Are Boxrec Deliberately Endangering Other Boxers by Listing Former Championship Campaigning Pros as Debut Fighters, Following Change of Licensing Commission?

According to on Saturday night (31st July 2021) Coatbridge’s Ben McGivern and Middlesbrough’s Chris Wood both made their professional boxing debuts at New Douglas Park in Hamilton, Scotland. McGivern beat Lewis van Poetsch (9-126-2) and Wood drew with Corey McCulloch (4-1-0). 

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However, according to reliable sources within the sport, McGivern made his professional boxing debut on the 4th September 2016 against Jody Meikle at the Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort, Cumbernauld and Chris Wood made his debut against Edgars Milevics on the 29th March 2015 at the Pryzm, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds.

To view Ben Mcgivern’s INACCURATE Boxrec record click here:

To View Ben Mcgivern’s ACCURATE Boxranking record click here:

To view Chris Wood original YET STILL INACCURATE Boxrec record (2015) click here:

To view Chris Wood’s ‘New’ INACCURATE Boxrec record (2021) – which Boxrec listed as CJ Wood despite being fully aware that this is the same Chris Wood who fought on MBC, BDF and BIBA events between 2015-2017 click here: 

To view Chris Wood’s ACCURATE Boxranking record click here:

Following his victory over van Poetsch, McGivern’s current record is in reality 7-1-1 and Wood’s true record is now 5-4-1.

It should also be noted that both McGivern and Wood have fought for professional boxing championships prior to the 31st July 2021.

McGivern is both the Professional Boxing Council (PBC)  and World Boxing Union (WBU) International Light Heavyweight Champion, both victories were over Navid Iran, the first on the 17th November 2018 and the second on the 22nd June 2019, which was broadcast live on Fite TV. 

Click here to view 17th November 2018 McGivern vs Iran 1 on Youtube:

To view on Fite TV the 22nd June 2019 McGivern vs Iran 2 on undercard of Decastro vs Jacobs headed event click here: 

Various reports regarding Ben McGivern’s Pro Career Pre-2021

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Wood is a two time title challenger, having challenged Sammy Hill for the World Boxing Foundation (WBF) British Welterweight Championship and Tommy Jacobs for the British Masters Bronze Super Welterweight title.

Click to view Sammy Hill vs Chris Wood WBF British title fight on Youtube

Click to view Tommy Jacobs vs Chris Wood British Masters title fight on Youtube

Various Reports re Chris Wood’s Pro Career pre-2021

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British Boxers

So why has listed them as professionally debuting on the 31st July 2021? 

The answer, according to Boxrec, is that they do not recognise the British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA), who previously licensed both McGivern and Wood, as they have a policy of recognising only one commission per country, and in the case of the UK that is the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC).

However, according to Gianluca Di Caro, Vice President of the British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA) that is “Total Bulls**t”, adding “there is no genuine Boxrec policy of one commission per country, the reality is that Boxrec are acting in a protectionist manner on behalf of the BBBofC in our particular case, and what’s more we have the evidence to prove this is the case.”

“Just one example is Germany, where there are three German Commissions, Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer (BDB), German Boxing Association (GBA) and Bund Deutscher Faustkämpfer (BDF), and in addition the Austrian Boxing Federation (ABF) have also sanctioned events in Germany  and they are listed by Boxrec. 

The most recent being a Sauerland event that took place at the Fraport Arena in Frankfurt that was headlined by an IBF Championship fight between Leon Bunn and Leon Harth on the 4th May 2019.”

Click to view 17th August 2019 ABF Sanctioned event Ludwigshafen Germany on Boxrec

Upcoming BDB sanctioned event in Hamburg, Germany 21st August 2021 –

Upcoming GBA sanction event in Neuwled, Germany on 14th August 2021 –

“Whilst the BDB, GBA and ABF listings and results can be verified by just going to Boxrec’s website, at this time you will not find anything regarding the BDF, as Boxrec removed BDF as a commission and began listing past BDF events and results as ‘unsanctioned’ and does no longer update any BDF events reports and results following a public dispute between the BDF’s UK rep and Boxrec’s Management back in 2018.”

Click here to download PDF of BDF Events on Boxrec prior to BDF ban by Boxrec: 

Click here for PDF of 2016 BDF event as listed on Boxrec August 2021: 

“The dispute was over Boxrec failing to update the records of boxers that fought on BDF sanctioned events in the UK initially, including the Tommy Jacobs vs Chris Wood British Masters titles fight, both of whom were licensed by BIBA, as were most pro boxers on BDF UK shows.”

Click to view Youtube video of Jacobs vs Wood British Masters title fight sanctioned by BDF which was broadcast live on Eurosport

“As I said earlier Boxrec act in a protectionist manner on behalf of the BBBofC.”

“A few years earlier Boxrec threatened the GBA with a similar punishment unless they stopped sanctioning events in the UK, unlike the BDF, who continued to sanction events in the UK, the GBA withdrew immediately, interestingly the records and results of the GBA sanctioned UK events prior to receiving threats of removal are still listed on Boxrec”

Click to download PDF of GBA/PBA e.mail thread re BBBofC attempts to stop GBA sanctioning events in UK 

Click to view York Hall 27th April 2013 on Boxrec

Click here to view York Hall 4th October 2013 on Boxrec

“Boxrec tried similar tactics with the Malta Boxing Commission (MBC), albeit more underhandedly via the championship organisation the European Boxing Union (EBU), following the MBC sanctioning events in the UK, again the reports and most of the results are still listed on Boxrec, including three of the events that Chris Wood fought on, there is a fourth which has since been wrongly removed by Boxrec.”

Click to view MBC sanctioned event in Leeds UK 29th March 2015 on Boxrec 

Click to view MBC Sanctioned event in Garforth, UK  2nd August 2015 on Boxrec 

Click to view MBC Sanctioned event at York Hall UK on 29th August 2015 on Boxrec 

“The Chris Wood fight result removed by Boxrec, took place at the Rivals Gym in Wishaw, Scotland on the 25th April 2015 and was against Sam Allan and this one was removed by Boxrec when Allan switched to BBBofC so Boxrec could list Allan as debut and Boxrec’s John Shepherd justified this because the event took place at a gym. Incidentally Boxrec removed the two fights Sam Allan’s record, the one against Chris and another against Marty Kayes without a genuine reason”

Click to view Video highlights of Allan Vs Wood 25th April 2015 on Youtube

Click to view Sam Allan’s record on Boxrec

Click to download PDF of Sam Allan’s Fight Fax Record: 

“in 2017 John Shepherd used video of the event as so called  ‘evidence’ that the BIBA was not a suitable commission to Championship organisations at the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) annual convention a few years ago, conveniently forgetting to mention that the event was actually sanctioned by the MBC, not BIBA, or that the BBBofC also sanctioned events at Rivals Gym.”

Click to download PDF of E.Mail thread re John Shepherd’s actions at ABC conference: 

Click to view BBBofC sanctioned event at Rivals Gym 1st June 2012 on Boxrec 

Click to view BBBofC sanctioned event at Rivals Gym 6th October 2012 on Boxrec 

Click to view BBBofC sanctioned event at Rivals Gym 7th December 2012 on Boxrec 

Click to view BBBofC Sanctioned event at Rivals Gym 15th February 2014 on Boxrec

Click to view MBC Sanctioned event at Rivals Gym 25th April 2015 (minus Wood Vs Allan Result) on Boxrec

“This is far from the first incident of Boxrec and BBBofC colluding to maliciously and without foundation try and cause serious problems for BIBA, and not just with the Championship organisations, although the example I will now cite do relate to e.mails from BBBofC Secretary General Robert Smith to the International Boxing Federation (IBF) after the IBF added a number of BIBA licensed boxers to the IBF rankings.”

“In 2017 the International Boxing Federation (IBF) added a number of BIBA licensed boxers to the IBF Intercontinental rankings. Literally within days the secretary general of the BBBofC Robert Smith e.mailed the IBF stating “Dear Lindsey Please note that the following boxers are not licensed by the BBBC but an organisation not recognised by the BBBC- Sandy Robb Nathan DeCastro, Tasif Khan. It is noted they are rated by yourselves.”

“IBF Ratings Director Anibal Miramontes responded “Dear Robert, I don’t rate fighters based on where the license is from. This fighters fight for a different organisation that also does fights in the UK regularly.”

“Robert Smith responded with “They have licences withdrawn or not granted by BBBC due to medical queries. many of the boxers competing for this organisation have had licences withdrawn or not granted.  Boxrec can confirm. Speak at the weekend.”

“The IBF e.mailed myself the following “Below you can see e-mail exchanges between Mr. Robert Smith General Secretary of the BBBofC and myself. I will really appreciate if you can send proves that the fighters rated have no medical issues to be license.I don’t understand what boxrec has to do with this, they are not a commission, decision makers regarding medicals or any other issue regarding boxing licenses, but I will reach for John Sheppard, boxrec’s owner, as requested by Mr. Smith. In the meantime, and for precaution I will remove the fighters mention by Mr. Smith until I receive confirmation that don’t have any medical issues.”

“I responded by not only sending the then current medicals but also historic ones, as well as any specialist reports that we had regarding the two boxers that had been wrongly refused BBBofC licenses, by return e.mail in most cases, and within two days for the Scottish based boxers as their medical records are kept by our Scottish Area Chief Medical Officer not head office, which proved that Mr Smith was providing false information.”

“BIBA boxers remained ranked by the IBF, and in fact two of those from the original fighters ranked that Mr Smith named in the e.mail are still ranked by the IBF some four years later.” 

Click to download PDF of E.Mail thread from BBBofC to IBF 

Click to download PDF of IBF Super Middleweight Rankings 8th March 2021 

Click to download PDF of IBF Junior Bantamweight Rankings 8th March 2021 

“I have a similar case of interference by Boxrec regarding a very recent Championship fight, Lee McAllister versus Richmond Djarbeng World Boxing Organization (WBO) title fight that took place in Aberdeen back in May – which was broadcast globally as well as streamed live on Fite TV and Viva Live TV”

“Following the event the WBO submitted the results to Boxrec only to be informed by Boxrec that the BBBofC are the only commission recognised in Europe (by Boxrec), that is aligned with the WBO as the excuse not to list the fight on Mr McAllister or Mr Djarbeng’s records.” 

Click to download PDF of WBO Rep’s E.Mail re Boxrec not listing Championship results 

RingNews24 – WBO Title on the line for McAllister Vs Djarbeng

Click to read Eastside Boxing/Boxing247 Article re McAllister adds WBO Belt to Collection

Click to watch the free replay of the event on Fite 

Click to view Lee McAllister’s INACCURATE record on Boxrec

Click to view Lee McAllister ACCURATE record on Boxranking 

Lee McAllister’s Boxranking Record including May 2021 WBO Championship fight result

“Boxrec’s refusal to update Mr McAllister’s and Mr Djarbeng’s records with the WBO title included is in violation of the ABC’s Official Record Keeper Criteria Rule 15. “Boxing Officials Registry for world title bouts sanctioned by the International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC) and the World Boxing Organization (WBO).”

Click to view ABC’s Official Record Keeper Criteria:

“The whole issue of Boxrec is insane, the Association of Professional Boxing Commissions (APBC), of which I am currently the Chairman, has recently been undertaking research ahead of deciding who should be appointed as the APBC Official Record Keeper for 2021/23.”

“During this period of research the APBC has received close to a thousand cases of Boxrec failings and wrongdoings from every corner of the globe, everything from faked records to entire events removed without reason and of course many instances of records failing to be updated as well as failing to list commissions or add or update their fighters records.”

“Yet in the same period the APBC have not received a single case or complaint against Pro Boxing Records (Formerly Fight Fax), other than cannot view records on-line, or against, other than only features current active boxers, which of course is a minor factor with regard to accurate records being available for matching etc, and not all commissions yet submit results to them, again only a minor factor and one I am sure will change in the near future.”

Click to view Association of Professional Boxing Commissions (APBC) website: 

Click to read Article Re Boxrec Record Keeping Failures on WomenBoxing

Click to read Boxrec Suppressing Legitimate Results on BoxingTalk

GSS – Broadcast re Boxrec failing to recognise commission, leading to event being moved 

Click to read article re Fake Records on Boxrec Lead To Lucrative Fights in the Sun Newspaper

“Luckily for our beloved sport there are these two further official record keepers; Pro Boxing Records (formerly Fight Fax, official professional boxing record keeper since 1984) which unfortunately doesn’t list the results on-line, although believe that will change soon, and, which is a very recent addition to the Record Keeping domain so currently only lists recent and active fighters results.”  

Click to read about Pro Boxing Records (Formerly Fight Fax)

Click to visit the Boxranking website

“Both PBR/Fight Fax and Boxranking only accept results from Commissions so their record keeping tend to be 100% accurate, unlike Boxrec which is only 60-65% accurate and dropping fast due to their failing to update quite a few results as well as listing fake results from non-commission sources.”

“It’s a crazy situation that Boxrec can have such a dominant and extremely important role in our beloved sport when they act the way they do, it’s not just my view either, besides the obvious, such as those that have been wronged, one former ABC President Greg Sirb e.mailed current ABC President Mike Mazzulli stating “I have become increasingly frustrated by the way Boxrec (Marina) has single handedly decided what fight results shall be included in the ABC database. Boxrec like Fight Fax is a record Keeper, that is it, they are not a commission, Boxrec does not decide what is a good result and what is not, the fact is that if a boxing result comes in from a commission (anywhere in the World) that result must be posted.”

Click to download or view PDF of E.mail From PA Commissioner Greg Sirb To ABC Re Boxrec Wrongful Actions

Click to visit Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) Website

“Following conversations between myself and Mike Mazzulli back in 2016, shortly after the ABC appointed Boxrec as co-Official Records Keeper with long time appointee Fight Fax, Mike sent an e.mail to both Boxrec and FightFax with the heading “Boxrec – details of record manipulation and failure to list events or update records. In which he wrote; “In an effort to resolve this issue, all ABC Boxing Record Keepers will actively recognise and record all pro boxing contest for all commissions (including those in the United Kingdom) that are sent in by those Boxing Commissions that are recognised by the ABC.””

Click to download or view PDF of E.Mail from ABC President Mike Mazzulli to both Boxrec & Fightfax Stating to Recognise Commissions

“Mr Mazzulli probably should just have said that Boxrec needed to comply to the ABC’s Official Record Keeper Criteria Rule 14: which states “Records must be kept on ALL boxers, United States, Canadian, European, Asian, Mexican, and South American to ensure Boxrec understood that it is a term of appointment as ABC Official Record Keeper.”

Click to view ABC’s Official Record Keeper Criteria:

“Either way you would have thought that Mr Mazzulli’s instructions were clear enough, yet Boxrec continued to ignore the ABC edict and continues to do so even today, and something I am sure they will continue to do until someone dies because of their actions, or is that lack of action”

“That may sound a bit dramatic and I really hope never happens, but think about it Ben McGivern is an experienced big punching Championship winning fighter who had fought professionally eight times yet is listed by Boxrec as a debut when he fought on Saturday, what if they do the same with another fighter of an even higher calibre and he ‘debuts’ according to Boxrec and faces an inexperienced but game fighter.”

Mr Di Caro has highlighted the situation in the United Kingdom, but this is not just a UK issue, not by a long shot. There are similar issues being highlighted in the media in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and South America on virtually a weekly basis, which lead to the conclusion that Boxrec fail in spectacular fashion at its main role within the sport RECORD KEEPING, but what can be done about it.

The simple answer is nothing, zero, zilch, as the organisations that provide them with Official Record Keeper status, such as the Association of Professional Boxing Commissions (ABC), Championship organisations World Boxing Council (WBC) and the European Boxing Union (EBU) and of course the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC), just don’t seem to care, probably because it suits these organisations right now, as they hold the dominant positions within their particular sectors within the sport. 

The ABC, which represents North American Commissions, has been provided details of many Boxrec failings and wrongdoings, in a recent case Brian Dunn, the recently retiring ABC President, said this “I am sorry to hear about this situation.  Unfortunately, I am afraid there is nothing I can do to help resolve it.  Boxrec is the official record keeper of the ABC, but they are also a private company, not even based in the United States.

I’ll admit to not really understanding how boxing “commissions” work internationally, as it is much different than in the US (and other international ABC member commissions).  After many conversations with John and Marina, they do understand the situation and they only record what they deem to be accurate”.

In my view this reply raises more questions than answers, to actually state that he, an actual Commissioner as well as President of the Association of Boxing Commissions, does not know how other commissions operate but John and Marina Shephard do is unbelievable, neither of these people have held roles within a commission and as such neither could possibly know even the basics. 

I am utterly flabbergasted by Brian Dunn saying and clearly accepting, “they only record what they deem to be accurate”. Is even crazier as that is not the role of Record Keeper, their role is to record results of Professional Boxing Contests not be judge and jury on which commissions, championships, promoters results are deemed to be legitimate, and should they be given such power to the detriment of boxers themselves.

The BBBofC appears to work maybe a little too closely with Boxrec, possibly in an attempt to maintain a close to 90 year monopoly of Professional Boxing in the United Kingdom, that was until the British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA) launched in 2016.

The BBBofC also have a highly unusual and without doubt unique arrangement with the WBC, they are the only commission that has a standalone affiliation, one that is the same as a Continental Association of Commissions, such as the African Boxing Union (ABU), the European Boxing Union (EBU) etc and as such should any European or UK commission wish to become a member of the WBC, they must first affiliate with the BBBofC and/or the EBU according to WBC Secretary General Robert Lenhardt.

Another interesting fact is that the former President, and current Chairman of the BBBofC, Mr Charles Giles is not only a Vice President of the WBC but also the EBU.

The BBBofC has the largest amount of votes of all commissions within the EBU, in 2012 they had 134 votes, whilst the BDB 34 and the next highest Swiss Boxing has 24 votes, all other members had between 1-5 votes per commission, this exceptionally large disparage enables the BBBofC to dictate actions within the EBU.

An example of the BBBofC’s incredible power  within the EBU is the expulsion of the Luxembourg Boxing Federation (LBF) from the Championship organisation in 2012, following the LBF sanctioning Haye vs Chisora at Upton Park in London, UK in July that year and even possibly the expulsion of the Malta Boxing Commission (MBC) some months later, as the MBC licensed most of the undercard fighters on the Haye-Chisora bill, as well as vocally supported the LBF at the EBU Convention in Bruges, Belgium in 2012. 

Have to admit, a pattern seems to be emerging here, one that requires some serious research for a follow up article in the near future.

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