British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA) Announce Guidelines on Returning to Training

British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA) Guidelines on Returning to Training


Following the United Kingdom Governments recent announcement of the relaxing of restrictions following the COVID-19 Pandemic, means that Professional Boxers and Elite Amateur Boxers may return to training from THURSDAY 4TH JUNE in England if adhering to the following guidelines.

  • All license holders must adhere to the Government guidelines on social distancing when traveling to and from the training venue. This means maintaining a two metre space between yourself and any other person. 
  • We also advise wearing of face-mask (or any other method of covering mouth and nose) and surgical gloves if travelling on Public Transport and hand sanitise or wash hands for twenty seconds once arrived at the venue.
  • On arrival at the training facility it is advised that the temperature of the boxer is monitored by a hand held non-invasive thermometer.
  • If a known or suspected case of COVID-19 is identified the individual in question should self-isolate and follow the Governments Public Health Guidelines.
  • If possible undertake training in an outside space. If it is impossible to train outdoors please ensure the training area has good ventilation.
  • BIBA Affiliated Gyms should be sanitised prior to the resumption of training of Boxers.
  • Whilst training, whether outside or in the gym, please maintain social distancing and ensure that you sanitise or wash your hands for twenty seconds following training.
  • All license holders must use their own gloves and equipment, DO NOT SHARE. If using gym equipment please wipe down with sanitiser before and after use. Keep a clean towel and water bottle in a separate bag, keep these items close to yourself and do not share with anyone else. 
  • There will be times, such as undertaking pad-work, where the two metre distance cannot be adhered to. In this situation it is advised that the coach should wear personal protection equipment, such as fluid resistant face mask, full face visor and disposable surgical gloves.
  • Sparring is not recommended or authorised at this time. 

PLEASE NOTE: Current UK Government Guidelines state that subject to the R figure continuing to come down that sparring may resume from Saturday 13th June in England. Further guidelines will be issued by the British & Irish Boxing Authority by the 10th June should this be the case.


Professor Michael Graham – Chief Medical Officer (CMO) & COVID-19 Officer

Tel: 07828 575140

Martin Rogan – All Ireland Chairman and main contact for Ireland

Tel: 07850 551795

Ian Longstaff – Chairman (Scotland) and main contact for Scotland

Tel: 07834 175700

Ken Coughlin – Vice Chairman (Wales) and main contact for Wales

Tel: 07824 611382

Gianluca Di Caro – Vice President and main contact for England

Tel: 07789 364702

Lee Murtagh – Head of Ring Officials and main contact for ALL ring officials

Tel: 07793 240535

Professor M.R. Graham MBChB; JCPTGP; PhD; FRSM; MPhysoc; BASEM; MICR; MCSFS; PCCMH; APIL Expert; FSB

Chief Medical Officer

British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA)



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BIBA COVID-19 Guidelines ahead of Resuming Boxing Events

Gianluca Di Caro

Vice President

British & Irish Boxing Authority

With regard to the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s statement on Monday, regarding possible changes to the current regulations with regard to the COVID-19.

Today I am writing stating the British & Irish Boxing Authority position with regard to these possible changes, especially those relating to sporting events.

We urge everyone who can work from home to continue to do so, only those whose jobs are deemed essential or working within the manufacturing sector etc should be traveling to work.

According to Government guidelines Gyms are NOT deemed essential at this point, though state that gyms may be able to reopen in July, so I urge people to be responsible and maintain the current rules regarding exercise.

The same applies to travel, if you can avoid public transport please do – Drive, Bike or Walk if you need to go out, and those that have no option but travel on public transport please cover your face and nose and wear surgical gloves – and most importantly WASH YOUR HANDS properly for a minimum of twenty seconds regularly and carry/use hand sanitiser.

The Government plan with regard to ‘Behind Closed Doors’ events is currently stating possibly from June 1st 2020, subject to infection and death levels continuing to be on the downward curve.

We already have the venue sorted for the first event, which is a hotel so all in attendance will be contained within a single location.

We have doctors, paramedics and specialist medics arranged as well as private ambulances and even an Air Ambulance in case we are unable to use the local NHS hospital and we need to transfer any head trauma cases to a private neurology facility within 40 minutes flight time.

All ‘behind closed doors’ events will be limited to a maximum of FIVE (5) contests per event and limited to a maximum of SIX (6) rounds.

The only officials in attendance at an event will be the Referee, Supervisor and Time Keeper. 

Officials level may be reduced further when possible to just Referee and Supervisor, in the cases where the Supervisor is also a qualified Time Keeper.

PPE will be worn throughout the event by the ringside officials and others in attendance and the Referee must wear a mask and surgical gloves when officiating a contest.

It should also be noted that we will be limiting the level of corner men to TWO (2) maximum per Boxer, Cornermen will be required to wear full PPE throughout the contest.

Also please note: That  standard spit buckets will not be allowed, instead we recommend two enclosed containers along with funnel and tube. Once a contest is concluded and prior to next contest the container will be sealed and the tube and funnel disinfected before reuse.

Each competing boxer will be required to wear a surgical-mask which may only be removed once he or she has entered the ring.

There will be FULL Personal Protection Equipment as well as hand sanitiser available for all in attendance at the events and we will be undertaking testing ahead of the events for all people taking part as well as regular taking of temperatures of those in attendance at the venue.

Rapid result testing will be undertaken at the venue, Professor Graham provides information regarding testing below.

HOWEVER whilst the plan is in place for ‘behind closed doors’ events for TV for when the restrictions are lifted, provisionally from 1st June, we cannot see these taking place, even with the precautionary practices we have applied during the COVID-19 pandemic, before mid to late June 2020 and possibly later as the BIBA policy for ‘getting back to business’ is that until the infection and death rates are drastically reduced the British & Irish Boxing Authority will NOT even consider giving permission for these events to go ahead, in order to protect the NHS as well as those participating at the events.

Our reasoning for this is whilst infection and death rates are lower than those even just one week ago, both the infection and death rates in the past week are still too high to safely consider returning to business as normal.

Myself personally will be continuing to observe the long standing ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘Social Distancing’ advice and urge all BIBA members to do the same wherever possible.

I will now hand over to the British & Irish Boxing Authority’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Michael Graham to discuss testing, this includes pre all events.  

Professor M.R. Graham MBChB; JCPTGP; PhD; FRSM; MPhysoc; BASEM; MICR; MCSFS; PCCMH; APIL Expert; FSB

Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA)

Testing will be mandatory for everyone in attendance at an event.

BIBA are fully qualified to provide the Corona Virus tests to determine immune status and infection status at the next available contest on all Boxers and associated coaching and training staff and attendees.

BIBA has accredited Forensic Scientists, to conduct SARS-Co V-2, (COVID-19) Antibody Tests, using the BioMedomics COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid Test Kits.

The testing kits are manufactured by BioMedomics and distributed by Oxford Biosystems and are MHRA, EU and FDA accredited testing kits available in the UK.

The tests can be conducted at any residence or venue.


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