McAllister KOs Djarbeng to Finally Add a WBO Title To His Collection of Championship Accolades

Photographs courtesy of Alistair Campbell

Six time, Five Division World Champion Lee McAllister not only successfully defended the Professional Boxing Council (PBC) Intercontinental title he secured in Accra, Ghana back in March this year, but also added the vacant World Boxing Organization (WBO) Africa Zone Championship belt to his huge collection, following a fourth knockout of Ghanaian Richmond Djarbeng on the LET BATTLE COMMENCE IV event that took place at the Northern Hotel in Aberdeen on Saturday 29th May 2021.

Fifty lucky fans were ringside to watch the UK’s most decorated boxer in action, as LET BATTLE COMMENCE IV was the first boxing ‘test’ event in Scotland, which hopefully will lead to more fans, preferably up to full capacity, being able to attend boxing events from next month as the pandemic restrictions are relaxed further.

Millions more tuned in to watch the live and free to view the Globally broadcast event on FITE, VIVA LIVE, PPV LIVE  as well as the numerous digital and linear channels that also carried the live broadcast.

There wasn’t that much action initially in the first round, so much so that world renowned Championship Referee Roger Barnor stepped in and ‘encouraged’ the protagonists to stop tentatively testing and throw some real punches in anger, which they did in style during the dying seconds of the round.

The first minute of the second stanza contained more action than the entire first round, albeit much of it being testing shots, well that is until around mid-point when McAllister burst into action, letting rip with a succession of blistering shots to send Djarbeng down to the canvas.

Have to say I was mightily surprised that Djarbeng was able to beat the count, but he did, and on the restart the ‘Aberdeen Assassin’ calmly strode over and let rip another flurry of scintillating powerful Exocets to body and head to send the Ghanaian to the deck for a second and surely final time – but no, much to everyone’s surprise Djarbeng, who was clearly in a lot of pain, once again managed to make it to his feet before Roger Barnor finished the count.

On the restart once again McAllister went on the attack, yet somehow Djarbeng managed to survive the onslaught and even let rip with some shots of his own.

Round three was an edgy affair, with both fighters working off their jabs, Djarbeng proved to be quite durable, I for one was surprised when he shrugged off some seriously vicious shots to the head as the round progressed.

The fourth was by far the best round so far, action wise, and once again the Ghanaian showed just how tough he was as once again he survived some seriously powerful shots, to both body and head, that clearly hurt him. 

As the round progressed McAllister landed more big shots, after which Djarbeng would grab hold of the increasingly aggressive McAllister. This tactic didn’t do the Ghanaian many favours as the Aberdeen Assassin just kept letting rip and the inevitable happened, Djarbeng crashed to the deck for a third time following a huge right-left combination to the head, this time though Djarbeng just couldn’t rise to his feet and was clearly in a lot of pain. Referee Roger Barnor waived the fight off with just twelve seconds of the round remaining.

WBO Africa’s Samir Captan presented both Championship belts as PBC President Russell Jaques was busy co-commentating alongside Sportanarium Radio’s Trevor Lake. 

Preceding McAllister-Djarbeng was a fantastic lightweight contest between Denny’s Kevin Traynor and Tilbury Village’s debuting Jay Cartwright, who stepped in with just a day notice after Traynor’s original opponent Nicaraguan Jose Aguilar failed to gain entry into the UK after flying in from Spain.

The first round was phenomenal, it was all action with both protagonists giving everything for virtually every second of the round. I couldn’t split them and neither could referee Roger Barnor.

Round two was another full on war, boy oh boy did these warriors go for it!  However the pace had a seriously detrimental affect on Cartwright, he was out on his feet as he headed back to his corner at the end of the round, so much so that his corner summoned over Roger Barnor and retired his charge in the corner.

Plaudits to Jay Cartwright, he was expecting to be making his professional debut in Colchester on the 31st July 2021, yet bravely agreed to take the fight at very short notice, even though he had not had any time to prepare fully for this contest.  

The third bout of the evening see Aberdeen’s Nathan Beattie in action against another late replacement, Belfast’s Marty Kayes who stepped in when Nicaraguan Christian Narvaez, who like Aguilar was refused entry to the UK after flying in from Spain as a replacement for original opponent Dundalk’s Michael Kelly.

At this point I think I should mention that it was Kayes’ wedding anniversary the following day and somehow got his wife Julia’s permission to cancel their planned evening out to take the fight, I think that may just set the scene perfectly.

Kayes was clearly in the mood for a good scrap, right from the opening bell of the contest he took control of centre ring and just kept forcing  Beattie onto the back foot before letting rip with shot after shot. 

It really wasn’t that much different in the second, don’t get me wrong Beattie landed the best shots by far in each round, just not enough of them to secure either of the rounds.

Beattie started to get more proactive in the third and again landed the most telling shots, but still it was the Irishman that was dictating the proceedings, the same in the fourth and final round.

At the end of four action packed rounds Nate Dog’s fans were clearly expecting their hero to secure the win or at worse a draw, but when Referee Lee Murtagh’s scorecards were announced they fell into a stunned silence as they declared a 40-38 points victory in favour of Marty Kayes

The second fight of the night pitted Aberdeen’s Craig Dick (2-0-0) against Essex based Lithuanian hard-man Tomas Vaicickas (1-2-0) in a four round Heavyweight contest.

Dick is a renowned heavy hitter and Vaicickas is extremely durable, so nobody could or would have expected the contest to come to it’s conclusion after just 47 seconds, but it did, following Dick letting rip with a huge powerful hook to the body that sent the Lithuanian to the canvas just twenty seconds into the round. 

I was surprised when Vaicickas made the count and continued but not that surprised he was to return to the deck seconds later following another big hook to the ribs.

The opening contest featured local big hitting youngster Liam Allan in action against Belfast’s Darren Burns 

What a cracking opening round, both lads vying to control centre ring, some very tasty bombs were thrown by both protagonists, a cracking round to watch.

Both lads started the second stanza more cautiously, Burns was the first to throw a big shot, but Allan, who is remarkably agile for a big lad, moved just enough to prevent it landing, Allan then took to the front foot backing up Burns before letting rip with a huge right to send the Irishman to the canvas.

Burns made the count, but on the restart Allan moved in and let rip with a big left, followed by a left-right combination that rocked Burns, Allan continued the assault with another powerful left-right to send Burns down for the second time .

Again Burns made the count, this time Allan stepped in on the restart and let rip with a massive right to send the tough as nails Irishman down to the canvas where he ended doubled up, Referee Lee Murtagh was so concerned he immediately waived the fight off and summoned Burns’ corner and the medical team to the ring. 

I’m pleased to say the medical team wasn’t needed and the official time of the stoppage was one minute and fifty four seconds off the second round.

Have to say it was really great to be at an event with fans in attendance again, even though there was only fifty allowed, it may sound crazy but even though the fans were instructed by the authorities to stay seated and just offer polite clapping at the end of the fights, the atmosphere was so different from the ‘behind closed doors’ events that had preceded over the past year.

For reference, as I am sure a lot of people will be wondering how Lee Mcallister was eligible to compete for the WBO Africa region Championship, this was explained on the British & Irish Boxing Authority’s website on the result page, which states; It should be noted that Mr McAllister was eligible to compete for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Africa Championship due to his Ghana National Championship (and PBC Intercontinental Championship) victory over Collinson Korley on the 7th March 2021 in Accra, Ghana – it should also be noted Mr McAllister was eligible to compete for the Ghana National Championship as well as the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Africa Zone Championship due to family heritage.

Finally if you missed the live broadcast of LET BATTLE COMMENCE IV, you can still catch up as free to view replays are available on FITE at – or check listings for replays on your local TV listings or if in UK the entire event will be available on demand via Sports Channel Network (Channel 265 on Freeview.YouView) from next weekend.

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I Want To Prove To The World I Can Beat McAllister Says Djarbeng Ahead of 29th May Rematch – Live on FITE & VIVA LIVE

Back in October 2019 Aberdeen’s Lee McAllister and Accra, Ghana’s Richmond Djarbeng locked horns for the World Boxing Union (WBU) Super Welterweight World Crown, and it was the Aberdeen Assassin that held the WBU Championship belt aloft afterwards.

Earlier this year McAllister travelled to Ghana, where he fought and beat Collison Corley, much to the chagrin of Djarbeng, who clearly felt it should have been him, as the Ghanaian had been calling for a rematch ever since the 2019 defeat.

Djarbeng, who had been highly vocal about his performance back in 2019, said in a recent interview with GNA Sports;

“I am grateful for this opportunity to come and redeem myself and get the win I deserve.

“Since we fought I have won both my fights inside the distance.

“I broke my finger in the run-up to the last fight, I should not have fought, but did.

“He isn’t big enough or strong enough at the weight to beat me when I’m fully prepared to fight, and I am this time.

“He knows I’m too big and strong for him and I want to prove to the world I can beat him.”

Lee McAllister versus Richmond Djarbeng – The Rematch, will co-headline the globally broadcast LET BATTLE COMMENCE IV, in association with ACREO, Bounty Competitions, Empire Pro Tape and Go Sports & Entertainment, along with World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia Welterweight Champion Neeraj Goyat who will face Tackie Annan on the 29th May.

LET BATTLE COMMENCE IV, is the fourth instalment of the all action series that was developed to provide professional boxing competition created for TV during the global pandemic in 2020. 

Joining the much lauded duo McAllister and Goyat on the 29th May 2021 LET BATTLE COMMENCE IV are;

PBC/WBU International Super Lightweight Champion Nathan Beattie, who will go toe to toe with Dundalk, Ireland’s Michael Kelly,  rising unbeaten Featherweight prospect Kevin Traynor will face debuting Levi Lee, stylish unbeaten Heavyweight prospect Craig Dick takes on Tomas Vaicickas, local Heavyweight Liam Allan makes his second professional outing against Belfast’s Darren Burns and former amateur star Angelica Finch, whowill making her second pro outing, is pitted against Carly Mackenzie.

LET BATTLE COMMENCE IV, in association with ACREO, Bounty Competitions, Empire Pro Tape and Go Sports & Entertainment, is co-headlined by Lee McAllister versus Richmond Djabeng and Neeraj Goyat versus Tackie Annan will take place behind closed doors at the Northern Hotel, Aberdeen on the 29th May 2021 and will be broadcast live on FITE and VIVA LIVE TV as well as further linear and digital channels globally (please check local listings)


Twitter: @commencebattle

Facebook: @letbattlecommence2020

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Indian Star Neeraj Goyat, who was set to fight Amir Khan in 2019, makes his UK Debut in Aberdeen on 29th May – Live on FITE TV

WBC Asia Champion Neeraj Goyat Co-Headlines Let Battle Commence IV on the 29th May – Live on FITE TV

Six time, five division World Champion and Promoter Lee Mcallister announced that he and World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia Welterweight Champion Neeraj Goyat will co-headline LET BATTLE COMMENCE IV, that takes place on the 29th May 2021 and broadcast live on FITE TV, as well as further linear and digital channels globally.

Reigning WBC Asia Champion Goyat is probably the best known Indian boxer by fans of the pugilistic arts, following the announcement back in 2019 that he was to face Amir Khan in a mega fight in Saudi Arabia, unfortunately prior to the much anticipated showdown, Goyat was seriously injured in a car crash and had to pull out, Khan fought Australia’s Billy Dib

Goyat fully recovered from his injuries and immediately got back to winning ways, in his most recent contest, that took place at the Majestic Pride Ship, Panjim, India back in March this year Goyat knocked-out Sandeep Kumar after just 34 seconds of the fourth round.

On making the announcement McAllister said, “I’m a big fan of Neeraj. 

“We had planned to bring him to the UK back in 2019, but when the opportunity to fight Amir was put on the table I just tore up the contract. Fighting Amir on an internationally broadcast event was a huge opportunity for Neeraj and I wasn’t going to stand in the way.

“To say I was gutted the fight didn’t happen is an understatement as the fans world-wide would have seen just how talented Neeraj is.

“So here we are two years later and finally we are going to have Neeraj fight on one of our shows and unlike when we were originally bringing him over, now our events are televised, so finally fans worldwide will get to see just what an immense talent he is.”

In mid-March 2020, like all sporting events, Professional Boxing shows world-wide were cancelled, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

UK Government restrictions were relaxed in July 2020 so that sporting events could resume, however with the proviso that no spectators would be allowed to attend. With this in mind McAllister joined forces with the British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA) to create a series of Professional Boxing events that take place ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

The inaugural LET BATTLE COMMENCE event, that took place behind closed doors at the Northern Hotel in Aberdeen on Saturday 18th July 2020, was headlined by longtime WBO Featherweight King Scott Harrison versus PBC International Champion Paul Peers. The main support featured the professional debut of ten time Kickboxing World Champion Caitlin Foran.

LET BATTLE COMMENCE II, took place on Friday 4th September 2020 and was headlined by PBC & WBU International Champion Nathan Beattie versus UK based Nicaraguan Julio Bendana. The undercard featured no less than three female contests, including two of the UK’s top female amateur boxers, Hollie Towl and Eleanor Coulson, making their professional debuts, this event also took place behind closed doors in Aberdeen.

The third edition, LET BATTLE COMMENCE – THE LIONESSES, that takes place on Saturday 24th April 2021 is set to enter the record books as the first all Female professional boxing event to take place not only in the UK but also the first in Europe. 

Joining the much lauded duo McAllister and Goyat on the 29th May 2021 LET BATTLE COMMENCE IV are;

PBC/WBU International Super Lightweight Champion Nathan Beattie, rising unbeaten Super Featherweight prospect Kevin Traynor, stylish unbeaten Heavyweight prospect Craig Dick, unbeaten Middleweight prospect Adam Stewart, local Heavyweight Liam Allan makes his second professional outing, whilst Indian Featherweight Sukhdeep Singh makes his professional debut.

LET BATTLE COMMENCE IV co-headlined by Lee Mcallister and Neeraj Goyat will take place behind closed doors at the Northern Hotel, Aberdeen on the 29th May 2021 and will be broadcast live on FITE TV as well as further linear and digital channels globally (please check local listings)


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