Matchroom Boxing are delighted to announce Deliveroo as an associate sponsor for their highly-anticipated March 30 show at The M&S Bank Arena Liverpool, topped by former Super-Welterweight World Champion Liam Smith making his homecoming against all-action Brummie Sam Eggington.
Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way the nation orders its food. Partnering with the nation’s favourite takeaways and restaurants – Deliveroo brings you the food you love, right to your door. 
With thousands of choices and a growing fleet of their own delivery riders, Deliveroo will now offer Matchroom VIP guests attending Smith vs. Eggington the opportunity to order their favourite food straight to the bar via their iOS and Android apps.
Delivering every day from morning until late at night, Deliveroo have long-term ambitions to offer the UK’s leading stable of boxers easy and simple meal plan solutions for those long and gruelling training camps. Deliveroo will also be on hand for those all-important cheat meals and post-fight treats!
Eddie Hearn, Managing Director of Matchroom Boxing said: “I’m thrilled to team up with Deliveroo for our stacked March 30 show at The M&S Bank Arena Liverpool. Deliveroo is a British tech success story and I’m excited they will be offering our VIP guests the opportunity to order their favourite meals straight to the Arena while they enjoy a huge night of boxing on Merseyside. We’re always looking for ways to evolve our catering options for our VIP guests and this is another big step in the right direction.”

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Jordan Gill and Emmanuel Dominguez Final Press Conference ahead of their fight for vacant World Boxing Association International Featherweight Title on saturday night. 27th February 2019 Picture By Mark Robinson.
Frank Smith, CEO of Matchroom Boxing:

“Hello everyone and thank you for joining us here in Peterborough today ahead of a stacked JD NXTGEN show on Saturday night at the East of England Arena. It’s the start of a busy month for Matchroom Boxing. From here we go to Milan, New York, Philadelphia, London and then back to Liverpool. It’s a busy month live on Sky Sports and DAZN. 

“These are the kind of cards that are really going to build up the sport of boxing and the new names of boxing in the UK. We’re very excited to try a new market here in Peterborough. There’s over 2,500 tickets sold and this man to my right (Jordan Gill) has sold 1,200 of those. I think he deserves a round of applause for that. 

“It’s exciting to give the likes of Jordan Gill the opportunity to headline his own show. These are the guys that are hopefully going to come through and make names for themselves in the UK and beyond. This is why the JD NXTGEN series is all about. It’s a huge card stacked from top to bottom.”

Jordan Gill – Chatteris, England – 22-0, 6 KO’s – fighting Emmanuel Dominguez for the Vacant WBA International Featherweight title:

“This is a really big step on the ladder for me. To be headlining in Peterborough so close to my home town is a dream come true and to have such a good card behind me is a dream come true as well. Thanks to Matchroom, thanks to Eddie, thanks to Frank. Also thanks to my manager Dave Coldwell who has worked very hard to get me here. It’s been a long road and I’m just really excited. I’ve had so much support locally – everyone is coming out to watch it. It’s a good arena, its like a big tin shed with a low ceiling so there’s going to be plenty of noise in there. I’m looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere. 

“I think the crowd is going to lift me. I’m going to go out there and enjoy it. When I beat Ryan Doyle in the fashion that I did it made a lot of people in the business stand up and take notice. A lot of people were expecting me to get beat and I knew in my heart that I’d do what I did. For me, this is another step on the ladder and another step forward. To get a WBA top 15 ranking will be great. We can push on and see what happens after that but my sights are firmly set on Emmanuel Dominguez on Saturday night. I think it is going to be a hard fight. I’m expecting 12 rounds of action. They breed them tough in Mexico.”

Emmanuel Dominguez – Aguascalientes, Mexico – 24-7-2, 16 KO’s – fighting Jordan Gill for the Vacant WBA International Featherweight title:

“It’s really nice to be here. Thanks for the welcome. This is the first time that I’ve set foot on British soil and it’s been great. I’d like to thank the promoter of this event Matchroom Boxing for this fantastic opportunity. I think that the experience that I’ve gained fighting in Mexico will help me. Every fight I’ve had in Mexico has been against a really tough opponent. I think it’s very important that I’ve got that backstory. Those tough opponents have helped me develop this massive hunger that I’ve got. I’ve come here to win and I’m carrying that belt back to Mexico. 

“Jordan’s support will serve as an extra inspiration and help to drive me on. We’re over here to try and create a surprise. I’m sure I can win on Saturday night. I have a huge inspiration in the form of my family and the people close to me. It’s a real dream. It’s also a dream of mine to become a World Champion. Jordan represents a real step up in class for me. I hope I can win that belt on Saturday evening.”

Richard Riakporhe – Walworth, London – 8-0, 7 KO’s – making the first defence of his WBA Inter-Continental Cruiserweight title against Tommy McCarthy:

“First of all I want to thank my manager Dillian Whyte for getting me this opportunity. It’s like a dream come true. Boxing on small hall shows at York Hall to fighting on the big stage. I’ve fought on a few of Dillian’s undercards and the Usyk vs. Bellew undercard where I won my first title against Sam Hyde in Manchester. I’ve become like a reference to people all over the World. If you dedicate yourself and strive for greatness then your dreams will come true. It takes a lot of sacrifice and discipline. I’m happy to be here, I’m looking forward to the challenge. 

“I need to take these challenges and deal with them in order to get to where I want to be. If you want to stay at this level then you need to keep on grinding. Tommy said that I’m like a big novice and he’s absolutely right. I’m a big novice with big power, big heart, big will, big desire and ambition. I’m going to leave the ring with my hand raised, by any means necessary.”

Tommy McCarthy – Belfast, Ireland – 13-1, 6 KO’s – challenging Richard Riakporhe for the WBA Inter-Continental Cruiserweight title:

“Thanks for having me and thanks for the opportunity. I feel good, I’m happy to be here and I’m very confident. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to be on this stage for the past two years. My career got off to a very good start and then it was very stop-start. I feel like I’m back where I belong, fighting in Championship fights on TV. This is a big opportunity and I’m not going to let it slip. I’m ready, I’ve been looking World class in the gym. I’m excited. 

“Lawrence Okolie has cleaned up domestically. A few years ago he wasn’t even a pro and I was leading the pack at Cruiserweight. A win against Richard puts me back into contention for a big fight with Lawrence and beyond. But I’m not looking past Richard because he is undefeated and he’s hungry. I just feel that it’s all down to me on the night. If I perform to my best then I’ll get the win.”

Leigh Wood – Nottingham, England – 20-1, 10 KO’s – fighting Abraham Osei Bonsu for the Vacant Commonwealth Featherweight title:

“I’m very excited. I’m sure it will be an exciting fight on Saturday night. I want to thank Dave Coldwell for delivering this fight for me. Jordan played his part in making this possible and Matchroom Boxing as well. It’s been hard with fights falling through – I was getting a bit down about it all. I’m here now and I’m being trained by Ian Grant. He’s had me all over the place, down in Wales, Nottingham and Sheffield training, he’s even had me down at the National Space Centre training at zero gravity. I’m buzzing, I’m happy and excited. I just want to get in there now and show everyone what I’m about.

“I’m expecting a hard fight and I’ve trained for a hard fight. I’m not looking past it, but after this fight I want to be really busy, fighting two or three more times this year if possible. My eyes are on Saturday night. I’m going to enjoy myself, all the hard work is done.”

Abraham Osei Bonsu – Accra, Ghana – 13-3-1, 11 KO’s – fighting Leigh Wood for the Vacant Commonwealth Featherweight title:

“I just want everyone to understand that I’m here and I’m on a mission and I came for a title. It doesn’t matter how many people are here to support Leigh Wood – I will take that title away.”

Anthony Sims Jr – Indiana, USA – 17-0, 16 KO’s – fighting Mateo Damian Veron in a ten round Super-Middleweight contest:

“I want to thank Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing for having me. It’s great to be back – it’s like my second home. I love being here. I’m basically a Brit now. When I’m looking at a fighter I’m not specific about names or builds or ethnicity. They have two legs and two arms just like me. I just plan to move up and take my time. Rome wasn’t built within one night. Everything worth having in life takes time so I’m going to do the same with my career.”

Mateo Damian Veron – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 28-21-3, 8 KO’s – fighting Anthony Sims Jr in a ten round Super-Middleweight contest:

“Thank you for having me. I’m really excited about this challenge. I’m not scared at all in any way whatsoever. I’ve trained really well and I’m looking forward to the bout. Let the best man win. Anthony Sims is a very good boxer. I feel that we share the same ambitions and beliefs in this industry. We all want to go as far as we possibly can. I think it is going to be a very emotional occasion on Saturday night.”

Joe Steed – Wisbech, England – 4-0 – fighting Miguel Aguilar in a four round Super-Welterweight contest: 

“I can’t wait to show my skills. Training camp has gone well, it’s been based locally. I’ve got some good support coming down and I can’t wait to get the job done and then move on from there.”

John Docherty – Montrose, Scotland – 3-0, 3 KO’s – fighting Yailton Neves in a four round Super-Middleweight contest: 

“I’m feeling good. I’ve had a very good camp, sparring the likes of John Ryder. I’ve got a good journeyman in front of me on Saturday, he’s very slick and he’s not been stopped many times. The Doc is going on the hunt for another knockout and hopefully I can get four knockouts in a row. I’m looking forward to Saturday night and a big performance.

“Ricky Burns is in the gym with me every day and he’s always pushing us on in every session. He wants to do extra work all of the time and that’s the reason he was a World Champion. He’s coming up to watch me on Saturday so hopefully I can put a show on for him. 

Qais Ashfaq – Leeds, England – 4-0, 2 KO’s – fighting Fadhili Majiha in a six round Super-Bantamweight contest:

“I’m really enjoying the pro ranks. I’m having a good time in training and enjoying my boxing. As they say, a happy fighter is a dangerous fighter and I’ve been getting better in every fight. I’ve had a good camp. This kid is a good opponent. He’s got more stoppages than I’ve had fights so that shows how talented and experienced he is. He’s just another hurdle in the way and I’ve got to get over it on Saturday night. 

“As you can see they’re already pushing me very fast – my opponent on Saturday is very experienced. I’m ready for titles whenever my trainer, management and promoter feels I’m ready. Let’s push on. It’s my second year as a pro and I want to get better and better with every single fight. 

Kieron Conway – Northampton, England – 9-0, 3 KO’s – fighting Gabor Gorbics in a six round Middleweight contest:

“I feel good. I had a nice long training camp for this one. My last performance weren’t too good, it started putting doubts in people’s heads. I’m here to make and statement and to get the job done. I’m aiming for titles by the end of this year, at Super-Welter or Middle. Either way, I’m looking for titles this year.”

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DOORS 16:30
4 x 3 mins Super-Middleweight contest
CALLUM HANCOCK 12st 1lb 9oz v IVAN NIKOLOV 12st 2lbs
(Sheffield)                                          (Bulgaria)
6 x 2 mins Lightweight contest
TERRI HARPER 9st 9lbs 2oz v FERICHE MASHAURY 9st 9lbs 5oz
(Denaby)                                      (Tanzania)
6 x 3 mins Welterweight
(Sheffield)                                                   (Netherlands)
6 x 3 mins Super-Bantamweight contest
QAIS ASHFAQ 9st 3oz v JAY CARNEY 8st 12lbs 7oz
(Leeds)                              (Liverpool)


8 x 3 mins Super-Featherweight contest
KID GALAHAD 9st 6lbs 1oz v BRYAN MAIRENA 9st 4lbs 12oz
(Sheffield)                                 (Nicaragua)
10 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight contest
ANTHONY FOWLER 10st 13lbs 6oz v JOSE CARLOS PAZ 11st 3lbs 2oz
(Liverpool)                                              (Argentina)

12 x 3 mins Final Eliminator for IBF Super-Featherweight Championship
JONO CARROLL 9st 3lbs 6oz v GUILLAUME FRENOIS 9st 3lbs 5oz
(Dublin)                                         (France)
12 x 3 mins WBA International Welterweight Championship 
JOSH KELLY 10st 6lbs 7oz v DAVID AVANESYAN 10st 6lbs 6oz
(Sunderland)                           (Russia)
12 x 3 mins Final Eliminator WBA Super-Welterweight Championship
KELL BROOK 10st 10lbs 2oz v MICHAEL ZERAFA 10st 13lbs 8oz
(Sheffield)                                   (Australia)
4 x 3 mins Middleweight contest

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Picture By Mark Robinson.

Eddie Hearn:

“We’re looking forward to a big show on Saturday. We’ve been to this great city many times. It feels like we’ve been coming here years with Kell, starting out at the Hillsborough Leisure Centre of course, travelling to the US when he beat Shawn Porter for the World title, defending his World title here in Sheffield, coming here to Bramall Lane fighting what is now probably regarded as the number one 147lbs fighter in the World in Erroll Spence in front of 25,000 people – it was a great night of boxing. 

“Seeing him today, I think he looks fitter, healthier, chirpier and more excited than I’ve ever seen him in his career so far. A fit, hungry and healthy Kell Brook is a very dangerous fighter. I believe that we’re going to get a fantastic performance from him on Saturday night. 

“There’s talk about the future, there’s talk about Amir Khan, one thing I know is that Kell Brook has many miles left on the clock. When there’s hunger in his heart, I believe he’s one of the best 147lbs fighters in the World.”

Adam Smith, Head of Sky Sports Boxing:

“We spent a lot of time here in Sheffield back in the late 90’s with the likes of Prince Naseem Hamed of course, Ryan Rhodes and our own Johnny Nelson. Kell Brook was just a young kid then coming through. It’s fantastic to see how he’s developed over the years. This is a wonderful fighting city, I’m really looking forward to being back here on Saturday night, it’s a great December with New York next week for Canelo vs. Rocky and then Whyte vs. Chisora at The O2 – a pre Christmas cracker. 

“It’s a great bill and it’s fantastic to see Kell back, I agree with Eddie, he looks in terrific shape and obviously he’s got the fire reignited alongside John Fewkes. Have a great one Saturday night, we’ll see you there.”

Kell Brook – Sheffield, England – 37-2, 26 KO’s – fighting Michael Zerafa in a Final Eliminator for the WBA Super-Welterweight World title:

“I’m feeling very fresh. I feel reborn. A happy fighter is a dangerous fighter and I am so happy. We got all the hard work done in our training camp. It couldn’t have gone any better. I’m raring to go now for Saturday. I’m looking to put a serious performance on.”Amir Khan is a con man, they should call him Amir ‘con’. This is his last big fight under Matchroom and I thought it was nailed on. He shook my hand and looked me dead in the eye and said we would fight next.”What can I do, I’ve bent over backwards and said I’d come down to 147. I’m doing everything I can for the fans, he’s turned his back on them. Everyone knows it’s him that’s running off. I want any elite fighter and could weigh in at 147 tomorrow if I wanted, I’ve got that buzz again.”I want the top guys, Shawn Porter with the WBC title if he wants a rematch or I’d love to bring Errol Spence Jr back in the summer and get the win.”

Michael Zerafa – Melbourne, Australia – 25-2, 14 KO’s – fighting Kell Brook in a Final Eliminator for the WBA Super-Welterweight World title:

“It’s a huge opportunity for me and the team. Kell Brook has done a lot of great things for the sport. We know it’s going to be a great fight but we’ve come prepared. His name is a World title to me. No stone has been left unturned, he’s just a man. He’s got two arms and a head and he bleeds red. The best Michael Zerafa is going to be there and it’s going to be fireworks.

“We’ve been studying him throughout our camp. He’s a great fighter but we saw a lot of flaws – too many holes in a ship and it sinks. We’ve got a game plan in place and come Saturday we’ll lay it all out.”

John Fewkes, trainer of Kell Brook:

“Kell is in fantastic shape. It’s great to be a part of this if I’m honest with you. Kell is happy and he’s been dragging me out of bed at half past six in the morning. This camp couldn’t have gone any better. I’m looking for a very special performance on Saturday. He has another two, three or four years in him at the top of the game – easily.”

Blake Caparello, trainer of Michael Zerafa:

“The good thing about Michael is that he comes into camp fit and only a couple of kilos over weight, so we can focus straight on the boxing. He’s coming over here in great spirits. The English public have been awesome towards us. I know they think he’s coming as an opponent but Michael isn’t an opponent, he’s coming here to win. Kell Brook’s name is a World title to Michael so we’re coming to his back yard to beat him.”

Josh Kelly – Sunderland, England – 8-0, 6 KO’s – defending his WBA International Welterweight belt against David Avanesyan:

“I need someone to come and really try to take my head off. A lot of people want to take my head off because I look like an arrogant guy. I’ve got a switch when I go into the ring, I’m a different man in there. I’ve got a lot of respect for David Avanesyan. It’s four weeks since my last fight, it has been a quick turn around. I’m feeling fresh and relaxed, I feel nice. 

“Stylistically I’m ready for this sort of fight. It’s sort of the typical boxer versus fighter match-up. It’s going to be a great fight and a night that I’ll enjoy.”

David Avanesyan – Tabynskoe, Russia – 22-3-1, 11 KO’s – challenging Josh Kelly for the WBA International Welterweight title:

“This is a big fight for me. I like this fight, I want this fight, I’m hungry. I’m ready for this fight. I will do my best, everything is good. 

“Josh was a very good amateur boxer and I’m expecting a tough 12 rounds against him.”

Jono Carroll – Dublin, Ireland – 16-0, 3 KO’s – fighting Guillaume Frenois in a Final Eliminator for the IBF Super-Featherweight World title :

“I need to be in with people that will test me. This Frenchman is very experienced. I hope he is up for a war because us Irish love to go to war. I’m ready for anything. I’m looking to impress, I don’t want to just win this fight – I want to impress and I’m going to show the little peanut head Tevin Farmer that I’ll eat him alive when his time comes.

“I truly believe that the only person that could test me to my limits would be someone like Gervonta Davis. That would be a dog fight, me and him going head-to-head. That would be a war, you’d see the true Jono Carroll go to war. 

“Nothing is going to stop me, I don’t really look too much into who I’m fighting. I just try to be the best boxer that I can possibly be and the rest takes care of itself. I’m getting better and better each time I fight because my level of opposition is getting better and better.” 

Guillaume Frenois – Aisne, France – 46-1, 12 KO’s – fighting Jono Carroll in a Final Eliminator for the IBF Super-Featherweight World title:

“I’m very pleased to be here in Sheffield, it’s a great place for boxing. When the IBF ordered this Final Eliminator I was determined to come and get my chance to fight for the World title. After a two month camp I’m ready to win. If you target a World title  you must be a warrior, he will meet a French warrior on Saturday.”

Anthony Fowler – Liverpool, England – 8-0, 7 KO’s – fighting Jose Carlos Paz in a 10 round Super-Welterweight contest:

“Dave Coldwell knows that I need tests, there’s no point in me getting in the ring and just dominating people like I have been. I’ve had 8 fights and I’ve been cocky. I haven’t broken a sweat so far, it has been easy and straight forward fights. This lad has been at the top level, he’s ranked 40 on BoxRec – much higher than me, so he’s mixed at a much higher class and this is the fight where I show what I’m about. It’s going to be a great fight.”

Kid Galahad – Sheffield, England – 25-0, 15 KO’s – fighting Bryan Mairena in a 8 round Super-Featherweight contest:

“It was a good win out in Boston, he was a tough kid. I did everything that I had to do in that fight to win. Hopefully on Saturday I’ll get this kid out of the way and then I’ll be ringside watching Frampton and Warrington on the 22nd.

“I’d like to thank Eddie Hearn, Matchroom and Sky Sports. Three fights this year and hopefully next year you can get me four fights. I’ll be fighting for the World title, win that and then another three fights after that.”

Qias Ashfaq – Leeds, England – 3-0, 1 KO – fighting Jay Carney in a 6 round Super-Bantamweight contest:

“I can’t wait to get out there now, it’s been a long training camp. I’m starting to finally feel myself in the pro game. Before I turned pro I had a good year and a half off with injuries and sorting a promotional deal out but now I’m in the best place in the World at Matchroom Boxing. I feel amazing, it’s a little step up against Jay Carney this weekend and I’m looking forward to showing what I’m made of. 

“I’m ready to step up, I’ve taken my time so far. I’m ready to step up slowly and next year hopefully get a few titles around my waist as well.”

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‘Wise Guy’ says win over Meng will fire him back into World title contention

Frank Buglioni says a win over Fanlong Meng will re-establish him as one of the biggest threats in the Light-Heavyweight division.
‘Wise Guy’ takes on undefeated Meng for the IBF Inter-Continental Light-Heavyweight title at the Casino de Monte-Carlo this Saturday, live on Sky Sports in the UK and DAZN in the US. 
Chinese amateur star Meng, touted by man as one of the best boxers in China, has racked up 13 straight wins since turning professional in 2015, picking up the WBO Oriental and IBF Inter-Continental titles along the way.
However, Buglioni feels the former Chinese National Champion is yet to be tested in the paid code and is confident of taking the IBF ranking belt back to Enfield with him on Sunday morning.
“I have a very tough test in Fanlong Meng,” admitted Buglioni. “He’s a 2012 Olympian and has a solid amateur record. As a professional I don’t think he has been tested much yet, so this will be his acid test. I’m looking forward to upsetting the party and taking his belt and his undefeated record.
“Meng likes to keep things at his own pace and keep his opponents at range, but I’ll be constantly moving and creating angles. I’m fitter and sharper than I’ve ever been and he won’t be able to keep me off all night.
“Throughout my career I’ve always done well against southpaws and I’ve always enjoyed fighting and sparring them, be it amateur or pro, and my record against them is very good. I’m heading into the fight with a lot of confidence.”
Former World title challenger Buglioni has been busy rebuilding in the gym and sees Saturday’s fight as a golden opportunity to fire his name back into World title contention once more.
“The Light-Heavyweight division is buzzing and a good win over Meng will re-establish me as one of the top guys out there. A win would certainly put me back at the top of the pile domestically and possibly Europe too, I won’t be far off World level.
“I’m very pleased with my progress since the Callum Johnson defeat. I’ve built upon the mistakes I made in that fight and I’m looking forward to putting on a real show and proving myself once again.
“I’ve had some fantastic sparring all throughout this camp including James DeGale. I’ve made some massive improvements in the gym and I think that has been due to such good quality sparring. The guys I have worked with have kept me on my toes really put it on me.”
Buglioni’s British title reign was ended by a shock first-round stoppage loss to Callum Johnson at The O2 in March. Johnson’s victory was swiftly rewarded with a shot at IBF Light-Heavyweight Champion Artur Beterbiev.
Johnson’s brave World title attempt ended in a fourth-round KO but Buglioni believes the Lincolnshire man was just moments away from being crowned a World Champion and has taken confidence from his rival’s performance.
“I think Callum was very unlucky against Bertebiev,” added Buglioni. “I don’t think he realised how much he hurt him in the second round. When he caught him with that shot, Bertebiev’s legs weren’t there. If Callum has jumped on him then he’d be a World Champion right now.
“Callum proved that the guys at the top of the domestic scene can mix it at World level. They just need to have the belief in themselves and give it everything they have. I’m fully focused on Fanlong Meng but I know what a win could lead to.
“A shot at a World title is the dream and you never know what is around the corner, I just need to keep on winning. I’d love a shot at any of the World Champions, but I like fighting southpaws and if an opportunity to fight Adonis Stevenson arises then why not?”

Buglioni’s clash with Meng is part of a huge night of action in Monaco. 

Main event sees dangerous Russian Denis Lebedev defend his WBA Cruiserweight World title against undefeated American Mike Wilson.

WBA Super-Flyweight World Champion Kal Yafai aims to maintain his undefeated record when he makes the fourth defence of his crown against Mexico’s former World title challenger Israel Gonzalez.

Fresh from a shock win over highly-touted Heavyweight prospect Martin Bakole, America’s Michael Hunter steps in to face Russia’s Alexander Ustinov andKazakhstan’s Rio Olympic gold medallist Daniyar Yeleussinov faces Marcos Mojica in his fifth professional contest.

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DOORS 17:30


18:10 | 10 x 3 mins vacant WBA Inter-Continental Cruiserweight Championship
SAM HYDE 14st 3lbs 5oz v RICHARD RIAKPOHRE 14st 1lb 5oz
(Manchester)                        (Walworth)
10 x 3 mins Heavyweight contest
DAVID ALLEN 18st 5lbs 4oz v ARIEL ESTEBAN 18st 4lbs 9oz BRACAMONTE
(Doncaster)                                (Argentina)
10 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight contest
JOSH KELLY 10st 11lbs 1oz v WALTER FABIAN CASTILLO 10st 9lbs 5oz
(Sunderland)                              (Argentina)
10 x 3 mins Lightweight contest
RICKY BURNS 9st 12lbs 1oz v SCOTT CARDLE 9st 10lbs 7oz
(Coatbridge)                               (Lytham)
12 x 3 mins Final Eliminator WBA Lightweight Championship
ANTHONY CROLLA 9st 9lbs v DAUD YORDAN 9st 7lbs 9oz
(Manchester)                             (Indonesia)
12 x 3 mins WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO & Ring Magazine Cruiserweight World Championship
OLEKSANDR USYK 14st 2lbs 4oz v TONY BELLEW 14st 3lbs 5oz
(Ukraine)                                               (Liverpool)
4/6 x 3 mins Middleweight contest
DMYTRO MYTROFANOV 11st 5lbs 8oz v GINO KANTERS 11st 5lbs 2oz
(Ukraine)                                                    (Holland)
4/6 x 3 mins Heavyweight contest (on the day weigh-in)
(Greece)                               (Spain)

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Andrade: A win on Saturday will set me up to rule the Middleweight division


Andrade says 160lbs is new ‘glamour’ weight ahead of WBO title clash
Demetrius Andrade believes that Middleweight is set to become the new ‘glamour division’ in boxing, and he’s ready to rule it as he prepares to face Walter Kautondokwa for the vacant WBO World title at TD Garden in Boston on Saturday night, live on DAZN.
Andrade (25-0 16KOs) can become a two-weight World ruler with victory over the unbeaten and big-punching Namibian Walter Kautondokwa (17-0 16KOs) for the WBO crown will set the Rhode Island star take his spot alongside the big guns at 160lbs.
‘Boo Boo’ welcomes ‘The Executioner’ to his New England backyard in his first fight with new promoter Eddie Hearn and new network in OTT-giants DAZN – and with more massive nights on the cards in 2019, the 30 year old heads into his big Boston night in a great place.
“My situation is great right now,” said Andrade. “Had I not made the move with Eddie, I would have been fighting in England, having tune-ups or waiting around still. I never needed tune-ups. I take every fight very seriously, I have since day one.
“I could have waited around and had tick overs, instead, this World title chance came along and we’re on the road to the top in another division already.
“I think Middleweight can be the new glamour division in boxing. We have big names at 160lbs and if you look at 154lbs, those guys are going to grow and they’ll have to come up – look at Jarrett Hurd, he’s a big dude. The division is hot and it’s going to get hotter.
“If everyone involved with the elite does their jobs, we can make these big fights. The window is starting to close on those fights though, people get old, people move on, and people look to run around and fight lesser guys like the Charlos do.
“I don’t look forward to those fights, I want to fight the best – only and often. When I was at 154, I had the belt and couldn’t get the big fights. We’re all going to make money – so let’s decide who is the best, and let’s get the elite in with the elite. Don’t get in with has-beens or the guys on the way out, get in with the hungry guys.
“I’m at 160lbs to show I am still the biggest and baddest wolf out there, and I’m ready to bite. I am too old to fight nobodies now, I’ve had that time, I’m not going to fight iron every time,
“When you are fighting lower level opponents you can afford to get in there four or five times a year, but at the level I want to operate at, you can’t do that. I’m going to take it one step at a time, do my job against Walter, come home with the belt and we will look to get out early in 2019 – I know Eddie and DAZN want to keep me active and that’s great, and if it’s going to be the rest of the elite guys, then let’s go.”
Andrade’s clash with Kautondokwa is part of a huge bill in Boston with three World title bouts on the slate.
Philadelphia’s Tevin Farmer makes the first defense of his IBF World Super-Featherweight title against hard-hitting Belfast man James Tennyson while Irish star Katie Taylor defends her WBA and IBF World Lightweight titles against Argentina’s Cindy Serrano.
Rhode Island’s Toka Kahn Cleary faces England’s Kid Galahad in a final eliminator for the IBF World Featherweight title, England’s all-action Tommy Coyle meets Quincy, Mass.’s Ryan Kielczweski over ten rounds, England’s Freddie Roach trained former World ruler Scott Quigg returns on the bill and Kazakhstan’s Olympic gold medal hero Daniyar Yeleussinov tastes action for the fourth time in the paid ranks.
Local favorite Mark DeLuca (Whitman, Mass.) is gunning for revenge when he meets Walter Wright in a rematch of their keenly fought clash in June that Wright edged via split decision, while there’s more Irish interest in Gorey Heavyweight Niall Kennedy and Tennyson’s fellow Belfast man Sean McComb.
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Unbeaten African blaster vows to KO Rhode Island ace in Boston
Walter Kautondokwa says he will shock the world and KO Demetrius Andrade when they clash at the TD Garden in Boston on October 20, live on DAZN.
Kautondokwa (17-0 16KOs) has replaced Billy Joe Saunders in the bout with the unbeaten former Super-Welterweight World ruler, and ‘The Executioner’ is full of belief that he can add to his formidable knockout record in Massachusetts having already been in camp.
The Namibian has only been the full distance once, on his September 2103 debut, and the 33 year old has blasted six foes away in the opening session and 14 of his opponents before the halfway point of their contests.
‘Boo Boo’ Andrade (25-0 16KOs) must reset his radar from training for the tricky southpaw Saunders to the big-hitting African, and Kautondokwa has inspiration close to home in his camp for his first World title fight.
Kautondokwa’s stable-mate Julius Indongo landed a World title clash at late notice and starched Eduard Troyanovsky inside a round in Russia to win the IBF Super-Lightweight crown to crash into the elite, going on to face Terence Crawford for all the titles at 140lbs – and #2-rated WBO Middleweight Kautondokwa believes he can make the same impact at 160lbs.
“This is a huge opportunity for me and one I will take with both hands,” said Kautondokwa. “I’ve been in the gym and I am 100 per cent ready to get to Boston and add Demetrius to my KO record.
“I’ve earned my spot as the number two challenger in the division and I fear no man – Demetrius is a great fighter, but I know that I can KO any 160lber in the world, and that includes Andrade.
“He’s been preparing for Billy Joe, who is a technical guy that doesn’t have power – I am going to be a nightmare for him next Saturday night and I am ready to become a major player in the Middleweight division.”
Kautondokwa’s clash with Andrade is part of a huge bill in Boston with three World title bouts on the slate.
Philadelphia’s Tevin Farmer makes the first defence of his IBF World Super-Featherweight title against hard-hitting Belfast man James Tennyson and Irish sensation Katie Taylor puts her WBA and IBF World Lightweight straps on the line against Cindy Serrano.
Rhode Island’s Toka Kahn Cleary faces England’s Kid Galahad in a final eliminator for the IBF World Featherweight title, England’s all-action Tommy Coyle meets Quincy, Mass.’s Ryan Kielczweski over ten rounds, England’s Freddie Roach trained former World ruler Scott Quigg returns on the bill and Kazakhstan’s Olympic gold medal hero Daniyar Yeleussinov tastes action for the fourth time in the paid ranks.
Local favorite Mark DeLuca (Whitman, Mass.) is gunning for revenge when he meets Walter Wright in a rematch of their keenly fought clash in June that Wright edged via split decision, while there’s more Irish interest in Gorey Heavyweight Niall Kennedy and Tennyson’s fellow Belfast man Sean McComb.
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DOORS 17:30
18:10 | 8 x 3 mins Welterweight contest @ 10st 9lbs
SHAKRAM GIYASOV 10st 3lbs 2oz vs. JULIO LAGUNA 10st 2lbs
(Uzbekistan) (Nicaragua)
10 x 3 mins WBA Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship
SERGEY KUZMIN 17st 6lbs 6oz vs. DAVID PRICE 18st 13lbs 4oz
(Russia) (Liverpool)
12 x 3 mins British Cruiserweight Championship @ 14st 4lbs
MATTY ASKIN 14st 3lbs 8oz vs. LAWRENCE OKOLIE 14st 3lbs 3oz
(Blackpool) (Hackney)
12 x 3 mins Final Eliminator for WBC Lightweight Championship @ 9st 9lbs
LUKE CAMPBELL 9st 8lbs 6oz vs. YVAN MENDY 9st 8lbs 7oz
(Hull) (France)
12 x 3 mins WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO World Heavyweight Championship
ANTHONY JOSHUA 17st 8lbs 5oz vs. ALEXANDER POVETKIN 15st 12lbs
(Watford) (Russia)
4 x 3 mins Welterweight contest @ 10st 10lbs
CHRIS KONGO 10st 9lbs 8oz vs. PETAR ALEXANDROV 10st 11lbs
(Bermondsey) (Bulgaria)
4 x 3 mins Light-Heavyweight contest @ 13st
DANA ZAXO 12st 13lbs 4oz vs. TONY BILIC 13st 2oz
(Hammersmith) (Croatia)

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Frenchman looking to make a statement at Wembley on Saturday
Yvan Mendy believes he should have had a shot at a World title by now and is frustrated that Luke Campbell fought for one before him.
Mendy outpointed Campbell back in 2015 and is aiming to go one better and knockout the Hull fighter when they rematch at Wembley Stadium Connected by EE on Saturday September 22, live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and DAZN in the US.
Since that win at The 02, Mendy has gone from strength to strength, piling up seven consecutive wins with three of them via stoppage. Along the way he defeated Francesco Patera who will face Newcastle’s Lewis Ritson next month.
The 33-year-old has been the World Boxing Council number one contender for some time as well as having held the organisation’s Silver belt. As such he feels he merits a title shot at this stage of his career.
“I do feel a bit frustrated that I haven’t had a World title opportunity yet,” said Mendy. “He (Campbell) lost to me and yet he was able to fight Linares for the World title! So that does leave me a bit of frustrated.
“You do suffer being a boxer in France, it’s a cultural thing. In England boxing is a part of the culture, over here it just isn’t. I’ve often said to myself if I were English I’d already be World Champion! Or at least I would have had the chance to fight for it.
“At the moment I feel like I’m unbeaten because I haven’t lost for so long. Mentally I have forgotten about my defeats and in my mind when I go in the ring I feel undefeated. I feel as strong as ever.”
Mendy confessed he hasn’t seen much of Campbell since their previous meeting, but he recognised his performance in attempting to win a World title last year was impressive.
“I haven’t watched him too much since the last fight, but I did see the fight against Jorge Linares, but I think that was the only one. He fought very well against Linares, it was close. He was up on one of the scorecards, so he is a good boxer and he has progressed.
“I don’t necessarily see it as a big advantage the fact that I won the first fight, simply because it has been three years since that and we change, all of us. After three years we forget about a loss. I don’t think mentally it will play on his mind because a lot of things happen in that time.
“For me it’s important to win by knockout to make a statement. I’m not here for the sake of it, I’m ready to win this, I want a nice victory.”
Whoever emerges with their hand raised at Wembley will edge closer to a World title chance, the first for Mendy or a second bite at the cherry for Britain’s London 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist.
“The winner should get a shot at the Champion Mikey García, but we will see if he stays at Lightweight. I’ve been waiting for the chance for a while. It’s one of the best weight classes in boxing, it’s very attractive. In each organisation the Champion is a big name at Lightweight, there’s a lot of high-level boxers operating at 135lbs and I’ll show that I belong at the top when I beat Campbell again.”
Campbell and Mendy clash on the undercard of Anthony Joshua’s Heavyweight unification blockbuster with Alexander Povetkin, Matty Askin defends his British Cruiserweight title against rising star Lawrence Okolie, undefeated Russian Sergey Kuzmin takes on Liverpool Heavyweight David Price for the WBA Inter-Continental title and Welterweight 2016 Silver medallist Shakram Giyasov faces Julio Laguna over 6 rounds.
Very limited General Sale tickets are available via the official ticketing partner or For accessible tickets please call Wembley Stadium on 0800 093 0824.

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