Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:
“An incredible building here for an incredible fight, an incredible moment for the sport of boxing. April 30 the undisputed Lightweight Championship between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano – live on DAZN from Madison Square Garden.
“We all felt and hoped that this event would be a game changer, this event would iconic, historic and break the records. Last week for the pre-sale we recorded the second biggest pre-sale in the history of boxing in 140 years at Madison Square Garden.
“Of course, this is the biggest female fight of all time but it’s also one of the biggest fights in boxing, April 30 the world will stop to watch these two great fighters change the sport and take women’s boxing to a new level.”
Joseph Markowski, EVP, DAZN:
“I think this is a fight that transcends not only women’s boxing but potentially if we get this right to transcend the sport of boxing. The energy in New York last week, the tickets sales, the turnout from the media today, the reaction on social media, Jake’s involvement. There are so many ingredients to this that give it the potential to really cut through.
“When you have the opportunity with a boxing event to really cut through to mainstream sport, you want to give it your best shot, and we’re determined to do that. We’ve got a couple of months to do that with a fantastic group of people pushing it, we’re really excited about the opportunity we’ve got to celebrate women’s sport and go beyond the four walls of boxing.
“Eddie and I have been in the States last week and he’s been stopped in the streets to talk about this fight far more than you would do for a women’s boxing event. I think that we’re seeing that it’s cutting through, we’re confident when we look at your numbers, the numbers on social media, the numbers on the content we’ve already got.
“This is a fantastic opportunity to grow our subscription audience and drive a massive audience on DAZN in many countries around the world – notably here in the UK, Ireland and over the States. A huge opportunity and one we’re really excited about.” 
Nakisa Bidarian, co-founder of Most Valuable Promotions:
“This all started because of you [Eddie] and Joe when Jake made his debut on DAZN just two years ago. To think we’re here now with the biggest fight in women’s history, the biggest fight in boxing this year, is of course a credit to Eddie Hearn, Matchroom, DAZN, to Katie and Amanda, but also to my partner Jake Paul.
“Jake in little over two years have shaken combat sports upside down and is now sitting next to Eddie Hearn as co-promoter at age 25. There’s a guy on Boxxer that claims to be the youngest promoter in the UK, the youngest promoter in the UK is sitting on this stage right now and his name is promoter Paul.
“Jake and I have been very fortunate in our careers today, mine longer than his given I’m a lot older, we don’t need to be doing this, but we want to be doing this. This is a privilege, an honour, this is something that’s disrupting sports as a whole led by Jake, Katie and Amanda.”
Jake Paul, co-founder of Most Valuable Promotions, professional boxer and content creator:
“This is very serious, I’m just excited for April 30th first and foremost. People better get their tickets at MSG.com because otherwise they’ll be sitting in the nosebleed section the way these tickets are selling.
“I want to give these ladies a round of applause for what they’re doing, what most people in boxing aren’t doing, the pound-for-pound two best going at it. This is what boxing needs more of whether it’s male or female, they’re putting it all on the line for this fight which is what makes it big.
“This is unprecedented and more boxers across the sport should take notes from these two ladies, make the big fights happen if you’re one of the pound-for-pound best and tell your promoters you want these fights. That’s what these ladies did and that’s why we’re here.
“To me it doesn’t matter because I’m passionate about it, if people want to show me respect then cool, if not then cool. I’m still going to be doing my thing but like the hat says, all I want to do is bring more to this sport than I took from it – that’s what I want to do.
“I believe Amanda will win, stylistically. All credit to Katie Taylor she has an amazing career and is an amazing person, but stylistically the way Amanda comes forward and her body shots. We saw Katie Taylor have a little bit of trouble with that against Persoon and she was head hunting and not necessarily going towards the body. That’s what Amanda brings, a power puncher that comes forward, unlimited cardio, that’s why I’m excited about this. Obviously, it’s going to be a great fight, but I believe in Amanda.” 
Amanda Serrano, seven-weight World champion:
“I want to thank London for having me, it’s a beautiful city. The struggle has been real but I’m super happy and excited that I’ve finally get to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel with this fight with Katie Taylor. We’re making history and that’s what I want to do, I want to continue to open the doors for the new generation coming into the sport.
“I’m a woman for equality and we all talk about equality, on this table multiple times, we’re making history at the Garden being the first women to headline. We’re making the biggest payday for both of us, and I think we should just continue to make this iconic, make changes to this game and if Katie Taylor is willing and ready and able to make this an equal fight of 12 rounds of 3 minutes. If we want to make change, I think we should pave it right now on DAZN. This is all about equality and we should make the change right now.

“I understand that this fight is iconic but if we want to make a change for the future and get people to notice it, get these promoters to not talk badly about women, I think we need to take a stand.
“My plan is to fight smart, to be smart on April 30. I know I have all the tools to beat Katie Taylor, I just have to go out there and be smart – victory will be mine.
“I have everything, there’s no questioning my heart, my skills, my power and my chin. There’s nothing I think Katie Taylor has that will answer the questions that need to be answered. I have Latin blood and all the heart in the world.” 
Katie Taylor, undisputed World Lightweight champion:
“I don’t think changing to 12 3 minute rounds will make a difference, this event is already iconic the way it is. The fact the pre-sales are the second best in MSG history says it all really, this fight is more important than we realise, and this proves that the perceptions have changed already. Boxing is boxing regardless, and the fight is already iconic the way it is.
“I think we’re making a stand the way we’re actually fighting each other in the first place, the best fighting the best. This fight is going to determine the best pound-for-pound female fighter in the world so we’re already making a stand by taking this fight.
“This is the fight I’ve wanted from the get-go, ever since I turned pro, I had me sights set on Serrano. I’m just so excited the fight is happening now; I do genuinely believe this is the best fight and most exciting fight in boxing right now. The fact it’s headlining Madison Square Garden and the pre-sales were the second best in boxing history, means this fight is more important than we realise and proves that there is a strong appetite with the public for these big female fights.
“Not only are we breaking the ceiling for female purses, but we have actually changed perceptions of the sport and if our careers have only achieved that then all the hard days in the gym have been absolutely worth it.
“I’m obviously expecting the toughest fight of my career and I’m expecting that, I know that I won’t be found short on grit and heart, I know my mind can take me to places I have no right to go because I’ve been there before both in the gym and on big nights. The whole world has seen me do it, I don’t think anybody has ever asked the question has Katie got what it takes to go to that place and win the fight in the trenches, that question has been answered. I’m not sure that Amanda has answered that question yet and her legacy will depend on the answer to that question, and I guess we’ll find out April 30.” 
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Pound-for-pound stars meet for the first time ahead of historic showdown on April 30

Presale begins at 12noon ET on Thursday February 3, with tickets on general sale at 12noon ET on Friday February 4 – tickets start at $56 (plus fees) 

Years in the making, the biggest fight ever in women’s boxing between the pound-for-pound #1 and #2 fighters of the world is one that will not only make boxing history, but women’s sports history. MSG has hosted thousands of fights through its illustrious years, beginning more than a century ago on July 17, 1882; now, 140 years later, this matchup finally marks the very first time two female fighters are headlining a combat sports event at ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’.
Irish icon Taylor (20-0 6 KOs) puts all the Lightweight belts on the line for the sixth time since winning them in June 2019 in a war with Delfine Persoon and seeing off the Belgian in a rematch in England before repelling the challenges of Miriam Gutierrez, Natasha Jonas, Jennifer Han and Firuza Sharipova – and there’s added spice to the fight as Taylor holds a win over Amanda’s sister Cindy in Boston back in October 2018.
Puerto Rican sensation Serrano (42-1-1 30 KOs) already has an unrivalled legacy in the sport as a seven-weight World champion. The Brooklyn based champion enters the momentous bout in sparkling form after knocking out Daniela Bermudez last March, dominating Yamileth Mercado in August and overpowering Miriam Gutierrez in two separate cards co-starring Jake Paul. Amanda was the 2021 Female Fighter of the Year for DAZN, ESPN and WBC among others.
Taylor and Serrano came face-to-face at MSG today for the first time since the fight was announced, and had the following to say:

Katie Taylor – undisputed World Lightweight champion
“I’ve had my eyes on Amanda Serrano and this is a fight I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time now.
“This is history right here and all of our hard work is going to be paid off for at this time.
“I think that this fight is the most exciting fight in the sport, not just female boxing. This really is the best fight in boxing right now.
“We are both great champions, she has a great record and she’s a great fighter. We have seen the likes of McCaskill and others; but I want to be the best fighter.”
Amanda Serrano – seven-weight World champion
“No time is better than right now. Happy Women and Girls in Sports Day … Women, we are changing the sport. I am honored to share the ring with Katie Taylor.
“I have to thank my coach for not accepting the first couple fights. He knew what I was worth and now we are working with MVP.
“I don’t need to talk bad about any of my opponents. I do all of my talking inside the ring.
“13 years, I’ve been professional and every other day I have wanted to quit… never did I imagine making the money I have today. I mean, headlining MSG, like what?”
Eddie Hearn – chairman, Matchroom Sport
“Welcome to the iconic Madison Square Garden here in New York for the history making occasion, April 30 the undisputed women’s lightweight world championship here from the Mecca of boxing MSG. The first time in 140 years of boxing and combat sport history, two females headline here.
“This is going to be not just the biggest female fights of all time, but one of the biggest fights of all time. Katie Taylor is a huge draw in Ireland and the UK, Amanda here in the US, both women have headlined on major events around the world.  
“We expect to fill up the Garden completely, an unbelievable undercard being planned for April 30 already, two-division world champion Jessie Vargas will take on Liam Smith from Liverpool. The undisputed super-middleweight world championship between Crews-Dezurn and Cederroos also on the card, as well as many more to come. 
“Thank you to everyone for their support, this feels like an iconic moment for the sport in boxing, a moment that a lot of us have worked very hard towards. As Jake said earlier, to those great fighters that have come before them, for now we celebrate Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano who will make history here at Madison Square Garden on April 30.” 
Jake Paul – co-founder of Most Valuable Promotions, professional boxer and content creator
“What an honor to be here at the historic Madison Square Garden, I want to give a big thanks to Jim Dolan and the entire MSG team for making history with us – for real.
“Women have been boxing since the early 1900’s but it wasn’t until 1999 that they were able to compete professionally. 23 years later here we are with one of the biggest fights ever headlined by two women at Madison Square Garden.
“Today is about Amanda and Katie, the two best female boxers in the world right now, they deserve this stage, this historic payday and they deserve to settle who is the pound for pound best which is why I’m excited to see this fight.
“It’s also about Anne Wolf, Christine Martin, Leila Ali, Mia St. John and so many other legendary boxers that helped lay the foundations for the ladies to be sitting here today. It’s about Clarissa Shields, Mikaela Mayer, Alycia Baumgardner and other amazing professionals currently in the sport. Most of all it’s about the future young women and girls all around the world who will see April 30 as a moment that made the impossible, possible, equality as it’s meant to be.”
“It’s an honor to be here with Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Boxing, DAZN, MSG, we’re grateful to Katie Taylor and here team to commit to taking this fight. Of course, most of all we’re proud to stand with Amanda Serrano, the superstar, a woman who has dedicated her life to boxing. Now it’s time to start showing the commitment she has made and show the world how important women’s boxing is to people like bob Arum who misspoke earlier this week. He’s going to eat his words April 30 and see how impactful this fight, I’m excited to be here and let’s make history.
“I’m a fight fan, I fell in love with boxing and I’m passionate about boxing all the way around. When I met Amanda Serrano and I heard her story and how hard she’s worked, I see how hard she is trained, she’s getting paid pennies on the dollar and being taken advantage of from people in her career. She needed help and guidance, to be put on a pedestal – she’s a superstar.  I’m excited to be promotor Paul and we might be sitting next to each other a few more times in the future. I’ll always be involved in this sport and pushing to make boxing a better place.”
Joe Markowski – EVP, DAZN
“For us it’s an absolutely perfect event, you’ve got two top pound-for-pound women’s boxers in the world, for our UK and Irish business this is a huge opportunity and of course in the US as well. This is part of a really strong spring schedule that hopefully working with Matchroom and Golden Boy we’ll be able to add to in the coming weeks.”
“A huge opportunity for us, a lot of noise gets made about this being a historic women’s boxing event, for us this just makes great business sense. It’s a huge opportunity for the sport and women’s sport more broadly to stop, acknowledge and celebrate the progress that is being made in women’s sport.”
“Yourself [Eddie] and Matchroom have been long-time supporters of that, I think everything that Jake, Nakisa and MVP are doing to back this is going to bring long overdue eyeballs. We know from our broader global business outside of boxing that when the media and industries around sport gets behind women’s sport, eyeballs come, and they stay. The quality of competition is akin to men’s sport in the vast majority of cases.”
“We’re extremely excited about it, I think there’s a huge opportunity for all of us up here and the people we work with within our own businesses and our partners to use the next two months to push this to become a moment in time and a celebration – everyone at DAZN will be working towards that.” 
Joel Fisher – EVP, MSG Marquee Events
“The reception and reaction to the fight when it was announced was incredible, everyone’s been really supportive, so I want to thank everyone for that. There’s no better place for this fight then Madison Square Garden, to make history, this is a long overdue fight and is the Mecca of boxing. This is where all the famous fighters, the biggest fights in the world have taken place, this is history, we are talking about history.”
“I’m sure that this fight between Amanda and Katie is going to really be something else, something to behold, it’s not only a great fight and history, the first time headlining the Garden, it’s just a great fight that people in boxing want to see. Forget about women just in general, this is just a great fight and it’s going to be a tremendous night.”
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Pound-for-pound stars are first ever female fighters to headline an MSG event in the iconic venue’s 140 years of boxing history

Taylor and Serrano will come face-to-face for the first time next Wednesday, February 2 live from NYC
Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano are set to make history in an epic battle for Taylor’s undisputed Lightweight title at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday April 30, live worldwide on DAZN.


Presale begins at 12noon ET on Thursday February 3, with tickets on general sale at 12noon ET on Friday February 4 – tickets start at $56 (plus fees) 

Years in the making, the biggest fight ever in women’s boxing between the pound-for-pound #1 and #2 fighters of the world is one that will not only make boxing history, but women’s sports history. MSG has hosted thousands of fights through its illustrious years, beginning more than a century ago on July 17, 1882; now, 140 years later, this matchup finally marks the very first time two female fighters are headlining a combat sports event at ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’.
Irish icon Taylor (20-0 6 KOs) puts all the Lightweight belts on the line for the sixth time since winning them in June 2019 in a war with Delfine Persoon and seeing off the Belgian in a rematch in England before repelling the challenges of Miriam Gutierrez, Natasha Jonas, Jennifer Han and Firuza Sharipova – and there’s added spice to the fight as Taylor holds a win over Amanda’s sister Cindy in Boston back in October 2018.
Puerto Rican sensation Serrano (42-1-1 30 KOs) already has an unrivalled legacy in the sport as a seven-weight World champion. The Brooklyn based champion enters the momentous bout in sparkling form after knocking out Daniela Bermudez last March, dominating Yamileth Mercado in August and overpowering Miriam Gutierrez in two separate cards co-starring Jake Paul. Amanda was the 2021 Female Fighter of the Year for DAZN, ESPN and WBC among others.
“This is a fight I’ve wanted for a long, long time and I’m just excited for it to finally take place because these are the kind of fights I’m in the sport for,” said Taylor. “People have been talking about this fight for years and there have been times I wondered if it was ever going to happen so I’m very grateful to Eddie Hearn, everyone at Matchroom, DAZN and Madison Square Garden for getting it over the line.
“When I turned professional my goal was to be involved in huge events like this so to headline at Madison Square Garden in a fight of this magnitude is really the pinnacle of the sport. It’s such an iconic venue and has been home to so many of the historic moments in boxing and I truly believe this will be another one.”
“It is a dream come true to have the opportunity to headline Madison Square Garden and do so against one of the greatest boxers of all time in Katie Taylor,” said Serrano. “Since I was a young girl, my only boyfriend has been boxing. I have dedicated my life to him, and this event makes that commitment worth every minute. On April 30th I am going to make history for me, for my team, for my family, for Puerto Rico, for every Latina and Latino and for all women worldwide.”
From the moment Katie Taylor stepped into my office, this is the moment we always dreamed of,” said promoter Eddie Hearn. “The moment the world would stop and watch and watch the two greatest female fighters on the planet headline at the Mecca of boxing, Madison Square Garden.
“Taylor vs. Serrano is a fight for the history books. Yes, it’s the by far the biggest female fight of all time but it’s also one of the biggest fights of all time, the undisputed World and Olympic champion against the seven division World champion. 
“Both fighters deserve credit for getting this fight made, as does Jake Paul and his team at Most Valuable Promotions, DAZN and Madison Square Garden – together we’re going to put on a special night in New York and create a fitting spectacle for these trailblazers to shine.”
“We are honored to be a part of this historic event, headlined by two historically dominant women. Bringing attention to women’s boxing has been a priority for us and Saturday April 30th is a major milestone for not just the sport but girls globally who deserve equal opportunity,” said Jake Paul and Nakisa Bidarian, Co-Founders of Most Valuable Promotions. “We expect a battle for the ages and have the utmost respect and admiration for Katie Taylor. But make no mistake, we are standing next to Amanda Serrano and know she will prove to the world that she is the pound-for-pound greatest female boxer to ever enter the ring.  This is more than a fight, this is for forever.”
“This is without question the biggest fight ever in women’s boxing,” said Ed Breeze, DAZN EVP, Rights. “Katie Taylor is a trailblazer in the sport, with a perfect amateur record and pivotal in catapulting women’s boxing into the mainstream. Serrano is a true legend and will be Taylor’s toughest test to date. This fight will be spectacular and also one for the history books, and we’re thrilled to deliver this exciting moment in boxing and sports history to DAZN subscribers across the world.”
As the first ever women to headline at Madison Square Garden, Taylor and Serrano will come face-to-face in the Big Apple on the first leg of a global press tour next Wednesday, February 2 – timed in honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, a day of observance in the U.S. acknowledging the accomplishments of female athletes and recognizing the importance of equal opportunities in sport for girls and women.  Billie Jean King – tennis icon, equality champion, and Women’s Sports Foundation founder – is delighted that the fight will take center stage at the legendary arena.
“The Taylor vs. Serrano fight at Madison Square Garden is historic and it is only fitting it is being held in the venue that has hosted so many important championships in sports,” said King. “These two women are breaking barriers and opening doors for others by being the main event and not the undercard, fighting for one of the biggest paydays in boxing and showing everyone that if you can see it, you can be it.”
“Saturday, April 30 will be another historic night of boxing at Madison Square Garden,” said Joel Fisher, executive vice president, MSG Marquee Events.  “The Garden has been home to some of the most iconic events in the history of boxing, and Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor will usher in another legendary night, becoming the first women to headline a show at the ‘Mecca of Boxing’.  We wish them both good luck and congratulate them on this groundbreaking achievement.”
Details around the London press conference early February will be released in due course. Additionally, there will be more information released soon around the fight not only being available worldwide on DAZN, but also through select cable & satellite pay-per-view providers in the U.S.
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Gill challenges Guerfi for European Featherweight Title
Katie Taylor will defend her WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO and Ring Magazine Lightweight crowns against WBA Mandatory Challenger Firuza Sharipova on the same night that Welterweight star Conor Benn steps up against former World Champion Chris Algieri at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool on Saturday December 11, live worldwide on DAZN.
Irish sensation Taylor (19-0, 6 KOs) is within touching distance of a huge showdown with Amanda Serrano in 2022 but must overcome a final hurdle in the shape of Kazakhstan’s Sharipova after cruising to another successful defence of her titles against the USA’s Jennifer Han at Emerald Headingley Stadium in Leeds.
Sharipova (14-1, 8 KOs) has picked up titles at Super-Featherweight, Lightweight and Super-Lightweight since joining the professional ranks in May 2016, and the 27-year-old from Taraz is ranked at No.1 in the world at Lightweight by the WBA having remained undefeated since a shock four-round points loss on her debut.
Chatteris Featherweight talent Jordan Gill (26-1, 7 KOs) returns to the ring to challenge EBU European Featherweight Champion Karim Guerfi (30-5, 9 KOs) after scoring behind closed doors wins over Reece Bellotti in August 2020 and Cesar Juarez in February 2021 to land the WBA International Title. 
France’s Guerfi became a two-weight European Champion by outpointing Andoni Gago in Marbella, Spain earlier this year to land the 126lbs strap. The 34-year-old from Manosque previously held the EBU Bantamweight Title before losing it to undefeated Scottish talent Lee McGregor at the Bolton Whites Hotel in March. 
‘The Welsh Wizard’ Joe Cordina (13-0, 8 KOs) continues his push for Super-Featherweight World Title action in 2020 after scoring a sensational first round knockout win over the USA’s Joshuah Hernandez at Fight Camp in August, former European, British and Commonwealth Super-Lightweight Champion Robbie Davies Jr (21-3, 14 KOs) fights for the second time under new trainer Shane McGuigan,undefeated Belfast Middleweight talent Caoimhin Agyarko (9-0, 6 KOs) makes his Matchroom debut, former Team GB star Calum French makes his professional debut at Super-Lightweight, Tokyo Olympian Peter McGrail (1-0) steps though the ropes for the seconds time as a pro and is joined on the bill by his debutant brother Joe McGrail, while former professional footballer Paddy Lacey (1-0) looks to build on his pro debut win over Stanko Jermelic last month. 
 “I’m looking forward to ending the year on a high with another defence of my titles,” said Taylor. “I know there are some huge fights out there for me in 2022 but for now my sole focus is on December 11 and this mandatory defence against Sharipova.”

Tickets are priced £40, £60, £80, £100 & £300 (VIP).

General Sale ticketscan be purchased via StubHub (www.stubhub.co.uk)
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‘Miss GB’ out to avenge Olympics loss
Tasha Jonas says she has “unfinished business” with former amateur foe Katie Taylor and has promised to settle the score when she faces the Irish star for the Undisputed Lightweight World Titles at the AO Arena, Manchester on Saturday May 1, live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and on DAZN in all markets excluding the UK, Ireland, China, New Zealand and Samoa.

‘Miss GB’ came agonisingly close to winning her first World Title at the age of 36 last summer when she battled to a thrilling draw with WBC and IBO Super-Featherweight Champion Terri Harper at Matchroom Fight Camp. It was the first time that two British women had competed against each other for a Word Title, and the all-action fight more than lived up to the occasion. 

The Liverpudlian met Taylor in the quarter-final stages of the London 2012 Olympic Games, losing out on points to the eventual winner of the tournament. The pair meet again nearly ten years down the line this weekend, and Jonas is confident of avenging her loss and handing a first defeat to the icon of women’s boxing. 

“I’ve finally established myself at world level which is where I always wanted to be,” said Jonas. “I think I was a bit unlucky that night. I’ve always said I’m not going to keep banging on the door of Terri Harper. I’ve put myself in mandatory positions and I’ll make the fight have to happen again, but I’m not going to wait around and I haven’t done that. Other opportunities have come forward and they’re the ones that I have taken. 

“Ever since I turned pro that’s always been the fight that everybody has wanted to see. There was 12,000 people in the arena at the time and we got the loudest crowd participation – that was the Irish and the Scousers going at it! It was brilliant. My amateur coach had been all around watching boxing, some of the biggest fights, and he said he’d never heard an atmosphere like it. It’s a little bit sad that fans won’t be there this time, but it was a spectacle and that’s what we hope to do again. 

“All eyes will be on us again and I think both of us will step up to the plate. I know I have to be better than I was last time. Without disrespecting anyone, she’s in a different league to any other opponents before. I’ve fought her before, and I’ll be ready. I’ve always wanted to be a World Champion, one fight could give me that, and everything else. It’s a huge moment for me and my career. I have to be better than I was before, which I’m prepared to do. 

“People say you have these turning points in life. As successful as my amateur career was, I didn’t achieve things that I wanted to. That was the whole point of me coming back and being a pro. There was unfinished business. Katie Taylor has been the unfinished business since 2012. To come back and not only beat her and win her Titles, to become Undisputed – what more could you ask for as a professional boxer? That’s everything. You’ve done it all within one fight. 

“Even throughout her amateur career she’s always set the bar really high and we’ve always had to catch her up. She presents herself well. She’s very positive. She’s been a great role model. That’s carried on into the professionals. When we step into the ring on fight night, she’s going to have to earn that respect. I’ve got all of the admiration and respect for her outside of the ring, but in the ring, you have to earn it. That’s what I’ll do.

“I don’t visualise anything if I’m honest. I prepare myself for every eventuality. That’s what I did with Terri and that’s probably the only time we’ve done that. That’s probably what I’ll do this time. Whatever Terri came with, I had an answer for. I think I’ll do the same with Katie. I’ll prepare for every best version of Katie. Any way that she can come at me, I’ll have an answer for it. The best version of me is a tough fight for anyone, Katie included.”

Taylor vs. Jonas is part of an unmissable night of action in Manchester, Derek Chisora (32-10, 23 KOs) and Joseph Parker (28-2, 21 KOs) collide in a huge Heavyweight clash, undefeated WBA Light-Heavyweight World Champion Dmitry Bivol (17-0, 11 KOs) puts his Title on the line against Craig Richards (16-1-1, 9 KOs), Chris Eubank Jr (29-2, 22 KOs) returns against Marcus Morrison (23-3, 16 KOs), Belfast’s James Tennyson (28-3, 24 KOs) faces Mexico’s Jovanni Straffon (23-3-1, 16 KOs) for the IBO Lightweight World Title, Preston Super-Welterweight Scott Fitzgerald (14-0, 9 KOs) makes his long awaited return and Lightweight prospect Campbell Hatton (1-0) fights in his home city for the first time as a pro. 
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Rivals collide on August 22 following New York WAR
The biggest rematch in the history of women’s boxing has been confirmed for Matchroom Fight Camp as Katie Taylor defends her WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO and Ring Magazine Lightweight World Titles against Delfine Persoon on Saturday August 22, live on Sky Sports Box Office
Taylor (15-0, 6 KOs) completed her fairy-tale journey from Olympic Gold to Undisputed Lightweight World Champion with a thrilling but controversial points win over Belgium’s Persoon on a historical night at the world-famous Madison Square Garden on the Joshua vs. Ruiz bill last year. 
After a bloody and brutal battle that captivated the New York crowd, the Irish star added Persoon’s WBC belt to her IBF, WBO and WBA Titles to hold all four at 135lbs and cement her place as the number one Lightweight on the planet.
The 34-year-old went on to create more history at Manchester Arena in November when she dethroned WBO Super-Lightweight World Champion Christina Linardatou to become a two-weight World ruler – becoming only the third Irish boxer to win World Titles in two weight classes.
Persoon (44-2, 18 KOs) held the WBC strap for five years, making nine successful defences in that reign, before losing it to Taylor in a Fight of the Year contender. Despite losing on two of the judges’ scorecards, Persoon was convinced she’d won after ten rounds of relentless action and has been lobbying for a rematch ever since. 
“With Amanda Serrano not taking the fight I wanted the biggest fight possible in August and I think a second Persoon fight is one that everyone wants to see,” said Taylor. “I’ve been looking forward to a rematch ever since the first fight and I’m delighted it’s been made. It was definitely very close first time around, but I felt I deserved the win and I intend to leave no doubts in the rematch.”

Persoon said: “I am ready to get the victory following the injustice last June in New York, not by words but in the ring – I am ready!”
“Wow! What a fight – what a night! To be honest I can’t quite believe this fight has been made, I can’t give enough credit to Katie and Delfine for agreeing to do it again,” said Eddie Hearn. “Since their epic Fight of the Year contender at MSG last year, everyone has wanted to see this once again and now we have it. I’m very proud to stage this fight especially at such a critical time for our sport – along with Whyte vs. Povetkin August 22 will be one not to forget.”
Adam Smith, Sky Sports Head of Boxing Development, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to confirm Katie Taylor’s eagerly awaited rematch against Delfine Persoon, with all the World Lightweight Titles on the line. Katie has called for a second fight ever since that thrilling first encounter when she received the verdict, much to the dismay of Persoon.
“They go again on the Whyte-Povetkin bill, which just got even bigger, and Katie will be determined to end any dispute with a resounding win. I’ve been speaking to Katie over the last few days and she’s more fired up than ever to show once again why she is a pound-for-pound star of the sport.
“Of course, we’ve also got Whyte’s high stakes showdown against Povetkin, with Dillian risking his WBC Mandatory Title shot. It’s repeat or revenge for Taylor and then Heavyweight fireworks in a fitting finale to Matchroom’s Fight Camp!”
Taylor vs. Persoon lands on the final week of Matchroom Fight Camp as Dillian Whyte  (27-1, 18 KOs) puts his WBC Interim Heavyweight World Title on the line against Russia’s Alexander Povetkin (35-2-1, 24 KOs) in a battle of the left hooks, Martin Bakole (15-1, 12 KOs) returns to the ring against Russia’s Sergey Kuzmin (15-1, 11 KOs) and Luther Clay (13-1, 5 KOs) defends his WBO Global Welterweight Title against Chris Kongo (11-0, 6 KOs). 
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