MARTIN MURRAY lashed out at WBC Silver Middleweight Champion Roberto Garcia ahead of their big clash on Saturday night at London’s o2.
The feuding fighters clashed after both weighing in for Garcia’s title defence against the St Helens man, where the mandatory position for Gennady Golovkin’s WBC crown is at stake.
After weighing in the pair had an intense 15 second stare just inches apart, but when they turned to face the press and TV cameras, Murray saw red.
He muttered, then shoved the Mexican sending him hurtling. It sparked a furious reaction from Garcia’s trainers and calm was only restored when security guards separated the teams.
It adds even more anticipation to the BT Sport televised clash that promises to be a war between two men who know a loss will wreck any world title hopes.
Fight # 1 – 16:00 hrs
6 X 3 Minute Rounds International Super-Middleweight Contest
DARRYL WILLIAMS (12st 2lb 5oz) V RAIMOND SNIEDZE (12st 3lb 3oz)
4 X 3 Minute Rounds Welterweight Contest
6 X 3 Minute Rounds International Featherweight Contest
Fight# 4
6 X 3 Minute Rounds International Flyweight Contest
HARVEY HORN (8st 4lb) V GYULA DODU (8st 3lb)
Fight #5
8 X 3 Minute Rounds International Welterweight Contest
Fight #6
8 X 3 Minute Rounds International Super-Featherweight Contest
Fight # 7 – 19:10 hrs
4 X 3 Minute Rounds Cruiserweight Contest
Fight # 8
10 X 3 Minute Rounds
PAUL KAMANGA (9st 13lb 4oz) V OHARA DAVIES (9st 13lb 5oz)
Fight # 9
10 X 3 Minute Rounds
DANIEL DUBOIS (16st 12lb 8oz) V TOM LITTLE (17st 12lb 3oz)
Fight # 10
10 X 3 Minute Rounds
ANTHONY YARDE (12st 6lb 7oz) V DARIUS SEK (12st 6lb 7oz)
12 X 3 Minute Rounds
ROBERTO GARCIA (11st 4lb) V MARTIN MURRAY (11st 5lb 9oz)
Fight # 12 – Live Floater (TV)
6 X 3 Minute Rounds International Super-Middleweight Contest

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PROMOTER Frank Warren today held the final press conference ahead of Saturday’s o2 Arena show topped topped by Roberto Garcia’s WBC Silver Middleweight Title defence against Martin Murray.
The likely prize for the winner is being made mandatory challenger for WBC world champion, Gennady Golovkin.
Other title bouts on the bill that is being televised by BT Sport are Anthony Yarde’s WBO Intercontinental and European light-heavyweight title defence against Dariuz Sek, KO King Daniel Dubois meets trash talking Tom Little for the vacant English heavyweight crown and Britain’s most controversial boxer Ohara Davies challenges WBC International Super-Lightweight champion Paul Kamanga.
Also in action are Darryl Williams, Johnny Garton, Raza Hamza, Archie Sharp, Umar Sadiq and Harvey Horn.
“There is a bit of football on, but this is a good fighting bill with competitive fights. “There have been changes to the card with Billy Joe Saunders pulling out, but we have worked hard to secure a good opponent for Martin and we have done that. Martin is one of the stalwarts of British boxing and always in good fights, but he cannot afford to lose this fight. It’s a cracking fight between two very good fighters and the winner becomes an A side attraction. “Anthony Yarde was offered a fight with Kovalev but we turned it down. He needs that experience. The objective is to win it and defend it. Each time he fights he will step up. “Daniel Dubois is the best young heavyweight I have been involved with.”
“I have always been on the B side and built a career of pulling off upsets. This is something I’m used to and I am the last throwback fighter. We thought we had the Gennady Golovkin fight a couple months back, and it has been frustrating. I told Don King I wanted a big fight and I pleaded for a big fight and he got this overnight. I have a lot to fight for and I need this fight more than Martin. I go hard, as hard as I have to.”
“When Billy Joe pulled out I thought I would’t fight, but getting a meaningful fight means a lot. I was gutted that Billy Joe pulled out, but never took my eyes off the ball. Garcia was calling for the fight on Twitter and he can bring that. He is the opposite of Billy Joe and I won’t have to go looking for him. It is about levels and I will show that on Saturday. Being so close before in world titles makes me more hungry and determined. As soon I feel I can’t offer anything to the sport I will gone.”
“I don’t know too much about Dariusz, but I go out and do my job. It doesn’t matter if he is southpaw, northpaw or westpaw. Sparring with southpaws have been different but nothing to worry me. When you have power, that relaxes you. I am not thinking this is a pushover. People talk about world title offers, but boxing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
“I am looking forward to the fight and I will win. I have seen his fights and we have adapted our training techniques to win the fight on Saturday. I will keep my distance and show him how it is done.
“I don’t like or dislike Tom, but I am ready to do the business. I am prepared to fight whether it ends in the first round or last. He can try what he wants I am ready for it. Tom is a weak man mentally and I will show that. He is nothing.”
“I’m much more than a four day notice man coming to pick up a pay cheque. I will be drilling that rib cage and I will drown Daniel very slowly. I should have bought him armbands. He is going to get welcomed to a man’s world. This fight is way too early for Daniel. I am not the superstar and have zero pressure. He is the one who has got to impress. When it gets down and dirty I will be the tougher. I’ve dreamt of this chance and will not put it to waste.”
“This guy is bum. He gives a story of coming up the hard way but we all did. This is an easy fight, a walk in the park. I am smarter than him and all I need is a ring IQ. He is gonna get beat, paid and be on the next flight back to Congo. I am gonna eat as much food as a I can after I win. When he is on a plane home and I have crushed his dreams I will be on a plane to Marbella celebrating. It will be so easy I will tell him what shot I am going to throw. When I beat him I want Jack Catterall.”
“I don’t share the same sentiment as many do regarding Ohara’s boxing. He is average at best. It is a short notice fight for me, but I don’t see him going ten rounds. I am going to do the British public favour. I am no replacement coming for a payday. I am not a champion by luck and I will put this kid away.”

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DARRYLL WILLIAMS appears to have found his mojo after going back to where his boxing love affair started.
The English super-middleweight champion dramatically retired from boxing last July after the second of his thrilling back-to-back wins against Jahmaine Smyle.
The South Londoner is returning after reuniting with David John, his first ever boxing coach when Darryll was a teenager. It meant leaving Ricky Hatton’s camp in Manchester and moving to Swansea. He believes the switch will pay off when he returns on Saturday’s o2 Arena bill, that is being screened live on BT Sport.
Williams who has won all 16 fights said: “I will be winning in good fashion on Saturday. “It was a good time in my career when I retired though because people were talking about me, but things happened and I had to deal with issues.
“I am back now and with a new training team. I am in Swansea with my old trainer, David John and things are really starting to look up even though it is a long way from South London.
“I had been with Ricky Hatton in Manchester, but that was costing me a lot of money going back and forward. Luckily in Swansea I was able to get sponsorship.”
Williams, 28, had personal problems which pushed him towards his shock quit announcement and the exciting puncher was also vocal on social media.
He added: “I’ve had some issues and some of the stuff I put on social networks when I said I leaving boxing may have upset some people, but I apologise to my manager Mickey Helliet and promoter Frank Warren.
“I made a rash decision on impulse. I was very emotional at the time. I had just lost my grandmother who I was very close to.
“Things were very awkward for me at that time and I needed that space. Now it is time to cultivate, go further and not have time out of the ring.”
Williams has been linked with a fight against confident new pro Umar Sadiq who has called him out even though he will be having only his third professional fight on Saturday’s bill.
Darryll is refusing to rise to challenges or give a hit list, but added: “I just want to stay active in 2018 and keep fighting.
“That is the only way I am going to get better and learn. Stay in the ring, stay fighting and you can always correct your mistakes.
“People fancy it against me, but they haven’t come up against my character. That is what throws a lot of people off.”
Williams is back in action on a bill topped by Roberto Garcia’s WBC silver middleweight title defence against Martin Murray.
The high quality bill includes Anthony Yarde’s WBO Intercontinental light heavyweight title defence against Dariuz Sek. In a battle for the vacant English heavyweight championship KO King Daniel Dubois meets trash talking Tom Little. Others stars on the bill include Ohara Davies, Johnny Garton, Raza Hamza, Archie Sharp, Umar Sadiq and Harvey Horn.

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UMAR SADIQ wants to face English super-middleweight champion Darryll Williams in his fourth professional fight.
Both men are in action on Saturday’s big bill at London’s o2 Arena, but will only be sharing the dressing room corridor on this occasion.
Sadiq, 30, who gave up a lucrative accountancy career to box professionally will be having his third professional fight, but is in a rush to face his fellow Londoner.
He said: “Some people think it is bold wanting to fight Darryll Williams so soon in my career, but I believe in my ability.
“Darryll is good for what he is, but what you see is what you get. He looks robust, aggressive and strong. That is exactly what he comes with.
“Unfortunately with my pedigree and skill he is going to need a lot more than that to deal with me. “I look at the guys fighting at English level and I am confident that I can compete with them.
“I get a lot of confidence from all the very good men I boxed in the amateurs and who I spar with now. I have sparred Lawrence Okolie, James DeGale and Joshua Buatsi.”
Williams is unbeaten in 16 fights and although Sadiq is a novice pro he added: “Hopefully Darryl wins his fight at the o2 as well and hopefully at some point this year, the fight can be made.
“It might only be my third professional fight coming up but anytime after that I will go for the fight against Darryll.”
Sadiq has won both professional fights on points and has prepared for Saturday’s contest at the Mayweather gym in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles at the Wild Card.
He sparred with the likes of Lateef Kayode and unbeaten cruiserweight Andrew Tabiti. “I have developed majorly in the United States and people have got to turn up or tune in on BT Sport to see how much good it did me,” said Sadiq.
“I went to Los Angeles to the Wild Card gym and in Las Vegas I used the Mayweather gym. “I put my face around, but didn’t mention I had been an accountant. A lot of the coaches out there said I was going to make it to the top which was nice to hear.”
Sadiq boxes on a bill topped by Roberto Garcia’s WBC silver middleweight title defence against St Helens Martin Murray.

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MARTIN MURRAY can start dreaming of a rematch against Gennady Golovkin if he successfully unleashes his fury on Roberto Garcia.
The St Helens man challenges for the Mexican’s WBC silver middleweight title at London’s o2 on June 23, in another blockbuster fight being screened live on BT Sport.
If Murray wins and makes one successful defence he will become mandatory contender for Golovkin’s WBC world title. The British braveheart was beaten in 11 rounds by GGG in February 2015, but the chance of a rematch is consolation for WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders pulling out twice through injury.
Golovkin would mean a big money fight, but he cannot overlook Garcia who has stepped into replace Saunders.
Murray, 35, said: “I was devastated when Billy pulled out because I took myself away from the family for two sets of training camps which are invaluable and it is time you can never get back. “I was obviously gutted, but I will take my frustrations out on Garcia. He is gonna get it.
“I hear that if I win this and make one defence I become mandatory contender. I don’t know the crack there. All I do know is that beating him puts me in a great position.
“I am hoping that is the case because I have never been a mandatory challenger. I have always been a voluntary defence for my world title fights.
“I’m a seasoned campaigner and been in with all types of fighters. Garcia is more suited to me than Billy Joe Saunders.
“I won’t have to go looking for him like I would Billy. He is going to be in my face, he is a tough fighter, on a winning run and confident.”
Murray who has won 36 of his 41 fights first saw Saunders pull out of an April date and then next week’s scheduled showdown fell apart. There was friendship between Murray and Saunders, but the ill-feeling is now real and if they could finally meet there is needle.

Murray added: “If the Billy Joe fight it ever happened would sell because there is real animosity because of that he did twice and he isn’t a man of his word.” Garcia will be accompanied by his legendary promoter Don King when he arrives in Britain early next week.

Garcia v Murray head a high quality bill that includes Anthony Yarde’s WBO Intercontinental light heavyweight title defence against Dariuz Sek. In a battle for the vacant English heavyweight championship KO King Daniel Dubois meets trash talking Tom Little. Others stars on the bill include Ohara Davies, Darryl Williams, Johnny Garton, Raza Hamza, Archie Sharp, Umar Sadiq and Harvey Horn.

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Roberto Garcia will defend his WBC Silver Middleweight title against Martin Murray at The O2 in London on June 23, live on BT Sport and BoxNation.
Murray will be looking to put the frustrations of missing out on a shot at the WBO Middleweight World Title behind him when he challenges Mexico’s 41-3 Garcia later this month.
Garcia is currently enjoying a 13-fight winning streak that stretches back to 2010 and will be heading to London full of confidence.
“I was gutted about Billy Joe Saunders pulling out of our fight for a second time but this is a great replacement,” said Murray. “Roberto Garcia is the Champion and he’s willing to travel to the UK so we know he is well up for it.
“He’s been calling me out on Twitter for a while and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to make the fight so quickly. This means that several months of hard training won’t got to waste and I’ll be out on June 23 topping a great show.
“A good win against Garcia will put me in a strong position with the WBC so there’s everything to fight for. It has been a frustrating period of my career and I’ll be taking my anger out on Garcia on June 23 before moving on to even bigger fights.”
“I’m not like Saunders,” said Garcia. “I’m not afraid of Murray. I’m willing to risk my title and come to London to beat Murray in front of his own fans. My promoter Don King will be in London to watch me win in style. Let’s get it on!”
Garcia v Murray tops a talent-packed card that features some of the UK’s finest young fighters including Light-Heavyweight KO artist Anthony Yarde, Heavyweight monster Daniel Dubois in English title action against Tom Little and Hackney talent Ohara Davies.
Further updates to the card will follow this week.
Tickets for Garcia v Murray are available to purchase via

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