Red hot Irish ace Stephen McKenna didn’t waste any time and made it another sensational first round stoppage to take his record to a perfect 8 fights and 8 knockouts with five now coming in the opening round. 

The undefeated ace pounced straight onto Polands’s Damian Haus, continually chopping him down with vicious body shots and scything right hands.  A sickening left hook dropped Haus, who managed to rise before the ref’s count of eight.  McKenna didn’t let him off the hook and another violent onslaught followed and the referee waved it off with only eight seconds left.  

McKenna, who is gunning for a showdown with British star Nigel Benn, said, “I love to fight, I don’t care who’s there in front of me, I’m going to take them out with either hand.  I saw that Haus was getting hurt with the body shots and I wouldn’t let him off the hook until I finished him off.  I’m pleased with the result but there is plenty more to come.”

Afterwards Haus, who had sickening red welts all over his body where McKenna had landed his brutal shots, said, “That is the hardest I have ever been hit in my life.  I have never felt power like that before.”

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