – son of British fight legend Ricky Hatton – makes his professional debut against Jesus Ruiz, undefeated Welterweights Chris Kongo (12-0, 7 KOs) and Michael McKinson (19-0, 2 KOs) will collide for the WBO Global Title, Heavyweight contender Eric Pfeifer (7-0, 5 KOs) locks horns with Nick Webb (16-2, 12 KOs) and Wembley Super-Featherweight Youssef Khoumari ( 11-0-1, 4 KOs) faces Birmingham’s Kane Baker (14-7). 
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12 x 3 mins vacant WBO Cruiserweight World Title
(Hackney, England)                             (Walcz, Poland)

Lawrence Okolie crushed Krzysztof Glowacki to be crowned the new WBO Cruiserweight World Champion in just his sixteenth fight at The SSE Arena, Wembley, live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and on DAZN in the U.S. and more than 200 countries and territories.

Okolie unloaded a devastating finishing punch to drop Poland’s Glowacki heavily in the sixth round and referee Marcus McDonnell waved off the fight to confirm the coronation of Britain’s newest World Title holder.

The unbeaten 28-year-old from Hackney had emulated the likes of Tony Bellew, David Haye and Johnny Nelson, who previously held world crowns in the 200lb class,

“I don’t think it has sunk in yet,” said Okolie. “It’s nice hearing you say it. I’m happy. For me, it’s more of a relief. The potential has been there for over a year. I’m happy to get the victory. Now and forever, I’ll be a World Champion.

“I was just really focused on putting on a good performance. I’m physically very strong and punch hard. I’m very fit, so I can win on just those attributes at a certain level. I really focused on not rushing any shots because he’s very dangerous with counter shots and he’s very heavy-handed. His jabs were very solid, so I had to be very meticulous in keeping the distance. It was a good clean performance.

“All of the British former World Champions wishing me good fortune really touched me – shout out to them. From every run that I ever did, losing all of that weight, deciding to take a risk, having my parents support me financially when I couldn’t afford to get the bus down to the gym for training. To see it all pay off with a World Title is a dream come true – never give up. We can just go on from here. I need to keep pushing myself to prove myself as the best.”

10 x 3 mins International Super-Featherweight contest
JOE CORDINA MD10 (96-96, 98-93, 96-95) v FAROUKH KOURBANOV
(Cardiff, Wales)                                                 (Liege, Belgium)

Joe Cordina overcame Faroukh Kourbanov by majority decision on his long-awaited ring return. 

With one judge having declared the fight a draw, scores of 98-93 and 96-95 were enough to see Cordina register his 12th straight victory in the professional ranks.

Cordina showed his class in the first half of the Super-Featherweight fight before somewhat fading as he was forced to settle for the points win in his first fight since 2019.

“I didn’t think it was close at all,” said Cordina. “I think he nicked one or two rounds, maybe three. I was comfortable and I didn’t really get out of second gear. I let him work a couple of times throughout the rounds, maybe I shouldn’t have. I got a good valuable ten rounds out of that and it’s something to build on. I’ll put on a better performance in my next fight.

“It wasn’t about just going out there and trying to blow him out of there. We knew he was tough, that’s why we chose him. Both of his losses before me were to European Champions. He’s gone the distance a lot of times, we knew he was durable. We got the rounds under our belt and I felt I hurt him a couple of times. He was cute at times.

“I had 16 months out of the ring. He came to win and that’s what I wanted. The hand felt fine, I let it go a few times. I didn’t want to overdo it. Tony told me to let the shots flow so that’s what I did. I shouldn’t have any problems with my hand now. It’s time to build on that. If I want to be a World Champion, I have to get past people like Kourbanov. I didn’t really get out of second gear.”

10 x 3 mins WBA Intercontinental Super-Welterweight Title 
(Liverpool, England)                          (Sueca, Spain)

Anthony Fowler demolished Spain’s Jorge Fortea with a dramatic third-round knockout to retain his WBA Intercontinental Super-Welterweight Title. 

The Liverpudlian dropped Fortea with a stiff jab and then unloaded a huge right hand to floor the 30-year-old for the count.

“I surprised myself, I’m not going to lie,” said Fowler. “I thought it was going to go to points. I half play myself down. He just went 12 rounds with a Russian 18-0 killer, IBF No.1. I’m boxing at a much lower level. I’m the first one to admit that.

“I get a few trolls sometimes telling me that I’m boxing at English Title level and they’re right, it’s not my fault. I’m asking for these big fights. I haven’t been getting them. I’ve said to Eddie, ‘throw me in mate, let’s see what I’m made of’. Try and get me smashed and let’s see how I get on.

“He went down from a stiff jab which I was surprised about. I heard Shane say, ‘don’t rush it’, but I knew there was ten seconds left so I thought ‘f*ck it’. I had to throw one bomb at least, luckily enough it landed. He was actually better than I thought he was going to be.

“The first round was even and in the second round he caught me with a good shot. The jab was landing but he was quite tricky. I started throwing to his body to slow him down. The finish was nice, it was a nice straight hand. I was glad he stayed down; it could have been a long night that.

“I could have cried in that ring; it means that much to me. My coach genuinely believes in me more than me. I’ve got the power in both hands and I’ve got the ability. Me and Metcalf is an unbelievable fight. I know he wants it; I’ve heard him talking about it. The whole city would be buzzing. Put me in with Garcia and I’ll beat him too.”

6 x 2 mins International Featherweight contest
(Catford, England)                           (Aix-les-Bains, France)Catford Featherweight prospect Ellie Scotney added her second professional victory with a composed points win over France’s Mailys Gangloff.The 23-year-old gave glimpses of her talent, catching Gangloff with crisp combinations in a six-round points victory.“It was definitely a learning fight for me for sure,” said Scotney. “Normally in your second fight you’re going to box someone that’s not coming to win. She wasn’t an idiot; she’d had five fights. I learnt a lot from that and there’s a lot to build on. I’m thankful for that.

“She was very angry wasn’t she. She’s as tough as they come, and I think I’m going to benefit a lot from it. It’ll give me a kick up the backside. I’ve got a lot more work to put in, which I love doing. I’ve got a long way to go.

“It was my birthday this week, I’ve just turned 23, I want to push on and I know I’ve got it in me. Now it’s time to start delivering. Women’s boxing is going from strength to strength. Hopefully I can get on the undercard of one of the big ones in May.”

10 x 3 mins vacant WBA Continental Cruiserweight Title
CHRIS BILLAM-SMITH WUD10 (99-90, 99-90, 97-93) v VASIL DUCAR 
(Bournemouth, England)                                                 (Brno, Czech Republic)

Chris Billam-Smith dropped Vasil Ducar twice during a hard-fought points victory that saw him claim the vacant WBA Continental Cruiserweight Title and progress to 12-1 (10 KOs).

The Bournemouth contender, trained by Shane McGuigan, floored Ducar with a right hand in the fourth round, then sent him back to the canvas with a body shot.

But the Czech 31-year-old fired back with clubbing shots as Billam-Smith was made to work for a unanimous decision.

“I felt comfortable in there at all times, even when he had his little spurts,” said Smith. “It was really good for me. I thought I was going to become the first man to stop him. I had him down a couple of times, but he was a tough tough man. If I was going to rate it out of ten, I’d probably give myself a 6.5 or 7 out of ten.

“I’ve got plenty to work on in the gym and I can improve a lot. The main thing was getting the win. I got that and I’m happy. I hit him with a great body shot, I felt it really sink in, and then I dropped him to the head as well. He was dipping and I was trying to hit him just over the top of his gloves. Those Czechs are tough and all respect to him.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get the stoppage, but the main important thing was the win. I switched off a couple of times during the fight because I felt very comfortable. I let my hands get leaky probably two or three times during the fight and he clipped me, but I wasn’t buzzed or hurt at all. I saw everything coming so you can always take something out of the shots.

“I’ve definitely got improvements to make. That was my 13th fight and I’m always about improving every day in the ring. I’m very grateful to have such great stablemates and such a great coach. I’d love to get the Tommy McCarthy fight as soon as possible.”

6 x 2 mins Featherweight contest
(Bethnal Green, England via Somalia)     (Swindon, England)

Bethnal Green Featherweight Ramla Ali dominated Bec Connolly over six rounds, winning 60-55 on the referee’s scorecard to move to 2-0.

The Somalia-born boxer displayed her classy ring skills from the opening bell, nearly stopping Connolly with a sustained attack in the third round before completing another one-sided points win. 

“Apart from the shiner on my face I’m very satisfied,” Ali told Matchroom. “Regardless of what the scales said, I gave away about half a stone. I weighed-in in like two pairs of jogging bottoms just so I could match the weight. I felt the weight difference for sure, but I tried to not let her use her weight advantage against me.

“I tried to maintain the centre of the ring as much as possible, which I did. I’m really satisfied with how I performed. She’s tough but I got it done. Jobi always says you can’t beat the feet – and he’s right! I was always moving off from the double jab. We work a lot on footwork, and I feel like I did really well with my footwork.

“She was the one calling me out saying that she wanted to fight me. Don’t then turn around and complain that you’ve had short notice. You’re a professional, if I was calling someone out, I’d be ready any time. She said she had a couple of days’ notice. I don’t know what to say about that really.

“Everyone is nervous before getting in the ring because it means so much to you. You want to prove yourself and you want to show all of your friends and family that are watching at home that you’re worthy of watching. You want to put on a good performance and have a good fight. The moment that bell went all of the nerves went and I was razor focused on getting the job done. The Olympic dream is still alive and I’m still hopeful to go, and hopeful to compete. I’m still hoping to progress in my professional career.”

8 x 3 mins Middleweight contest
(Stretford, England)                 (Bournemouth, England)

Stretford’s Bradley Rea maintained his unbeaten record by stopping Lee Cutler inside the opening round to move to 10-0, (4 KOs) in the first fight of the night. 

With Ricky Hatton in his corner, the 23-year-old Middleweight prospect flew out of the blocks, unloading punishing shots on his opponent from Bournemouth.

The Steve Wood-managed youngster had been out of the ring for over a year due to the pandemic but showed no signs of ring rust as he put Cutler down three times before the referee waved off the contest. 

“I’m over the moon,” Rea told Matchroom afterwards. “It has been a long time coming. It was a long camp; it’s been 12 months. I’ve been wanting to box on shows like this my whole life. Hopefully I can get on these shows a bit more regularly after that performance.

“Prior to this I’ve only had three stoppages, so I think he thought I wasn’t going to hit hard. It’s something that we’ve been working on, planting my feet. I’ve been working on a bit of strength and conditioning stuff while we’ve had this year off. It has been quite beneficial to me I think. I’m feeling strong at the moment,

“I had a great camp. I’ve been hurting people in camp. I knew if I landed cleanly, I’d hurt him. I’m in no rush, I’m still only 23. I want to be in fights like this. In the build-up to this fight I’ve had that fear factor that I’ve not had in my previous fights. I knew that if I wasn’t on my game I would have lost tonight. Lee is a good kid. I just found gears that I didn’t know that I had. Hopefully in fights to come I’ll find even more.”
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Taylor vs. Jonas and Bivol vs. Richards land on World Title double-header
Derek Chisora and Joseph Parker will collide in a huge Heavyweight clash on a blockbuster night of action that sees Irish star Katie Taylor defend her Undisputed Lightweight crown against former amateur rival Natasha Jonas and undefeated WBA Light-Heavyweight World Champion Dmitry Bivol put his Title on the line against Craig Richards, as well as the return of Chris Eubank Jr, live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and on DAZN in all markets excluding the UK, Ireland, China, New Zealand and Samoa.

Former World Title challenger Chisora (32-10, 23 KOs) was last seen pushing Ukraine’s pound-for-pound star Oleksandr Usyk all of the way in their 12-round battle for the WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight Title at The SSE Arena, Wembley last October, and the fan favourite is chomping at the bit for his next challenge.
A meeting between the pair scheduled for October 2019 fell through at three-and-a-half weeks’ notice when Parker’s team revealed he was suffering from the aftereffects of a spider bite. Chisora, who was unconvinced with Team Parker’s reasons for pulling out in 2019, has labelled Parker a ‘chicken’ in recent weeks and says he has unfinished business with the Heavyweight contender. 
Former WBO World Champion Parker (28-2, 21 KOs) is fresh off a hard-fought 12-round decision over long-time amateur nemesis Junior Fa at Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand last month that settled an 11-year old rivalry with his compatriot, a win that he hopes will kickstart his route back to the top of the Heavyweight division. 
Ranked at No.3 with the WBO, New Zealand’s Parker is well known on these shores having defended his WBO Title against Hughie Fury at Manchester Arena in September 2017, before taking unified ruler Anthony Joshua the distance at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff in March 2018. His last appearance in the UK came against Dillian Whyte in a dramatic points loss in July 2018.
“We’ve been here before, in 2019 I flew to Vegas to film the ‘Face To Face’ with Parker, I called Haye as soon as I left and told him, ‘This guy isn’t going to get in the ring with me’, I could see the fear in his eyes,” said Chisora. “Now, second time around I hope he fights, I’m looking forward to the fight, I cannot wait to get back in the ring! I love fighting, it is what I love the most. Good luck to Joseph Parker and his new team, we shall see you for WAR on May 1st!”
“I’m excited to start this new chapter in my career with a new coach and some fresh ideas,” said Parker. “I’ve settled in and Andy and I are bonding well. Chisora and I have unfinished business and inside the ring one of us will get the job done. I am well aware that a win on British soil and on world-wide television will put me in pole position whereas a loss will be catastrophic.  I am more than up for the challenge. Bring it on Del Boy.”
Taylor (17-0, 6 KOs) defeated Jonas (9-1-1, 7 KOs) in the quarter-final stages of the London 2012 Olympic Games on route to capturing Ireland’s first gold medal of the summer. The pair will meet again nearly ten years down the line with Taylor’s WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO and Ring Magazine Lightweight World Titles on the line. 
Since their first meeting in the amateurs, Taylor has gone on to cement herself as the best female fighter on the planet by winning World Titles in the Lightweight and Super-Lightweight divisions and remaining undefeated in all 17 of her professional contests. ‘KT’ was last seen outclassing her WBA Mandatory Challenger Miriam Gutierrez with a masterful display in November. 
‘Miss GB’ came agonisingly close to winning her first World Title at the age of 36 last summer when she battled to a thrilling draw with WBC and IBO Super-Featherweight Champion Terri Harper at Matchroom Fight Camp. It was the first time that two British women had competed against each other for a Word Title, and the all-action fight more than lived up to the occasion. 
“Natasha proved in her last fight that she is still performing at the highest level so it’s a great challenge for me and I’m really looking forward to it,” said Taylor. “It’s a fight that people have been asking for and those are the type of fights you want to be part of.

“People still talk about our fight in the 2012 Olympics and I think that proved to be a real eye opener for people in terms of what women’s boxing is all about. I’m expecting another tough fight on May 1st and I’m looking forward to successfully defending my Titles.”
“I’m really excited about getting the fight, I made a lot of noise about not wanting to go down in level or class after establishing myself on the world stage in my last fight,” said Jonas. “I know Katie is a different type of animal to Terri Harper, but I believe every time I’m asked to step up, I do. I said I wanted to be a champion and anybody at 130 to 140 was in my sights, I know I’m a world class boxer and I can win a World Title. 
“From the minute Eddie signed me this fight has been on the cards. Me and Katie had a great story from the Olympics, and we have both been pioneers in our own way. I’m glad that it’s happening and it’s a great fight for women’s boxing and for British and Irish boxing.”
Russia’s Bivol (17-0, 11 KOs) is regarded as one of the best technical boxers in the sport, mixing his dazzling skills with KO power. The 30-year-old was elevated to full WBA 175lbs World Champion from interim champion ahead of his 12th pro fight with Trent Broadhurst in Monte Carlo in November 2017 and celebrated with a devasting one-punch KO in the first round.  Bivol has subsequently defended his crown five times, but has been away from the ring since October 2019 when he widely outpointed Lenin Castillo at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago.
Richards (16-1-1, 9 KOs) delivered a Fight of the Year contender last time out in December against fierce rival Shakan Pitters as he stopped the Birmingham man in nine rounds to earn the British Light-Heavyweight crown. ‘Spider’ is ranked at No.8 in the WBA world rankings and has earned his shot by remaining undefeated since sole career loss against former World Title challenger Frank Buglioni in October 2017.
“I have been out of the ring for a year and a half and I have sorely missed boxing,” said Bivol. “I can’t wait to step through the ropes for my next fight on May 1st. I have always wanted to fight in the UK and I’m happy to tick that box. Craig Richards is a fast and technical boxer and I’m expecting a great fight as I make another defence of my World Title.”
“I feel good and I feel very confident,” said Richards. “I know that he’s renowned as one of the best fighters out there, but I just believe that I’ve got the tools to beat him and I’m very confident in my abilities. I know I’ve got power as well, and I’ve got a very good chin. We’ve been planning for everything and anything.

“We know he’s been operating at world level for a long time and can bring different things to the table. I raise the level of my performance against my better opponents. The bigger the fight the better I perform. A fight like Bivol will allow me to go through my gears to show what I’m really about.”
Having previously campaigned at Super-Middleweight, Eubank Jr (29-2, 22 KOs) returned to the Middleweight division to claim the WBA Interim Middleweight World Title for the second time with a TKO win over former World Title challenger in December 2019, while making his US debut at the Barclays Centre in New York. In what will be his first fight back in the UK in over two years, the Brighton man faces Manchester’s Marcus Morrison (23-3, 16 KOs), who is enjoying a seven-fight winning streak that stretches back to June 2018.

“This is a good fight for me,” said Eubank Jr.  “Since signing with Sauerland my camp has been firing on all cylinders, I’ve been training with Roy in Miami and focussing on improving my game. I have the absolute best people around me, I have everything I need to push on to that next level and dominate the Middleweight scene.

“People have a lot to say about me and my career. There’s talks about why fights haven’t happened previously, but all I’ve been doing is focussing on number one, training hard and making sure I’m always ready. I’m now in the best place I can be and I’m ready to take what is mine.”

“I’m well aware that this is a massive opportunity and fight for me and my career,” said Morrison. “I got into boxing at the age of 7, and these are the type of fights I’ve always wanted to be involved in. Chris is a very good fighter, and I know what he brings to the table. I honestly believe the best version of me is still to be seen, and I look forward to showing it on the night. I can’t afford to not leave everything in there on May 1.”
“This is one of the strongest shows we’ve promoted and there is still even more to come,” said promoter Eddie Hearn. “Chisora vs. Parker is a brilliant style match up that has been brewing for years and Taylor vs. Jonas is one of the biggest fights in women’s boxing. The Eubanks are always box office and it’s a massive chance for Marcus Morrison after his brilliant win in Italy. Craig Richards goes for World Title glory against the brilliant Russian Dmitry Bivol and there are further announcements to follow. Buckle up and enjoy this one!”
WAR Chisora realises this is a massive opportunity to gate-crash the Heavyweight division,” said David Haye of Hayemaker Promotions. “He has come close, in his last battle against unified Cruiserweight World Champion and No.1 ranked Heavyweight Usyk, two of the judges’ score cards had it 7 rounds to 5 –  winning just one more round would have captured a draw and Derek would have retained his WBO International Title that night. Since, he has been working, living the life of a professional. Derek doesn’t simply want to beat Joseph Parker, he wants to make a statement to the world. This is his time.”
“There’s definitely unfinished business between Parker and Chisora,” said David Higgins, Founder and Director of DUCO Events. “I think the fight will be a real fan pleaser. It could be the Heavyweight Fight of the Year. You’ve got Chisora who likes to stand and trade and come forward, and then you’ve got Parker who has the speed and the pedigree. This fight has got a bit of history and it has been building for a while. It’s fantastic that it’s finally happening. This is a proper 50-50 matchup where the winner could go on to a World Title shot and the loser will go to the scrapheap. Credit to both Parker and Chisora for putting it all on the line.”
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Arlington, TX to host unified World Super-Middleweight unification on May 8
Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders will clash in front of over 60,000 fans in a World Super-Middleweight title unification blockbuster at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Saturday May 8, live worldwide on DAZN. Pre-sales for the blockbuster fight will start on Tuesday March 23 with general sale beginning on Friday March 26 at 
Mexican superstar Canelo puts his WBC, WBA Super and Ring Magazine titles on the line at the Home of the Dallas Cowboys on Cinco de Mayo weekend, as British favorite Saunders brings his WBO strap across the pond and looks to extend his unbeaten pro record against the pound-for-pound king in front of the biggest sporting crowd for over a year in the US.
“We are proud to host a boxing match of this magnitude as we welcome back Canelo Alvarez to AT&T Stadium to take on Billy Joe Saunders,” said Dallas Cowboys Owner, President and General Manager Jerry Jones. “AT&T Stadium was built to house the greatest sporting events on the planet, and we feel we have another incredible boxing event on the horizon with this matchup taking place in Arlington on May 8th.”
Saunders is the fourth Briton to face the Mexican star and the second to do so at AT&T Stadium, after Canelo defeated Liam Smith there in September 2016. May 8 will also be the fifth stadium show for Canelo in the Lone Star state having fought twice at the Alamodome in San Antonio and at Minute Maid Park, Home of the Houston Astros.
“It’s an absolute honor to bring this huge event to the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on May 8,” said Eddie Hearn, Managing Director of Matchroom Sport. “Last year Canelo missed out on his historic Cinco De Mayo fight, and to bring over 60,000 fans together at this iconic stadium this year is a dream come true.
“This fight is the biggest of 2021 so far with Canelo looking to unify the division once more against undefeated two-weight World champion Billy Joe Saunders. We want to thank Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T Stadium for their efforts to bring this global event to their stunning facility and we look forward to giving the fans a momentous occasion and a Cinco de Mayo celebration they will never forget.”
“For 2021’s biggest boxing event to date, it’s hard to imagine a better place than AT&T Stadium,” said DAZN EVP Joseph Markowski. “We look forward to delivering a world-class event from this world-class venue to DAZN subscribers across the globe.”
Tickets go on pre-sale on Tuesday March 23 from 10am CT, with tickets starting from just $40 (plus fees. Pre-sale ends at 10pm CT on Thursday March 25, and tickets then go on general sale at 10am CT on Friday March 26 at
About AT&T Stadium:
AT&T Stadium is one of the largest, most technologically advanced entertainment venues in the world.  Designed by HKS and built by Manhattan Construction, the $1.2 billion stadium features two monumental arches, the world’s largest HDTV video board cluster, an expansive retractable roof and the largest retractable end zone doors in the world.  Features of the stadium include seating for 80,000 and expandability for up to 100,000, over 300 luxury suites, club seating on multiple levels and the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop, open to the public year-round.  The stadium is also home to a world-class collection of contemporary art, made up of over 50 pieces from an international array of curated artists displayed on the walls and in the grand public spaces of the venue.  In addition to being the Home of the Dallas Cowboys since opening in 2009, the stadium has hosted Super Bowl XLV, the 2010 NBA All Star Game, the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship Game and the annual Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic. The venue has also played host to high school and college football, concerts, championship fights, international soccer matches, and other special events.  For more information, go to
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The ‘Silent Assassin’ meets European Champ on April 10
Savannah Marshall will make the first defence of her WBO Middleweight World Title against former World Champion Femke Hermans on Saturday April 10, live on Sky Sports in the UK and on DAZN in the U.S. and more than 200 countries and territories.

Marshall (9-0, 7 KOs) stopped Hannah Rankin in seven rounds to win the vacant WBO Title last October, the former amateur World Champion was a class above her Scottish rival from the opening bell and managed to go one better than her old foe Claressa Shields by ending the fight inside the distance.

Hermans (11-3, 4 KOs), another former opponent of Shields, took the American star the distance in a challenge for her WBC, WBA and IBF Middleweight crowns in December 2018, before falling short in a challenge for the IBF Super-Middleweight Title against Elin Cederroos four months later. 

She won the vacant WBO Super-Middleweight World Title by outpointing Nikki Adler on away territory in Germany back in May 2018, and will be hoping to cause another upset when she locks horns with Hartlepool’s Marshall. 

The 31-year-old from Londerzeel in Belgium picked up the vacant EBU European Middleweight Title with a unanimous decision against Russia’s Luiza Davydoza in December and her latest World Title challenge will be the first time that she has fought in the UK.

“I’m really happy and I can’t wait for fight night in three weeks’ time,” said Marshall. “I’m very aware of Femke Hermans, a very good fighter. She’s been in with the best, she’s a former WBO World Champion, so I’m sure she’s going to try and get her belt back.

“I know she’s no pushover and I’m looking forward to getting in there. For me, this is probably my toughest test to date. The reigning European Champion. She lost out on a close decision to the World Super-Middleweight Champion, so I know it’s going to be a tough fight. 

“I never go into a fight thinking I’m going to stop someone but I know if I land, whoever I land on, I will hurt them. I’m just looking forward to putting on a good display and showcasing my skills.”

Marshall vs. Hermans is part of a big night of action on April 10, rising Welterweight star Conor Benn (17-0, 11 KOs) defends his WBA Continental Title against Samuel Vargas (31-6-2, 14 KOs) in the main event, Watford’s Shannon Courtenay (6-1, 3 KOs) faces Australia’s Ebanie Bridges (5-0, 2 KOs) for the vacant WBA Bantamweight World Title, Glasgow Bantamweight Kash Farooq (14-1, 6 KOs) returns after his masterclass win over Angel Aviles and Takeley Super-Middleweight John ‘The Gentleman’ Hedges (1-0) looks to build on his pro debut win last October, with more fights to be added soon.
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Rumble in Dar 2 Rescheduled To 9th April as Tanzania Observes 14 Days of Mourning for President John Magufuli

Rumble In Dar series co-promoters The Jackson Group, Global Boxing Stars and Epic Sports and Entertainment, today announced that the Second Edition of the series, that was due to take place at the Next Door Arena on March 26th, has been rescheduled to April 9th following the passing of President John Magufuli on Wednesday.

“Following the passing of President Magufuli, we have decided to to reschedule the March 26th event so that we and the people of Tanzania can show our respect and observe fourteen days of National Mourning.

“Rumble in Dar, the Second Edition will now take place on Friday 9th April 2021.” Said Kelvin Twissa, Director and Founder of the Jackson Group.

The headline fight on second edition of the Rumble in Dar series sees Tanzania’s Hassan Mwakinyo (18-2-0) in action against Zimbabwean Brendon Denes of Zimbabwe (8-0-0) for the the vacant WBC Africa (WBC-ABU) Super Welterweight Championship.

The co-main event pits Nigerian Olanrewaju Durodora (34-0-8) against Tanzania’s Shaban Jongo (8-1-2) for the WBC Africa (WBC-ABU) championship.

Eight further international contests, featuring fighters from around Africa as well as Ukraine and Bulgaria support the two championship contests. 

The event will be broadcast live across Sub-Saharan Africa exclusively by Plus TV, which is available exclusively on DSTV channel number 294 in more than 30 African countries as well as syndicated globally to linear and digital channels (check local channel listings) and on-line at FITE TV.


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Plus TV To Broadcast Mwakinyo Vs Denes WBC/ABU Title Fight Across Africa on 26th March.

The Jackson Group, Global Boxing Stars and Epic Sports and Entertainment, the co-promoters of the Rumble in Dar series, in association with the Tanzania Tourist Board #VisitTanzania, KCB Bank, Onomo Hotels, Urban Soul Apparel (Botswana) and M Bet, today announced that Plus TV (DSTV channel #294) is to broadcast the second edition of the series exclusively across Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We are very excited to partner up with the Rumble in Dar series co-promoters the Jackson Group, Global Boxing Stars and Epic Sports and Entertainment as well as DSTV Multi-Choice Tanzania and KCB to bring the Rumble In Dar second edition to our esteemed viewers in and across Africa. 

“We are proud to take boxing to global stage through this partnership. Plus TV is available exclusively on DSTV channel number 294 to more than 30 African countries. 

“We urge our viewers to tune in on the day of the event from exactly 8pm to enjoy this unforgettable event.” Said Ramadhan Bukini, Operations Director at Plus TV

Back in January boxing fans around the world were enthralled by an incredible evening of boxing featuring world stars such as Bulgaria’s Tervel Pulev and American Shawn Miller amongst others, that concluded with Tanzania’s very own Ibrahim Class securing the World Boxing Federation (WBF) intercontinental championship after a 12 round Battle Royale with seriously tough South Africa based Malawian Dennis Mwale.

The second edition of the Rumble in Dar series, as with the first, has a closely matched international card that features two World Boxing Council African Boxing Union (WBC-ABU) Championship contests.

The main event sees Tanzania’s Hassan Mwakinyo (18-2-0) in action against Zimbabwean Brendon Denes of Zimbabwe (8-0-0) for the the vacant WBC Africa (WBC-ABU) Super Welterweight Championship.

The co-main event pits Nigerian Olanrewaju Durodora (34-0-8) against Tanzania’s Shaban Jongo (8-1-2) for the WBC Africa (WBC-ABU) championship.

The stellar undercard features closely matched international fights:

8 Round Heavyweight Contest:  Switzerland based Kenyan Collins Omondi (5-0-0) versus Zimbabwe’s Elvis Moyo (9-6-2)

6 Round Heavyweight Contest: Ukraine’s Ihor Shavadzutskyi (5-0-0) versus Uganda’s Shafik Kiwanuka (3-0-0)

8 Round Lightweight Contest: Tanzania’s Ibrahim Class (25-6-0) versus TBA

8 Round Super Welterweight Contest: Bulgaria’s Yosif Panov (18-3-0) versus Tanzania’s Nicolaus Mdoe (10-5-1)

4 Round Heavyweight Contest: Bulgaria’s Pencho Tsevtkov (4-0-0) versus Zimbabwe’s Simon Madhanire (1-2-1)

8 Round Super Welterweight Contest: Zambia’s Lolita Muzeya (16-0-0) versus TBA

4 Round Lightweight Contest: Bulgaria’s Joana Nwamerue (3-0-0) versus Zimbabwe’s Netsai Vaina Bondayi (2-3-1)

6 Round Heavyweight Contest: South Africa’s Ardi Ndembo (2-0-0) versus Malawi’s Alick Gogodo (4-5-0)

The second edition of the Rumble in Dar series, in association with the Tanzania Tourist Board #VisitTanzania, KCB Bank, Onomo Hotels, Urban Soul Apparel (Botswana) and M Bet, will be broadcast live across Sub-Saharan Africa exclusively by Plus TV, which is available exclusively on DSTV channel number 294 in more than 30 African countries as well as syndicated globally to linear and digital channels (check local channel listings) and on-line at FITE TV.


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