Return to the Thunderdome

The big day approaches and the line-up is solidifying into a towering edifice of raw power and sheer intellectual force. We have two newcomers to the ring in Dave “Smashman” Ashman and Roger “Cannonball” Baxter competing in the 80kg division. What these two lack in experience they make up for with confidence and sheer chutzpah.A classic in the making.
Unable to acquire a travel permit in time for the event our Russian star Nikita Estafiev has been forced to withdraw (darned Novichok!) but stepping into the breach we have a London Chessboxing favourite Lewis McLelland.
“Yes! You can enjoy a drink while watching
the chessboxing at Dome Tufnell Park
(unlike certain lesser venues!)”
Matt “Crazy Arms” Read will do battle in his inimitable style against Vincent Forest from Paris. It was Alexander Solzhenitsyn who observed ” A forest doesn’t weep over one tree” but, we ask, will a Forest weep over one Read? The answer to this and many more questions will be revealed.
Venue 2A Dartmouth Park Hill, London NW5 1H
Doors open 6pm Closes 10.30pm

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