MTK Global statement on Josh Taylor vs. Jack Catterall

Following the Josh Taylor vs. Jack Catterall fight on Saturday, MTK Global is saddened and deeply concerned to learn of insults, personal attacks and even death threats targeting the fighters, their partners and their families. This has to stop immediately.

Boxing has always been a sport that unites communities and supports one another and regardless of Saturday night’s outcome, both Josh and Jack respect each other as men, as athletes and as fans of the sport they have dedicated their lives to. Not only have they endured sacrifice and gruelling training camps away from their families and partners in the lead up to this bout, but their families have sacrificed for the sport too and we ask the public, and the boxing community to respect that and offer their support instead of fuelling an already extremely emotional situation.

We ask you to remember that, no matter what the fighters, their teams, their peers, or fight fans believe the result should have been, the decision was not in their hands, but lay in the hands of judging officials and it is our understanding the British Boxing Board of Control are now conducting their own investigation, which we fully encourage.

We have always been honoured to work with both Josh and Jack and are immensely proud of all that they have achieved over the years, both entering the ring as undefeated fighters and showing the world what home grown talent Scotland and England have to offer, and the fans who flocked in their droves to witness the very first UK unification fight in the history of boxing.

MTK Global has always been a family and we ask you to support our family and their families as they look forward to what we know is going to be an incredible rematch in the very near future.

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WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING returns to BT Sport on Saturday when Josh Taylor defends his unified WBA/IBF super lightweight belts against mandatory challenger, the unbeaten Apinun Khongsong from Thailand. Also in headline position is the return of former WBC world flyweight champion Charlie Edwards to the ring, where he will step up to bantamweight to take on Kyle Williams.

Earlier today, the four fighters took part in an online media conference ahead of Saturday’s event and below is a selection of the pre-fight comments.

Kyle Williams (11-2)
It is his coming out party but we are here to spoil that. Charlie is a fantastic athlete, I have watched him throughout his career, but when we get in there it is two men and I am looking to take what he’s got. I fought for the British title against Farooq and it was not a fight I was completely outclassed in. I showed that I’ve got the goods to be at that level and just got caught. Against Thomas Essomba it showed I’ve got the toughness for the game and showed that when it gets hard I stick in there and continue to fight, as Charlie knows.

Charlie Edwards (15-1)
First and foremost I would like to say it is so good to be back. I’ve missed being on the stage, missed being at the press conferences and I am really looking forward to the fight. Outside of the ring it has been really great for me this year, I have really settled and that has helped me with my training. I am feeling good, feeling strong and I am looking forward to getting back in there, putting the dark times behind me of making that terrible weight and moving forward with my career. Kyle is a good fighter, he is tough, game, he is gonna come and he is gonna try and make it awkward in there. It is what we expect at this level and this is his world cup final, his golden ticket so we expect him to come and have a right good go.

With not having to make flyweight it is nice to be able to string a sentence together now! Last time I couldn’t even do the media stuff. It is good and I feel ready. It is chapter 2 and I am looking forward to it.

Apinun Khongsong (16-0)
I am happy to fight here and being behind closed doors is good for me because there will be no people and boxing fans. I am very proud to fight Josh Taylor because he is a very good champion. I have prepared very well to fight him on Saturday. The plan is to stop Josh Taylor by knockout.

Josh Taylor (16-0)
I don’t think not having a crowd will affect my performance at all. I’ve been practicing in the gym with no music, no noise and nobody speaking, so we have been replicating what the experience will be like. I’m looking forward to getting in there on Saturday and I have kept fit and in shape throughout the year. I can’t wait to put on a strong performance.

You will see on Saturday what changes I have made working with Ben (Davison) and I am not going to give away what we have been working on. It is good and we’ve been working on a lot of things and this is a nice start to a whole new book. This is the start of it, it is going to be better than the last one and I can’t wait to get going on Saturday.

Khongsong is standing in the way of where I want to go so I need to get rid of him. This is his introduction to world boxing and I am going to make it a painful one for him. He doesn’t belong at this level and I am a couple of levels above him. I am going to go in there and knock him out on Saturday.

I have seen a lot I can exploit. He is a very good fighter and very strong, punches with both hands with power, but it is not enough to beat me. I am just really looking forward to getting in there on Saturday and putting on a strong performance.

Live coverage on BT Sport 1 begins on Saturday at 7.30pm
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